All that is witnessed by the eyes is composed of all those constituents with which the eye itself is fashioned. Sighting by the eye is an ability that can be polished to its maximum. The more polished this ability is the more clear and bright the eye sees. The outlines and features of the images captured by a healthy eye are more vivid and clear than those of the unhealthy eye. The images transferred to the mental screen by an unhealthy eye are vague and unclear. If the lens of an eye is not functioning properly, for one or the other reason, then the eye will not be able to receive the images of the seen object properly just as if the lens fitted in a camera is defective then, no matter how costly the camera is, the picture will not be clear and of poor quality.

There are two human bodies. One of them has scratches, with broken limbs, is covered with bandages all over. This body certainly cannot be called anything but a deformed and ugly body. This is the state of man’s carnal body. Over the physical body of man there exists another bright body of lights. This body has many names but two denominations are more popular and common. The Astral body and Aura or Nasma. Existence of the physical body depends upon the Aura. if the aura is healthy then the physical body will also be healthy. All that is found in the aura influences and affects the carnal body just as the images of the material world are displayed upon the mental screen through the two lenses fitted in the physical body. This physical body, to wit, is a reflection of the astral body or aura displayed upon matter. This body of lights is not particular for man only rather all the creatures living on the earth are the by-product of the very same aura; the body of lights.

A further detail of this is that all the urges related with the human life are not produced in the carnal body of man. They after generating in the aura are conveyed to the physical body to be displayed there. When someone eats food apparently this body of flesh and bones appear to be taking food but actually it is not so. Man cannot eat or drink if the urge to eat or drink is not conveyed to the be physical body of man, unless it is not produced in the astral body of man or the aura. This thing is not very difficult to understand. A little bit of contemplation can enable us to understand this thing very clearly.

There are many layers and tiers in the astral body. When we peregrinate in the world of dreams with the nocturnal senses we are performing all those activities which we perform and enact through the carnal body in a state of wakefulness. All the activities performed and actions enacted during dreaming are the activities of aura which are enacted by it without involving the medium of the physical body. The consequential effectiveness of movement and actions of physical body and the aura are uniform in their nature.

All the sacred scriptures have declared dreams a potent source of predictions about future and prophesying which purport to witnessing of that realm which does not exist before our material eyes but it exists beyond the spatio-temporal limits of our material world. When the aura; the body of lights, diverges from the physical body which is composed of dust particles, it annihilates.

When, one who performs Muraqbah, steps into the second stage, he encounters the astral body; the aura, and that pattern of belief is formed in him which gives him this knowledge that the body of flesh and bones which is composed of dust particles is mortal, unstable and short-living. He also becomes aware that one passes away when the body of lights prevalent upon this material body disconnects itself from the physical body that is, death means transference of the body of lights into the resplendent colorful realm existing hereafter, after disuniting itself from this material world. 

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Spiritual Teachings of Hazrat Khawaja Shamsuddin Azeemi

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