Key of Ka’aba

Usman Bin Talha was the custodian of the key of holy shrine of Ka’aba. In the era of infidels, he used to open Ka’aba on Mondays and Thursdays. Once When Holy Prophet (PBUH) along with his companions entered the Ka’aba, he passed some unfair remarks but the Holy Prophet (PBUH) ignored his remarks saying, “One day the Key of Ka’aba will be in my hand and it will be up to me to whom I let it have.”

Usman Bin Talha retorted, “On that day Quraish would killed and humiliated.”

Holy Prophet (PBUH) said, “No! On that day they will be honored and will live.”

On the day of the conquest of Makka, the key of Ka’aba was Holy Prophet (PBUH) Ali (RA) and Abbas both were aspiring to have that Key and both requested the Holy Prophet (PBUH) that the custody of that key is granted to them but Holy Prophet (PBUH) handed it over to Usman (RA) Bin Talha. 


Quraish and infidels of Makka socially boycotted Holy Prophet (PBUH) and a written declaration to this effect was displayed in Ka’aba. It was stated in that declaration that nobody will have any type of relations with Banu Hashim so much so that the traders of other territories were also not permitted to sell anything to them. This treaty forced Holy Prophet (PBUH) to shift to Sha’ab Abi Talib (The Valley of Abi Talib) along with all his family members. He stayed there for three very long years torturous difficulties and agonizing worries. After spending three years in that valley Holy Prophet (PBUH) sent a message to Quraish that their unanimous declaration announcing the social boycott upon the walls of Ka’aba have been eaten away by termites, Quraish were petrified to see that all the words except one word of Allah mentioned in that declaration were eaten away by termites.

Termites are a type of ants also known as white ants. It constructs it colony in such a manner that it may rises up to 15 to 20 feet height. This construction exhibits the wonderful architectural skills of these ants. Their constructed houses are built with columns and pillars and their roofs are strong enough to withstand the load of many men. The queen lives in the center of that colony. The room of laborers surrounds the place where queen lives. Around them are the rooms of the nursing ants and the storehouses are made next to these rooms. These ants have no eyes. There is not gate for that colony which is built underground so that these could remain safe from ant-eating birds. They move in underground tunnels. Some of them that live in light have the faculty of sight to some extent. Jaws of male termites are so strong that it can crush the wood in few seconds into pieces. The queen lives in a very small room and the opening of that room is so small that it cannot get out of that room. The workers serve food to it there.

This tiny insect demonstrating its vision ate away only those words that were inscribed against the Holy Prophet (PBUH) but the name of the Lord Creator, which was declared as worthy of worshipping, was left out.

Bracelets and Suraqa

When Holy Prophet (PBUH) set on the journey of migration towards Medina, Abu Bakkar (RA) was accompanying him. Quraish announced that whosoever would capture Mohammad and his companion would he rewarded with one hundred camels. Many of the infidels for the sake of reward set in the search of Holy Prophet (PBUH). One of them named Suraqa riding his horse managed to reach them when after staying in the cave of Soor for three days; they were on their way to Medina. When neared them his horse legs sunk into the sand up to its belly. He desperately attempted to get his horse out of that mire but failed. Finally having the realization, he pleaded to the Apostle, “Please save me and my horse. I promise not to harm you and if anyone would be coming your way I will not let him go your way, please help me!”

Holy Prophet (PBUH) prayed and the earth released him. When Suraqa was returning Holy Prophet (PBUH) called and said, “Suraqa! I am seeing the bracelets of Iranian King Nosherwan in the hands.”

During the era of Omar (RA), Iran was conquered and the booty brought from Iran included the bracelets, which Omar (RA) gave to Suraqa who wore them on his hands to fulfill the prediction of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

Prisoners of Baddar

Quraish sent ransoms to get the prisoners of Baddar released. Abbas said that he had nothing to pay as ransom and get him free from the bondage. Holy Prophet (PBUH) said, “And, what about that wealth, which you secretly handed over to your wife before setting off to war saying that was to be distributed among your sons if you were killed in the battle?”

Noufal Bin Haris, a cousin of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), was also among the prisoners of war. Ransom or each prisoner amounted to one to four thousand Dirhams according to the status of the prisoner. Those who had no money and were literates were offered to teach ten Ansari youths as their ransom.

Naufal refused to acknowledge that he possessed anything to pay as his ransom. Holy Prophet (PBUH) said, “Well, what about those spears that you have preserved in Jeddah. You may them in ransom for your liberty.” 


During Tabauk Expedition, one day Holy Prophet (PBUH) said, “Wind would blow tonight and nobody should get out in the night and also fasten the animals securely.” It happened exactly as he had said. The wind was so hard that it lifted a man and threw him in the nearby hills.

The lost she-camel

During an expedition, she-camel belonging to Holy Prophet (PBUH) was lost. Companions set out to search the lost animal. Amara Bin Hazam were staying with Holy Prophet (PBUH). One of the Hypocrites whispered to his friends. “Mohammad claims to be the Prophet of God, tells the happenings of the heavens and doesn’t know that where is his she-camel.”

Holy Prophet (PBUH) addressing Amara said, “A person has said that Mohammad claims to be the Prophet of God and tells his people about the happenings of the heavens and knows not that where is his she-camel? By God! I know only which God tells me. I have knowledge only that God reveals to me. God has informed me about the she-camel. It is in a hill pass and its rope is entangled in a shrub, you go and fetch it!” 

Letter in braid

Holy Prophet (PBUH) told Ali (RA) to take two men with him and go to Fakh and fetch a woman after arresting her as she had a letter written for Quraish. All these three galloped on their horses and arrested that woman. A letter was recovered hidden in her braids when she was searched. 

Commentry about Motta Battle

At the time when the Islamic Army of three thousand Muslims was fighting against two hundred thousand infidels at Motta, Holy Prophet (PBUH) was giving sermon in Medina. During his address he said, “Zaid held the flag and was martyred fighting bravely. And now Jaffar is leading the army. He attacks by cutting the horse legs. He has lost his right arm and has held the flag in his left hand. He has lost his left arm as well and is holding the flag in his armpit and he also martyrs. The flag is in the hands of Abdullah Bin Rawah. He has been also martyred and I am shown that he has been carried to the Paradise on a golden bed by the angels.”

Hawazan Tribe

During the battale of Hanain, a rider came to Holy Prophet (PBUH) and said, “I have seen over the hill that all the men of Hawazan Tribe laden their camels with arms are heading for Hanain. Holy Prophet (PBUH) smiled and said, “Don’t worry these goods will be received by the Muslims.”

Next day when the battle started, Muslims won the battle and captured all those arms.

Death of Najashi

Holy Prophet (PBUH) said to Um-e-Salma. I had sent Silken Robe and Musk for Najashi, the Abyssinian King but it looks that my gifts would return due to his demise. You have that Silken Robe when it comes back.”

The day when Najashi died Holy Prophet (PBUH) informing his companions about his demise said, “Pray for the departed soul of your brother, Najashi.”

The undelivered gifts sent for the king came back predicted.

Secret in heart

Holy Prophet (PBUH) was having a meeting with his companions, when Wasla Bin Asqa came and sat right in the center. The companions felt bad and told him to sit aside but the Holy Prophet (PBUH) said, “Let him sit. I know what has brought him here.”

Wasla said, “Please do tell me that why am I here?”

Holy Prophet (PBUH) said, “You have come to know about evil and virtue.”

Wasla swore upon God and said, “By God I have come with no other purpose but what you have said, please tell me!”

Holy Prophet (PBUH) said, “Virtue is that which sets your heart at peace but the evil gives your heart dissatisfaction. You should adopt only that in which there is no doubt.”

Purpose of the Visit

Umair Bin Wahub, before embracing Islam, spared no chance of torturing Holy Prophet (PBUH) and his companions. Once sitting with Abu Lahub in the holy Ka’aba he said, “I swear upon Allah, if I was not under debt and had no liability of my family and next of kin. I would have killed Mohammad.”

Abu Lahub said that he would be all happy to pay his debts and support his family as long as he lived. Umair Bin Wahub took a poisoned dagger and set off to Medina. When he reached Medina, he entered the house of Holy Prophet (PBUH), Holy Prophet (PBUH) on seeing him asked as to what had made him to come there. He said, “I have come to pay the ransom money for the freedom of my son.”

Holy Prophet (PBUH) said, “You are lying. You have not come for making payment of ransom and getting your son free but you have come to kill me.”

This disclosure baffled Umair, he started trembling and the dagger hidden under the garments fell on the ground.

Victory of Romans

In the fifth year after the proclamation of Prophethood, a war broke out between the Fire-Worshipping Iranians and Christian Romans. Iranians were victorious and Romans suffered a defeat. Muslims considering the Christians as their faith fellows had sympathies for them so there defeat sadden them. God consoled them saying:

“The Roman Empire has been defeated in a land close by but they after their defeat will soon be victorious within a few years. With God is the Decision, in the Past and in the Future. On that day shall the believers rejoice with the help of God. He helps whom He Wills and He is exalted in Might, Most Merciful. It is the Promise of God, Never does God depart from His Promise: but most men understand not.”

Infidels of Makka ridiculed Muslims for this prediction Holy Prophet (PBUH) said, “From three to nine years Romans will be regain their victory.” And, in the ninth year of this prophesy, it was accomplished and the Romans defeated the Iranians.


Addi Bin Hattam was the son of famous Hattam Tai, who was renowned for his generosities. He came to see Holy Prophet (PBUH) from his country Syria. Holy Prophet (PBUH) took him to his house and gave the leather cushion tilled with date-bark to sit and sat himself on the ground before him. Addi thought that he is definitely not an emperor because the emperors are not that courteous.

During their discussion, Holy Prophet (PBUH) said to him, “Addi! Your faith is a sort of middle way to Christianity and Star-worshipping.”

Addi acknowledged it saying. “That’s true!”

Holy Prophet (PBUH) said, “Addi! You take one fourth of the booty from your men whereas it is not fair according to your religion.”

Addi acknowledged this as well and was impressed that he was telling the things known to him only.

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said, “You are inclined towards Islam but you don’t embrace it because Muslims appear weak to you. By God! There will be a time upon Muslims when they will be playing with wealth and riches. They would offer handfuls at gold in charity but none would be available to take it. You are also reluctant in embracing Islam because Muslims appear to you lesser than infidels in numbers. By God! There will be a time when all the four corners of the world will be echoing from the voice of Islam and the far away countries will be subject of Muslims. There will be a time when even a lonely lady will be able to travel from Qadsia to the holy Shrine of Ka’aba for the sake of pilgrimage and she will have no fear. You also do not accept Islam as your faith because you think that Muslims are unable to govern. By God, There will be a time when the palaces of Rome and Babel would be possessed by Muslims.”

Addi embraced Islam after listening these prophesies of Holy Prophet (PBUH). Addi Bin Hattam states in my life I saw vanishing the white palaces of Babel and I also saw a handy lady reaching the House of God, Ka’aba after traveling for many days. And By God, the third prophesy that Muslims would be playing in wealth and riches would also be fulfilled. Charities-would be offered and none would he available to take them. This prophecy was accomplished at the time of Omar (RA) Bin Abdul Aziz.

Hands Spending for Allah

Once Holy Prophet (PBUH) said to Umhat-ul-Momeneens, “After my death that wife of mine would join me in the heavens who will have the longest hands.” After listening this, all his wives started comparing the length of their hands with one another. After the demise of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) Zainab, who was addressed as Um-ul-Masakeen (Mother of the needy), was the first to die. Only than it transpired upon the wives that by ‘long hands’, Holy Prophet (PBUH) meant the hands that spend the most for the sake of Allah.

Whispering to Fatima

During his illness, Holy Prophet (PBUH) summoned Fatima; his daughter, made her to sit close and said something into her ears. She started crying. After a while Holy Prophet (PBUH) again whispered into her ears, the crying daughter not only stopped crying but was also smiling now.

When Ayesha inquired, she told her that Holy Prophet (PBUH) had whispered into her ear that Gabriel listened the recitation of the holy Quran from him once in year but this year he came twice for that purpose which indicates that I will be leaving this world this year. Hearing this made me to cry upon which he again whispered to me that I would be the First one in the family to join him there in the heavens, this made me to smile.

Fatima died after six months of demise of her exalted father (PBUH)

Ali (RA)

Once Holy Prophet (PBUH) said to Ali (RA), “Qaidar Bin Salaf was the cruelest man amongst the people of Saleh, who had cut the legs of the she-camel sent as a proof of his prophethood. And, the cruelest person of my people would be the person who would attack you on your head with his sword and your beard would become red of your blood.”

It is said that the morning when Ali (RA) was to suffer the attack he looked towards the sky again and again and said, “It is the same night that have been promised to me. No doubt, the prophecy of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) cannot be wrong.” When early, in the morning he was heading for to mosque for the Morning Prayer, ducks on his way were crying loudly. When people tried to hush they away, he said, “Let them express their grief.”

He was standing before his Lord, in the prayer when Abdur Rehman Bin Muljum attacked him and hit him at his head with sword and he martyred.

Saad Bin Abi Waqas

At the time of Last Hajj of the Prophet, Saad Bin Abi Waqas fell ill. Holy Prophet (PBUH) went to see him. Saad submitted, “I may not survive this illness and if you allow me I shall make a will of my belongings in favor of my only daughter.”

Holy Prophet (PBUH) said, “Saad! God willing, you would survive and many would be benefited from you and many would suffer loss because of you.”

After his recovery Saad Bin Abi Waqas lived for fifty years to serve the cause of Islam. Madain, the capital of Iran was conquered under his able leadership during the caliphate of Omar (RA).

Surq: the Companion jinn

During his journey towards Makka, Omar (RA) Bin Abdul Aziz saw a dead snake lying on his path. He wrapped it in a piece of cloth and buried it in the soil when he heard a whisper in its ears.

“I had heard from the Holy Prophet (PBUH) that Surq would die in the open near a village and the best of my followers would bury him.”

Omar (RA) Bin Abdul Aziz inquired, “Who is that?”

It was replied, ‘I am a jinn and he was my fellow Surq. The jinns who had the honor of embracing Islam at the hands of Holy Prophet (PBUH), I am the only one surviving.

God said, “Kun!” (Be!) And, the form of the universe present in the Mind of God came into existence; that is to say, this universe is a reflection of the Mind of God. Reflection of the Mind of God is the Attributes of God.

All that exists in the universe, is found on the earth, is present in the earth or in the heavens is a display of the Attributes of God. Since the universe is a reflection of the Mind of God, therefore, every existent of this universe is in need of support of its Creator, the Lord of the Universe.

Attributes of God are the one side of the creative process ever taking place in the universe and the Universe, which is in need of the Mercy of the Creator ever ad anon, is its second side.

First phase of this creative process is the Collective Conscious of the Universe. Second one is the Conscious of the Species of the Universe. Individuals of a species come in the third phase of this chain of process. Existence of an individual, whether it is a person belonging to mankind or jinn, angel, animal, vegetable or a non-living object or a celestial body existing in the vast expanses of the universe, is a reflection of the very first phase of creation. The most prominent of all creatures is the man, who according to God has been created in the best of proportions and measures.

According to the laws of Nature the human life too, has two sides. One is its external ostensible side and the other is its inner and immanent side. The external ostensible side is visible for the material eyes but the inner immanent side can only be witnessed using the spiritual eyes. In actual reality, all that exists in the inner side is displayed in the form of manifestations. Or, to say, the inner immanent side is real, id est, the soul or the immanent side of a person is Real. The external side remains in the grips of Time and Space whereas the inner side is devoid of such limitations. When a journey is undertaken, in the external side it may take, according to the distance and the speed of the traveler, many hours, days or months but in the inner side long journeys are not required to be undertaken altogether. Nothing hinders the vision and sight in the immanent side of existence.

Every individual of the universe is familiar and connected with one another unconsciously. If any person because of his association with the Holy Prophet (PBUH) could manage to learn this law then he can see the movement of one particle associated with the movement of other particles. A person versed with this law is bestowed with that conscious because of which he can witness the happenings of one thousand year ago or can see the happening that are destined to take effect one thousand years hence.

Every individual is familiar with this phenomenon to some extent; for instance, during the day we see the sun at a distance of 90 million miles and night we look at the starts that are at a distance of millions of billion miles away. Witnessing an object at such a large distance without involving any temporal distance is the witnessing using the Cosmic Conscious.

The very same law is operative in the prophecies of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Holy Prophet (PBUH) is the Mercy for the Worlds, sent down to this earth as a token of the Mercy of the Lord Creator and he is fully versed with all the hidden factors operating and partaking in the creative process of the universe. When he being aware of the working of hidden factors, exercised his vision of the Cosmic Conscious he was able to see the events yet to happen.

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