Advancement of the modern sciences has established this fact pretty clearly that there exist other worlds, other than our planet earth. That which is called space has countless settlements. Although space is full of planets inhabited like our own, we cannot see this inhabitation of other planets. All that has been found out by modern science is only guessing work and conjectural idea that this is possible that there are other living creatures in the vast expanse of the space. But, the conversation between Adam and God, as reported in the Holy Quran, and the other scriptures, is evident upon the fact that besides mankind there exist other forms of life. One of them is the Angels and the other is Jinn’s. We cannot see them because we are not equipped with that power of vision or that sight through which one can behold the angels and the jinn’s.

When the sight and its functioning mechanism is taken into consideration it comes to our notice that it is one of our routine observation that there is a limit up to which the sight helps us in beholding a thing i.e. it has a specific range of its function beyond which it cannot see. If somehow or the other the limited range of sight could be enhanced then the range of visibility for the sight would also be increased and we would be able to see even those distant things which ordinarily cannot be sighted from a distance. When, for instance, we use a binocular we start seeing those distant objects, which our sight could not see. How does it happen? The lenses of the binocular or the telescope make it possible by enlarging the tiny images of the distant objects hidden in the waves coming from those objects and we start seeing an object even from a distance of miles. Similar is the case of a person suffering from myopia (short-sightedness) who cannot see clearly the objects at a distance but when he uses the glasses he can see the distant objects normally. This clearly proves that a lens has that quality of magnification, which can be used for sighting the distant objects. A close study of this quality of the lens reveals an interesting thing that the magnification of a lens is nothing but the proper use of the curvature of a glass. If by using the curvature of a glass properly one can see miles away then whey can’t he see the unseen world by using that sight which has the experience of beholding Allah, the most exalted and the angels to it credit. It is just a matter of finding that sight within ourselves, which has sighted the angels and has the honor of beholding God, the most exalted.

For acquiring that sight we have to revert back to that state in which Allah had conversed with man (Adam). The laws inscribed on the Preserved Scripturum (Loh-Mahfooz) are very dear on this issue that it is not so that. Adam was bestowed with certain faculties and his descendants have been deprived of them. Every individual of mankind, in fact, is a replica of Adam. Adam was the prototype of man and all the individuals of mankind are duplicate copies of that original-print. Every man has this innate ability of learning that divine science of Elohistic Names that was taught to Adam by God, by virtue of his resemblance and similitude with Adam. As long as man’s interests remain associated with this material body his spiritual potentialities remain dormant in him but when it is learnt by him that this body of flesh and bones is only a veil to incarcerate him because of his disobedience, his mind starts searching the reality and this pursuit of reality eventually enables him to have acquaintance with those abilities because of which sons of Adam can peregrinate the unseen world.

The words ‘Unseen World’ indicate that realm which is invisible to our material senses, that is, the senses with which we are versed in this material world and are in use to comprehend this phenomenal world only. This thing should be clearly understood and remembered carefully that the set of senses required to witness the unseen world is altogether different from those which we are using for comprehending the material world around us. 

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