God is the Lord Creator, that is, He is the one who created after providing all the resources for life so that he could be recognized. For recognition it was necessary that there should be a creation that could recognize God as God wills and wants to be recognized.

God has appointed two different approaches for his recognition, according to the first approach, the creatures enjoy only that much knowledge that they are creatures and have been created by God, the most gracious. The other form of recognition is to know with a conscious awareness, why we have been created and what is the purpose and motive for our creation. Why God has fashioned the creatures is one of the secrets of the God. To unveil this secret Holy Quran states “We created man and jinn’s so that they worship us and as; a token of their bondage and subjection should bow down before us.” Acknowledgement and subjection and bondage to God is indicative of the fact that one is admitting and accepting his insignificance and significance actually belongs to that Supreme Being before whom one is bowing down in submission.

One approach is the general approach and is common for the whole universe. Man, jinn’s, angels, animals and inanimate are all correlative in this general approach. All the creatures are busy in worshiping God whether these are plants, birds, hills or mountains. Jinn’s and angels are also actively busying worshiping Him. One aspect for worship is to know only in the literal sense that we have been created by some one and the other aspect of worshiping is to practically observe and recognize that someone is our Creator. We should be able to listen to Him directly and act upon His directives after receiving them directly from God the best of all creators.

It has been discussed earlier that there are two states of knowledge one is to know only and the other is to have observations or; the experiences resulting from the knowledge. One state of knowledge is to know that we have been created by God, the most exalted so that we worship him and should adopt that which is liked by God and should refrain from that which is disliked by Him. In this knowledge, observation of anything is not present. The other form of knowledge is that in which besides theoretical aspect the practical aspect of knowledge is also included. The practical aspect of knowledge duly substantiated by experiences has been declared the “Entrusted Trust” by Allah, the most High.

A unique position of man establishes when the trust reposed in man by God, the most sublime, comes under discussion. In the Holy Quran besides introducing Himself God has defined how His fabulous craftsmanship is in operation in fashioning the universe and what laws, formulae and rules are responsible for the existence of the cosmos. This is that form of knowledge which if believed, transforms into practical observation.

In Holy Quran the opening verse of 2nd Surah (Baqara) God, the most Exalted,  has declared, “This book is the sure guidance for those who are pious and pious  are those who believe in the Unseen” Believing the unseen means that they possess that observing sight which can witness the unseen. The universe will not be subjugated and put to man’s domain if the observing sight is not activated in him. One aspect of subjugation of the universe is that it is one of our routine observations that the earth is providing us sustenance’s systematically and according to certain rules. When a house is built on the earth it does not prevent us from doing so. It does not become so hard that walking on it become impossible nor turns so soft that we start sinking in it. The sun and the moon are performing their duty to serve us according to a strict rule and system. The moonlight is responsible for sweetening of fruits for man’s use. Their performance is proving beneficial for man whether they intend to benefit him or not. Another form of man’s domain over the universe is to harness the forces of nature. Man by using his power can make use of the sun, the moon, the earth, the ocean, the rivers and the mountains in order to benefit mankind. But the most superior form of this domain is to split the moon into two halves merely by pointing towards it by the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Hazrat Umar (R.A) commands the Nile (River in Iraq) to maintains its flow by sending this message that if you are flowing at the behest of Allah then refrain from arrogance otherwise my whip would be enough for you.

Once a peasant came to Umar (RA) and complained, “I work on my land. After tilling when I sow the seed it doesn’t yield any harvest as it crumbles to dust despite my effort to improve the land. I don’t know what to do.” Hazrat Umar told him to hear up till he happens to be there on that land. When Hazrat Umar was passing that way the peasant pointed out the land. Hazrat Umar lashed the land with his whip and said’ “when this man fulfill all your requirements then why do you spoil his labor.” After that the land started bearing harvest in abundance.

Once the mentor of the writer; His Divine Grace Qalander Baba Auliya, relating the following incident said that once an astrologer came to see the Holy Prophet (PBUH). The Holy Prophet at that time was on a hill, when the astrologer approached him. The astrologer introduced himself and said that if the rock under the Prophet’s feet turns soft enough to bear the impression of his feet he would become a believer and be amongst the faithful. Holy Prophet reciting ‘Bismillah’ placed his foot on the rock. The astrologer looked up towards the sky and then towards the rock. The rock now bore the impression of the foot as if it was made on soft clay. Seeing this act of conquest that astrologer believed the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and became a Muslim. Later explaining his peculiar request he stated that he was one of the great astrologers of his time and was unparalleled in knowledge of astrology. There is a star in the sky, when the star is right above somebody’s head the hard rock like clay turns soft beneath his feet. According to his estimation, where the Holy Prophet was standing, that star was due many thousand years later. When upon my request the Holy Prophet (PBUH) lifted his foot to place it on the rock I saw that star turning and coming to that point and after staying overhead above the Holy Prophet (PBUH), momentarily returned to its actual position.

Yet another form of conquest is to know, how many types of waves, and in what magnitude, are operative in gold and one could add that adequate quantity in those of the copper to make them equal to those of the gold.

No creation of God by any chance is imbalanced. This universe is also not the outcome of an accident. There is no room for any thing like by chance or accidental creation. According to the laws of creation every existing thing is composed of certain definite quantities. As far as the creative process is concerned, the process of birth in goats and man are one and the same. Birth process of a goat is similar to that of a man. A goat also feels the hunger just as it is felt by man. A goat also feels thirsty just as man does. A goat also sleeps just as man yields to sleep. And a goat also strives for its food just as man does. The only difference is that of the creative quantities operative in these two species. With one amount of these quantities donkey is produced, with another, man is created. Certain fixed amount of these quantities produces mountains and the angels. The hades and paradise are no exception to this creative law; these are also produced from certain fixed quantities. 

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