Nearing of the Stars

Abbas Bin Abdul Mutlib has stated that in his infancy lying in the cradle, when he, used to raise his finger towards the moon, the moon seemed to be reacting to his signals.

Haleema, the Nurse

Makka was suffering a lean period due to drought before the birth of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).  Haleema     Sadia of Banu Saad came to Makka with other women of her tribe. Her husband and her infant child Abdullah accompanied her in this journey. They had a lean she-camel. When the little Apostle was given to Haleema milk started flowing in her dried breasts. The lean she-camel was also recharged and gave so much milk that both the husband and the wife drank it to their fullest content. On the way back to their home, the she-camel was leading all the rest of the camels of the caravan. Few women expressing their surprise asked Haleema. “Is it the same camel that you were riding before?”

Haleema in her exhilaration could not say more than that that it was the same riding camel but the rider had changed.

Two Strangers

When the young Apostle was two years of age, Haleema brought him back to his mother in Makka.

An epidemic had broken out in Makka in those days so Haleema suggested that in order to save young Mohammad from the threat of catching that disease, he might be allowed to stay with her for some more time. Amna nodded yes to the suggestion and Haleema returned home with the young Apostle once again.

One day the young Apostle was keeping the sheep with his Foster brother Abdullah, when young AbduIIah came running to his mother and said. “Come, hurry, two strangers have taken my Qurashi brother with them.” Haleema and her husband rushed toward the pasture and found young Mohammad standing there with a strange expression on his face. Haleema took him in her arms. He related to her that two men clad in white dress came there and laid him upon the ground. One of them cut my chest and took out my heart, took out a small black clot of blood from it. Then the other man came forward with a water tilled silver bowel in his hand, washed my heart placing it in a plate, sealed it with a seal and placed it back in my chest and stitched it.

Haleema and her husband both examined him curiously and exchanged looks because they could not see any blood on the dress nor was there any other sign on the body.


According to the spiritual viewpoint two brains are operating in every person. When a child is born in this world, material senses start prevailing upon him gradually and finally the material senses become so dominating that one fail to witness the unseen. Events of the childhood of the Apostle hint upon the fact that he was capable of seeing the Unseen even in his childhood because witnessing Gabriel, surgery of the heart, taking out the heart in a plat, washing of the heart, sealing it with a seal and stitching the chest after replacing the heart in it, were nothing but the Unseen. The most striking thing in this event is the absence of any bloodstains and failure of seeing signs of any surgical operation Haleema, her husband and her child.

This clearly purports that Holy Prophet (PBUH) was blessed with a faculty because of which he could witness the Unseen, even in his childhood, which a common person cannot see.

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