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Mohammad (PBUH) was popularly known as Sadiq and Ameen because of his truthfulness and trustworthiness. Khadija was one of the reputed Business ladies of Makka. She requested Mohammad to take her trading goods to Syria. Maisra, a slave of Khadija also accompanied him. In Basra, the trade caravan stationed closed to the monastery of Monk Nastora. Nastora came to Maisra and inquired about his companion. Maisra told him that he was Mohammad, member of a notable family of Banu Hashim, resided in Makka and is known as Ameen and Sadiq.

Nastora said to Maisra that nobody except prophets have ever stayed under that tree where Mohammad is resting at that moment and that he was sure that he was the same holy person about whom predictions have been made in the Old and New Testaments because he was witnessing all those signs in him that have been stated in all the Divine Scriptures about the Last Prophet of God.

To cover the physical body of man there are two layers of lights. Positive and Negative Electric Charge keep on flowing in both of these two covering layers of lights separately i.e. in one of the coverings the Positive Charge and in the other the Negative Charge flows. This flow and the current of Electric charges are responsible for the production of the Senses.

Senses are of two types. One type of the Senses causes movement in the mind of an individual and the other type of the Senses links up the mental movement of an individual with the cosmic system.

Senses always keep on dividing. This division, on the one hand, produces the sensory organs of the body and on the other hand, is responsible for the creation of abilities in those organs.

This very division operates in physical functionality of our limbs and organs. Eye, ear, nose, tongue, hands and feet are the division of the senses.

Hearing of the ears, seeing of the eyes, measuring of the feet, smelling of the nose and the tasting of the tongue are all the physical functionalities of these organs. Whereas the stimuli, opposite to these functionalities, taking place in the senses, are transcendental that keeps on taking place continuously.

Moments are moving at two levels simultaneously. At one level of their movement, moments move severally and separately in everything of the universe. This movement constructs that Conscious which is showing an object in individual sphere of its existence.

Movement of the other level is continuing in all the articles of the universe simultaneously. If someone could succeed in having the perception of that second level of the movement, which is very much possible using the techniques of Muraqaba and other exercises, then the obscure sections of the universe start coming into our knowledge. Monk Baheera and Nastora living in seclusion under the monastic system had developed that ability, which enabled them to see some obscure things of the Unseen. Baheera and Nastora expressed their views using that very faculty.

N.B: Islam does not allow practicing monasticism.

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