Quran and the Divine Books

The august personality of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) is the most remarkable role model for the whole mankind. God guided and instructed him in various ways as He had done for the prophet’s preceding him. The Message that Gabriel had brought for him about fourteen hundred years ago exists in its original text and form as it was delivered onto the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Not even a dot or comma has been altered in it as God Himself has taken the responsibility of protecting it.

Whereas the other Divine Books could not survive through the ages and if survived have suffered considerable changes and alterations.

In the times of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) excellence of narration had reached that superior standards, which was not known to Arabs before. When the infidels of Makka expressed their doubts about the Revelations and tried to desist from acknowledging it the Word of God. God stated:

“They say it is a fabrication. Nay, they have no faith. Let them come forth with a recital like onto it”.  (S: 52, V: 33-34)

The unparallel eloquence and articulacy of the holy Quran is yet another significance of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). When the infidels failed to bring any precedence like this one they started telling people to abstain from going to Mohammad and not to listen him otherwise the spell of his speech would also entrap them in its snare. God natured people after listening to the Verses of the holy Quran form Mohammad, directly or indirectly, used to say that they were familiar with extraordinary articulacy of poets, priests and magicians but the words of Mohammad are far superior and transcending them all. Embracing of Islam by Omar (RA) and the other chieftains of Makka and acknowledgement of his prophet hood by the King of Abyssinia is the miracle of Mohammad.

Entire life of the Holy prophet (PBUH) is a living example of miraculous existence and is full of miracles. If the life of Holy Prophet (PBUH) is pondered upon and is taken into a deep consideration it transpires that the whole of life of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) is a miracle. His coming into this world and assignment as a prophet, undergoing a rigorous and tormented life for the cause of disseminating the Message of God cannot be anything other than a miracle.

All the miracles performed by the Holy Prophet (PBUH) are preserved in the history and these have also been testified in the holy Quran.

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