According to the verdict of God the first place that was granted to Adam was the Garden (Paradise). After learning about the knowledge of the Elohistic Names i.e. the Attributes of Allah the first thing that man was blessed with was Paradise. The Attributes of God, in fact, are representative qualities of Lord’s craftsmanship and creative powers. The attribute of a creator is to create. Since God is the Lord Creator therefore every attribute related to Him is a creative power capable of creating and fashioning anything according to the will of God Almighty

God introduced his creations to Adam by teaching him the divine knowledge of the Elohistic Appellations in such a way that Adam had supremacy over all other species of this universe. As a token of acknowledgement of his superiority and cardinal position he was awarded paradise to live in. To wit, when the Knowledge of Elohistic Appellation was activated in man he found himself in paradise; a place where he was free to exercise his will as and when he wanted, a place where unpolluted and most refined senses are operative, no problem or worry can exist there, there exists no concept of restriction and restraints, one is not to worry about earning livelihood, no fear of admonition for doing or not doing something, no feeling of regret over losses. Paradise has that calm and tranquil atmosphere which is a source of comfort and luxury in all respects.

The purpose of this prolegomenon is to establish that the first step of vicegerency and deputization of God is to be liberated from the feelings of anguish, anxiety, distress, mantel agony, insecurity, uncertainty, grief, adversity, fear, and phobia. Only that phase of life is there in which one enjoys peace, comfort, luxury, and authority. Since Allah the Lord Creator Himself is free from all wants, sublime and insouciant therefore when this attribute of God is activated in man he experiences the same state which is consequential to activation of this Elohistic Attribute of insouciance.

Adam was made to reside in paradise after God had conferred upon him His Bounties. And, God told him, O’ Adam, Reside in the Garden with your wife and eat of the bountiful things therein as where and when you will but approach not this tree otherwise you will be amongst those who run into harm and transgression? Our father, Adam, could not restrict himself from approaching the forbidden tree and committed disobedience. As soon as the disobedience was committed the trust reposed in Adam was veiled and this veil was this new form of life in which we now find ourselves. This new life is ephemeral and a life of deprivations in contrast with the life of entrusted Trust which was a life of tranquility and comfort When Adam broke his relation with the life of paradise peace and tranquility vanished. Darkness replaced light. Grief substituted delight and liberty and freedom was replaced by confinement and incarceration. Adam was forced to leave paradise in a state of dismay and regret. Despite Adam’s disobedience and ingratitude for God’s blessings God, the most merciful neither did nor divests him from that granted treasure of trust reposed in him, upon which, Adam using his discretion and authority put a covering veil. That is to say, Adam closed his eyes, after putting the treasure of knowledge regarding conquest of universe, under the cover. Despite such devastating oppression, transgression and disobedience God out of sheer mercy told Adam that your actual abode ‘Paradise’ would remain yours provided you could remove the cover of self-adopted disobedience. As soon as you will lacerate this veil you will be re-admitted into Paradise. Although your soul; the Unconscious and the agency of disobedience; your conscious mind which was expelled from paradise both have this innate knowledge that their actual abode and dwelling place is Paradise and there life is in tranquility, peace and freedom, we shall keep on sending our messengers, who would be amongst you, to remind you of the great blessing of God possessed by you of which you have deprived yourselves.

When you will go astray, forget and become unmindful that you own a sublime treasure we shall be sending those who would remind you of the sublime treasure of knowledge possessed by you and will tell you not to remain ignorant of your treasures. These holy men would be making laws and rules for you to enable you to lift that veil easily which has obscured the free life of Paradise from you so that you could return to your eternal dwelling place.

Remember! The life that you are living in this phenomenal world in comparison to the life of Paradise is nothing but a life in prison. This life is short-lived, based on fiction, no matter how you live and what you do ultimately this world prove to be ephemeral and you would have to quit this phenomenal world. If you failed to lift the veil drawn between you and Paradise in this life then Paradise will reject you permanently. As long as you are living this life of incarceration on the earth that disobedient mind is in operation which had disobeyed in Paradise and because of which you were awarded the sentence of expulsion from there. Nature keeping its promise sent one hundred twenty-four thousand prophets to guide this oppressor, rebellious and disobedient man but alas man turned a deaf ear to all these prophets and kept on following that reprobate Satan who was responsible for man’s expulsion from Paradise.

Everybody who has common sense can observe this phenomenon at any time that every moment of life is expiring. When one moment expires it is replaced by another one. Expiry of the day results in the birth of the night and the birth of the day is subject to the expiry of the night. When childhood passes away boyhood is produced. When the boyhood annihilates, youth is born. When youth passes away old age is born. And when the old age expires man vanished from the scenario in such a way that the body of man is eaten away by the earth. Each and every organ of the beautiful body turns into dust particles. The skeleton of bones; the basis of human structure transforms into ashes. The brain, upon which the edifice of man’s greatness depends, of which man is so proud and because of which ruthlessly oppresses others and start considering himself a god is also eaten away by the earth and other people like himself trod down these particles. But if, contrary to this situation, someone living in this state of degraded life acquaints himself with that mind which had caused the angels to prostrate before him then he becomes immortal and the legacy of Adam; the Paradise lost is found again. 

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