Pebbles Reciting Creed

Once Usman (RA) came to see Holy Prophet (PBUH). It was noontime, Abu Bakkar (RA) and Omar (RA) were also there. Holy Prophet (PBUH) inquired from him as to what made him to come there. Holy Prophet (PBUH) had asked the same question from Abu Bakkar (RA) and Omar (RA). Usman (RA) replied that the love of Holy Prophet (PBUH) has made him to come there.

Upon hearing that Holy Prophet (PBUH) took seven or nine pebbles in his hand. The pebbles started reciting creed that sounded like the humming bees. Holy Prophet (PBUH) passed those pebbles turn by turn to Abu Bakkar (RA), Omar (RA) and Usman (RA) and the pebbles kept on reciting the creed even during the change of hands.

Sounds and voices are one of the components of our life. Sounds are not only a medium of exchange of information but also a means of our contact with others. We know of many things because of voices and enjoy many a things because of their sounds. Chirping of birds sitting in the trees, laughter of baby in his cradle, hawker’s provocative announcements, voices of machines running in a factory and so many other sounds keep on striking against our ears. Besides all that there are many a sounds that are inaudible for our hearing and are known as ultrasonic sounds.

Usage of ultrasound waves in diagnosis of complicated diseases, in industrial research and other exploration has become a common thing. These waves work on the basis of their vibratory effects and on the principle of their echoing. Using these waves different states of matter can be easily identified.

Scientists have discovered that range of the human hearing is between 20 Hertz to 20,000 Hertz whereas the frequency of the ultrasound waves can be up to 20 million Hertz and for this very reason these waves remain inaudible for the human hearing.

Basically waves are of two types: one in which the waves move by compression and expansion of particles and the other in which the particles move up and down forming crests and ebbs. Another division of the waves is made on the basis of their frequency and wavelengths.

A wave travels a particular distance moving up and down. The distance between two crests or two ebbs is known as its wavelength. Movement of the wave from crest to crest or from its ebb to ebb is known as its one cycle. The number of wave cycles passed from a certain point is known as its frequency. In case of a long wavelength frequency is less and the waves having shorter wavelengths have higher frequency.

Radio waves are electromagnetic waves of lower frequency. T.V. broadcast involves electromagnetic waves of higher frequency. Electromagnetic waves unlike ordinary sound waves do not require any medium for their traveling from one place to another. These can move forward without medium of air or water and can continue their journey even in empty space.

When the frequency of a wave exceeds a certain limit it becomes a ray that travels in a straight line. Because of lesser wavelength and higher frequency of these waves, ability to penetrate and pass through other objects increases many folds.

In the holy Quran, God has stated many a time that everything of the universe celebrates His praises, that is to say, everything in this universe speaks, hears and recognizes others.

“The seven heavens and the earth and all beings therein declare His glory. There is not a thing but celebrates His Praise; and yet ye understand not how they declare His Glory. Verily He is Oft-Forbearing, Most Forgiving.”  (S: 17, V: 44)

Everything, according to the cosmic laws, speaks, hears and feels. Recital of the creed by the pebbles means that the pebbles had this realization that Holy Prophet (PBUH) was the Prophet of God. The Lord Creator and had been declared Mercy for the Worlds.

Every particle of the universe is aware that in his capacity of the Mercy for the Worlds, its existence depends upon the Mercy of Holy Prophet (PBUH).

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