Being the best of all creators God has granted man that knowledge which is responsible for activating the creative abilities in man. In order to introduce his remarkable attribute of creation God has used the phrase, “the best of all creators”. To wit, God has delegated His Creative Potential to man. One who creates enjoys the right to create and fashion something according to his will and wish. When should something be brought into existence and when it shouldn’t, all depends upon the sweet will of the Creator. And if something causes unpleasantness he may dispose it off as he pleases. The same right to exercise his will has also been granted to man by God, the most sublime. Man can benefit mankind, by his creations and can also causes destruction through his inventions. It has become quite easy to understand these things in the perspective of the present era. Radio, for instance, is an invention, or to say, a creation that works according to various frequencies depending upon the component installed in it. Similarly another invention called television also functions on various channels. Different channels, in fact, are indicative of reception of waves of different wavelengths. Yet another invention ‘atom bomb’ that possesses huge quantity of energy sufficient to annihilate habitations along with their inhabitants. Hydrogen bomb possesses still greater energy for destruction than atomic bomb. The atomic energy used for destruction in the form of atomic bomb can also be used for peaceful purposes.

A healthy person can do more work, can run faster and perform his duties better than that of a sick or weak person who in his every movement expresses lesser vitality. In this case too, the quantities of health and vitality are responsible for the health and vigor of one person and their decreased amount in sickness and weakness in the other.

Let us take another case. We find a person who is more intelligent than the other. In the intelligent person the waves of intellect are operative in greater quantity than that of a simpleton. If the quantities responsible for proper functioning or requirements of life are adequate enough then, it is said, that the man is living a normal life otherwise he will not be called normal or wise. We feel thirsty. This feeling of thirst, in fact, is a signal from the creative system that the system of our body requires water. A balanced man would take only that much water which is actually required by our physical system whereas someone with immoderate approach towards water would take so much water that it would make his belly swell. Feeling of unstable thirst, in medical terms, is considered a disease and the reason for this disease is that the quantities responsible for producing the feeling of thirst undergo a deterioration causing abnormal feelings of thirst any one suffering from this disease drinks so much water that his stomach is ruptured and he dies due to this cause.

One feels hungry. If the food is taken in moderate amount the physical fitness is maintained. But if the feeling of hunger is disturbed either one would not feel like eating or would become gluttonous. If one doesn’t eat he would become weak and if one eats excessively he would fall ill because of indigestion or stomach disorder. All these examples explicitly prove that all the phases, aspects, features and movements of life, whether it is the life of this world or the life hereafter are all based upon various quantities. As long as these quantities are there life is there. When these quantities undergo a change whether this change result in increase of these quantities or decrease, life also undergoes a change from normal to abnormal causing such a rift in life that one despite looking like a living soul is much closer to those who are deceased. For conquest of the universe it is necessary that we should have the knowledge of those creative formulae upon which this creative is founded, is kinetic, is sensible and enjoys consciousness.

Law: – All the demands concerning life originate from certain quantities and the very same quantities are responsible for creation of these demands and no demand of life can exist without a formula.

God, the Lord Creator, has created us after formulating various formulae. When, intentionally or unintentionally, we get this formulae activated new discoveries or inventions come into being.

Since man himself is also a formula therefore the creative element responsible for the life of this formula remains in action. Since man is a creative formula and he is granted the knowledge of creative formulae therefore he is capable of learning the formulae required for the creation of angels and the formulae for production of heaven and paradise. He can acquaint himself with those quantities and formulae upon which the seven heavens are established and, to top it all, he can even study those formulae, which are used for the creation of the High Throne (arsh).

The tragic aspect is that, the quest for knowledge, curiosity for finding reality and the habit of thinking is no longer a prominent trait of Muslims. Muslims claim to be the vicegerents of God but seldom bother to make use of their thinking abilities, not even to the extent, which is customary for the ants. Without granting exception to anyone God’s laws remain in operation. It has been clearly incorporated in the Holy Quran that this book is a sure source of guidance for those who exercise their thinking abilities, conduct researches and observe minutely. God is He, who is One and only, the Absolute, the Insouciant. He begets not nor is He begotten. And, there is none like unto Him. One who seeks, he finds and one who denies remains deprived. 

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