Softening of Rock

His Divine Grace Qalander Baba Auliya has narrated:

“Once an astronomer came to see Holy Prophet (PBUH). At that time Holy Prophet (PBUH) was sitting on a rock. The astronomer said that if the hard rock upon which he was sitting turns its soft s beneath his feet like wax, he would have faith in him.”

Holy Prophet (PBUH) saying Bismilla hirrahman nirraheem placed his foot upon the rock and the rock turned soft enough to have the impression of his foot upon it just as it would have been made of wax. The astronomer looked at the impression of the foot made upon the rock, glanced towards the sky and embraced Islam.

He told that there is a star in the sky when that star is staying exactly over the head of a person; rocks under such a person turn soft like wax. When I demanded of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) to turn that rock soft and placed his foot upon the rock. The star, at that time, was at a distance of one hundred thousand years from that point where the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was. But, when he placed his foot upon the rock, I saw that star moved right over him and when he lifted his foot, the star returned to its actual position.

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