Falsehood Wiped Out

After the conquest of Makka, Holy Prophet (PBUH) kissed the Black Stone of Ka’aba and perambulated the holy Ka’aba. There were three hundred and sixty statues were installed in Ka’aba. Holy Prophet (PBUH) recited the verse. “Truth comes and the Falsehood is wiped out Verily, the falsehood was destined to be obliterated.” Every statute that he pointed out, reciting this verse, with the stick held in his hand, went falling down.

Incalculable facts are revealed when the spiritual realm is perceived. One of such revelations is that the graph plays an important role in every creation. Invisible even to a microscope, tiny squares of graph are used as basis of every creation. These tiny squares can be called the warp and weft of the fabric of creation.


We have a carpet spread out in our drawing room. Say this carpet has a picture of a loin on it. The loin on this carpet, in actual fact, is a combination of otherwise invisible knots with which that carpet has been knotted. In order to have clearer understanding of this thing, let us take a graph paper. Now let us draw a face having can nose, eyes, eyebrows etc, on that paper.

When we would fill this picture with pencil shades the squares of the graph would go into the background and we would start seeing the picture of a face drawn on it in the foreground of those tiny squares.

This entire earth is made of Single and compound waves. When the Single waves are dominant, the gravitation is negated or reduces according to the domination of the Single waves. And, when another wave mixes with the Single wave, gravitation becomes dominating and this process is known as Compound waves.

Single and Compound waves have accumulation of Noor and light, respectively.

Accumulation of Noor and light is movement, that is, the movement is spread in the empty space in such a manner that it determines itself in one of the two ways of Single and Compound wave. Wave are scattered in the space in such a way that these are neither infused into one another nor at distance from one another. These very lines (waves) separate one material body from another and these very waves are medium of recognition of material objects of one another.

Existents created from the material elements are the creatures of the Compound waves but the basis of every creation is the movement of the Single wave. If the Single wave is not there the Compound wave cannot exist.

Holy Prophet (PBUH) knows the secrets of creation of the Universe and is the master of the creative formulae. When Holy Prophet (PBUH) reciting the Verse “Truth has come and the falsehood is wiped out” pointed towards the statues, the system of Single and Compound waves purged and as a consequence the statutes fell and broke to pieces.

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