When someone expires it is considered that man has annihilated whereas demise does not mean the end or total annihilation rather it is transference from one world to another, that is, man leaving this carnal body transfers to another realm. The words ‘to pass away’ also purport to passing into life immortal. We can say that man leaving this temporary life passes away into that realm where he has to live for a much longer period of time.

Apparently expiring physically and spiritually appear to be one and the same thing but actually it is not so. There is difference in leaving this body willfully and intentionally to come back and in leaving this body discarding not to use it again and let it perish.

Example: – When we go to sleep we see -ourselves, in dreams, at far off distances. We enjoy the taste if we eat something there. Experience the weather conditions of that place. Someone residing in a country of hot climate dreams that he is standing on a snow covered peak of a mountain and he is shivering all over with cold. This shivering causes him to wake up, and, after awakening he finds himself still shivering with cold which actually is not there.

Every one of us experiences a couple of such dreams in which he happens to see his deceased relatives. Meeting the souls of the dead people indicates that one has transferred to Aaraf during his state of dreaming. This is one of the objectives of parapsychology that one could manage to arouse that ability in oneself which becomes activated in dreams only. One should be able to command that ability which liberates man from the spatio-temporal restraints.

The statement of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), “See the death before expiring” clearly tells us that we should be able to witness, after liberating ourselves from the clutches of time and space, and that realm where the spatio-temporal restraints are non-existing, when we are living in this physical world. We can do this by acquainting ourselves with that state in which one thrives when one is asleep.

Before yielding to sleep first thing that we do is to lie in bed in a comfortable manner. Secondly, our mind strives to transform the diurnal senses into the nocturnal ones. Thirdly, we close our eyes and lastly, we enter the realm of sleep. Let us try to sleep with awakening mind. Sit in a relaxing posture. Let your mind be free from all worldly affairs. Close your eyes and enter the world of unconscious. The world of unconscious will appear on the screen of our mind when the grip of our conscious mind will grow weak. Enter the world of unconscious. Now you will be in the metaphysical realm. You will find your-self in a big metaphysical city of Aaraf. You will be sighting inhabitants of that world just as a traveler upon entering a city in this world witnesses the inhabiting people of that city.

Our soul, in this material world, forms our carnal body from blood, flesh and bones, which are produced from dust and clay. The dust and clay have weight because of gravity and density. One finds oneself incarcerated and tied of various limiting confinements. In Aaraf the body fashioned by our soul is composed of lights. Since this body is made of lights which do not have gravity or density therefore man does not find himself incarcerated in the limiting confines like those experienced in this physical and material world. In this world of confines and restraints we always remain in need of resources and means to overcome our helplessness.

The speed to perform something can vary, it could be more or less but we cannot do without the means and resources. We remain dependent upon them. One covers a distance of 3 km per hour on foot. if a bicycle is used this speed can be increased to 20 km per hour.

Use of motor vehicle can make it up to 70-80 km per hour. And, by using on airplane the speed could be hundreds of km per hour. Just as there cannot be any dispute about the increase of velocity and speed similarly there cannot be two opinions about our indigence and dependency on means and resources. Man is indigent of means and resources because his carnal body is made of dust and clay and all the means and resources which he puts to use are also made of soil and clay.

A bicycle is nothing but clay because all the parts of a bicycle are made from iron and the iron is one of the constituents of the soil which is separated from the soil after heating the soil in a melting pot. All the parts of an airplane are also made from one or the other constituents of the soil. The basic raw material of any metal or non-metal is the soil. The soil keeps on changing shapes and forms. Whether it is man, bicycle, motor vehicle, airplane, a tree with flowers, an elephant or an ant, all these are those various forms in which the soil particles have been arranged by their creators. These particles of the soil are the most wonderful signs of creative power and most sophisticated craftsmanship of God, the most merciful. The holy statement of God,” And ponder upon Our signs.” Invites our considered attention towards the mastery and craftsmanship of God as is so generously displayed everywhere all around us. And, those who care to contemplate and ponder upon the various signs of God are adorable and near and dear to God, the most merciful. One can mold the kneaded clay in any form to depict any shape. One can make a sparrow from the clay. A building can also be erected from kneaded clay and it can also be molded into an effigy of man. The clay can be used for creating anything, no matter how great it is or how small it is.

For acquiring knowledge there are two ways. One is to explore the resources remaining within the confines of time and space by contemplating on them. The more profound the contemplation is the more will be the abilities that will be aroused and activated. The other is to meditate directly about the creative abilities that are the reflection of the Elohistic Attributes after liberating from the spatio-temporal restraints. 

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