Traveling in the free world of the Unseen, consciously or unconsciously, is Muraqbah. As a matter of law before sleeping one experiences three states. First is to grow calm, second is to feel drowsiness and the last is sleep itself. When someone remaining awake practices Muraqbah he also experiences these three states. Initially a light slumber is set over the one who is performing Muraqbah. This state, in terms of Sufism, is called ‘Ganood’ (drowse). In this state one, remaining in the senses of wakefulness, witnesses something extra-ordinary which a common man cannot see with open eyes, but something; a sort of hindering veil, causes it to forget. Regular practice of Muraqbah enables the conscious mind to keep track of the seen things and the things seen with closed eyes in the diurnal senses are remembered, comparatively, more vividly. Because of the accelerated speed of mind the conscious mind fails to relate different things with one another. Mind, on one hand, observes something of this world and on the other it witnesses something of the heavens. This state is technically called ‘warood’ (Reminiscence). In this state the things observed appear to be more bright and vivid and remembered but mind cannot grasp the meanings actually underlying the seen things. Later on, using the common sense, the seen objects are attempted to be interpreted. These interpretations can be right and can be wrong. But the chances to make mistake in interpretation are more. This faculty is termed as ‘mukashifa’ (apocalypse). When meanings of the things seen in Muraqbah also come to mind it is called apocalypse. This state can also be experienced when one is not performing Muraqbah. If someone, intentionally or unintentionally gets the concentrative focusing of mind he can start witnessing the things at far off distances. But in this way, display of scenes on the mental screen causes pressure on the conscious mind and the spiritual associate finds it difficult to withstand this pressure and becomes unconscious. Gradually this apocalyptic faculty grows stronger and stronger, with the growth of strength of conscious mind and its ability to accommodate such apocalyptic information.

When the conscious is strong enough to withstand the pressure resulting from the perception of unconscious stimuli and the nerves keep on functioning as they do during the wakefulness the next stage to apocalypse termed as ‘mushahida’ (observation) is experienced. In this state of observation, one remaining busy in mundane affairs, like seeing things with open eyes, enjoying worldly activities, having food and participating in the worldly affairs, at the same time peregrinates the extraterrestrial worlds spiritually at the same time. During the observation state one enters the Purgatory (Alam-e-Aaraf) the realm where the earthlings go to reside in life hereafter. It is witnessed that there is no difference between the life of this world and that life of Aaraf. Just as one drinks, eats, sleeps, wakes up, expresses delight or grief, laughs and cries, feels love or hatred, needs the company of friends, wants to favors his friends and gets favor from the friends, requires means to protect oneself from cold or hot weather in this world in the same way in the life in Aaraf, too, he drinks, eats, sleeps, wakes up and fulfills all the needs of life. One lives under the shelter of a roof in the life of Aaraf just as one is used to living in this phenomenal world. The only difference is that one is not required to strive, individually or collectively, for the means and resources over there as is done here.

The world existing in Aaraf is so enchanting and beautiful that the beauty of the world of matter is nothing as compared to that. When someone, after entering the state of observations, witnesses the Aaraf he is liberated from the gravity. Liberation from the gravity does not purport that one starts flying in the air but it means that he is purged from the density of thoughts, lust, greed, evilness, pride and false vanity resulting from accumulation of wealth etc. This fact that one day one has to leave this world to go to world of eternal life is believed with certitude. It would not be out of place to mention that the occult sciences based on sorceress knowledge can, at the most, excel to the limits of ‘Ganood’ and ‘Warood’ only in their meditating practices. They manage to arouse the abilities of ‘Ganood’ and ‘Warood’ by continuous and regular exercises enabling them to perform supernatural activities. 

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