Apple of God’s eye

Abu Talib, the uncle of Holy Prophet (PBUH) fell ill. Holy Prophet (PBUH) went to see him. Abu Talib said, “Nephew, pray to God Who has made you His messenger that I be cured!”

Holy Prophet (PBUH) prayed for his uncle’s getting well and when he got well he asked Holy Prophet (PBUH), “Does God listens to you?”

Holy Prophet (PBUH) said, “Dear uncle, if you listen to God. He also does listen to you.”

It is the holy statement of God:

“Obedience of My servant brings him so near to Me that he touches My Love, so much so that I become the eyes through which he sees. I become the ears through which he hears and I become the hand through which he holds.”

Man killing Loin

Abu Lahub, his wife and his son Aqba never spared any chance to torture and tease Holy Prophet (PBUH). Once when Aqba misbehaved with Holy Prophet (PBUH) he prayed to God, “O Gods appoint one of Thy dogs upon him.”

Abu Lahub and Aqba stayed at a place called Abrah while they were going to Syria with a trade caravan. A lion came and killed Aqba.

It rained

On a Friday, Holy Prophet (PBUH) was addressing the congregational sermon, when a Bedouin stood up and submitted.

“Medina is in the grip of drought, our cattle are dying and we are facing famine, please pray for raining.”

Holy Prophet (PBUH) raised his hand to pray. The sky was clear and the air was dry. Before the prayer was over the sky clouded and it started raining, which continued for a week. Next Friday, in the same mosque, the same Bedouin got up saving that their houses were collapsing and herds have no shelter from to incessant rain, please pray that this rain be stopped Holy Prophet (PBUH) prayed to God and the rain be stopped.

Holy Prophet (PBUH) prayed to God and the raining stopped.

Abu Horira’s Mother

Abu Horira’s mother had not embraced Islam and she used to scold Holy Prophet (PBUH), which hurt Abu Horira for his love and association with the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Once when his mother tossed a few nasty remarks, Abu Horira felt so hurt that he approached Holy Prophet (PBUH) and complained. Holy Prophet (PBUH) prayed to God thus, “O God, Guide Abu Horira’s mother to see the light.”

When Abu Horira came back his mother apologized for her nasty remarks and unjust behavior and by reciting the Creed embraced Islam. 

Vision for blind eye

One of the companions of Holy Prophet (PBUH) fell off from his camel. Few snake eggs were there where he landed. The fluid of eggs crushed under his weight fell into eyes and the venomous effect blinded him. He approached Holy Prophet (PBUH), in a state that his eyes had turned white. Holy Prophet (PBUH) blew upon his eyes and he was cured. 

Food Blessed

Once Abu Horira approached Holy Prophet (PBUH) with few dates and requested him to bless them. Holy Prophet (PBUH) took those dates in his hand and blew upon them and said, “Keep them in your satchel and eat of them whenever you feel having them but never shake it to empty.”

Abu Horira tied the satchel around his waist after storing those dates in it and used to eat of them and served them to others as well.

During the campaign of Battle of Tabbauk about thirty thousand Muslims stayed there for twenty days. Umer (RA) feeling the shortage of the food provisions requested Prophet (PBUH) to pray. Holy Prophet (PBUH) told him to spread the sheets on the ground and all the Muslims piled what they had. Some had grams, few contributed dates and some came up with pieces of bread. Holy Prophet (PBUH) placing his hand upon the pile of food prayed and told them to have from it. All the soldiers filled their plates and ate to their satisfaction.

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