We cannot acquaint ourselves with anything if knowledge about that particular thing is not available to us. And, for knowledge, there are few things which are necessary in this regard; first there must be a source of that knowledge. Second, there must be an agency in which that knowledge could be stored. Third, there must be also an agency that could ascribe meanings to the knowledge obtain from the store-house and lastly there must be an agency which could help in manifestation of that knowledge.

Example: – One feels hungry. It means that man receive this information that the body requires something to eat. The agency which received this information, it ascribed this meaning to this information that bread or fruit or something like that should be taken. The astral body after receiving this information demonstrated it so and man experienced the eating of bread, fruit or something else, accordingly.

As far as the fulfillment of one’s urges is concerned they are fulfilled in the same way whether it is the material world, Purgatory (Aaraf), Paradise or Hell. Fulfillment of urges is carried out in the same manner in every station of man’s existence. Paradise is Paradise because the brooks of milk and honey are there. Fruits of every kind are available besides the countless means of comfort and luxurious life in Paradise. Hell is Hell because one has to live there in those circumstances which are considered, according to our knowledge, painful and agonizing. Food is available both in Paradise and Hell. In Paradise it is milk, honey and fruits and in Hell the food consists of those items which are disgusting.

Law: – Concept of eating food, knowledge concerning having diet is common for both the places. Provisions and supplies are also common for both but the implications are different. The food of Paradise is good because its implication is good and the food in Hell is not good because it involves repentance, persecution, moaning and lamentations.

Briefly, this could be said that this whole universe, in fact, is a body of knowledge and the different branches of this knowledge are that in how many ways this knowledge is implied. The astral body is such an agency which ascribes meanings and implications to the knowledge. When man descends to this world from the Realm of souls the astral body causes implication of the knowledge in such a way that man finds himself confined, restricted and incarcerated at every step. When, the astral body, after disconnecting itself from the physical body of flesh and bones, weaves a new robe for itself according to the atmosphere of the realm it enters the style, meanings and sense in implying the knowledge over there also undergoes a change. Time and space in their implications become so short and condensed that these are almost negated. Here negation of time and space is not suggestive of their total annihilation, because in Aaraf, too, the same earth and earthlings, their houses, and inhabitations are existing. There, too, man eats, drinks, ambulates, visits his near and dear ones and feels delighted or sad. The feelings of pleasure and sadness, living in the houses, enjoying the sun and other weather conditions, taking a walk or running around does not imply to negation of time and space. Only the speed of life is increased there.

Example:- Someone having his relations in Delhi expires in Karachi. In Aaraf when he intends to see his relatives residing in Delhi the spatio-temporal distances between these two places would condense to two steps only. The distance curtails but the step exists and the earth exists all the same, therefore, time and space also exist. With transfer to every next realm man’s speed increases so much so that he can cover the distance between the material realm and the High Throne in one step only.

Knowledge tells us that if man wants to cover the distance of 3 km in one hour remaining in limiting confines his speed will be very slow and if the man after liberating from restraints and incarceration negates the distances then his second step treads the heavens. One sitting on the earth, for instance, intends to prostrate before God, the most exalted, occupying the High Throne. When with this intent he prostrates he beholds God occupying the High Throne with all His adorable attributes and that he is prostrating in His Exalted Presence.

It is maintained that one cannot peregrinate heavens, no one can behold God, the most sublime and that it is not possible for man to prostrate in the Exalted Presence of God but this assertion tantamount to ignorance and injustice of that order where no injustice or ignorance can compete it How ludicrous it is that we in Karachi see one talking in America on television but are still not ready to believe the role of light in one’s ability that can take us to any height of heavens. If someone could acquaint himself with that creative ability which rendered the invention of TV possible then how it is not possible to reach any nook and corner of this universe and to pass on from one realm after the other as and when intended and willed.

All that which was once considered to be magic and sorcery and our scholars would mention them as wonder-workings are now available as articles of our routine usage in the form of inventions of science. How strange is man? On one hand he is so helpless that he cannot see or hear the things existing at a distance of hundreds of yards but on the other hand, he is so resourceful that he can appear on Television screens; one of his own inventions, even at the other corner of the world. 

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