Diseases of Respiratory System

Flu and colds


When mucus flows towards nose, it is flu and when it falls towards throat and Chest, it is known as colds. These become common in the winter but are not uncommon in the summer or spring seasons. Weakness of the brain is basic cause of this disease, excessive brainwork or allergy also causes them.

Excessive exposure in the sun, hot and spicy foods result in production of bile in the body, which after combining with phlegm causes flu or colds. Bathing with cold water going out in the cold without using any headgear; using cold things and accumulation of mucus in the head also result in these diseases.


Initially one feels low, nose is blocked; headache and sneezing followed by running nose. If it is because of cold, the mucus is not thick and the face felt hot but if it is due to heat the mucus is thick and salty, nose is blocked nostrils, eyes and face becomes red, feels thirsty again and again, head and ears become hot, patient wants to rest.


Put blue light upon the head for fifteen minutes twice or thrice a day.

Blue Chromatized water, twice a day

Yellow Chromatized water before meals

Massage Yellow Chromatized oil on the abdomen and apply it on the nose and nostrils.

Keep mouth and nose covered with thin cotton cloth. Complete rest for 72 hours and taking hot water is the treatment of this disease.



Infection of throat or larynx due to virus or bacteria, or allergy


Children, old and phlegmatic people suffering from colds have this disease commonly. It is more in the night at bedtime and early in the morning after getting up. Initially the phlegm is white, then greenish and lastly it turns yellowish. Sometimes it is sticky and pale. If it is not treated properly it can protract considerably. If it is because of heat and dryness, phlegm is not there, throat is dry and the chest itches.

Carelessness in treating this disease can result in wounds in the lungs.


Dry Cough:

Blue Chromatized Water, twice a day

Massage the rib cage with Orange Chromatized oil twice a Day

For Cough with Phlegm:

1.     Blue Chromatized Water, twice a day

2.     Orange Chromatized Water, after meals

3.     Massage back ribcage with Orange Chromatized oil.

Chronic Cough:

1.     Blue Chromatized water, twice a day

2.     Orange Chromatized water, after meals

3.     Apply Blue Chromatized oil on the chest and Orange Chromatized oil on the back rib cage.



This disease is caused due to the congestion of the air passages of lungs and can be because of allergy form certain things like dust or pollen particles, cotton or animal hair, antibiotic medicines and use of expired medicines.


Breathing is difficult, is in fits and spasms, face reddens from coughing excretion of phlegm soothes pain


1.   Orange Chromatized Water, 3 to 5 times a day

2.  During the fit, Orange Chromatized Water, 5 ml, after every 5 to 10 minutes according to the intensity of the fit.

3.  Apply Orange Chromatized oil on the chest and Blue on the back rib cage, twice a day and massage it in circular movements with Fingertips only.



Infection of lungs is commonly known as Pneumonia, which is caused from viruses, bacteria and fungus.


Fever with shivering and coldness and is continuous, pain in the chest, coughing with phlegm, increased rate of breathing, X-ray shows white spot in the lungs.


I.      Blue Chromatized Water twice a day

2.   Apply Blue Chromatized oil on the rib cage and massage it in circles, with fingertips, once a day and Green Chromatized Oil upon the ribs, once a day.


This disease can be in any part of the body but most commonly it is in the lungs and intestines and it is not treated properly it can spread in the whole body.


Bacteria named Mycobacterium Tuberculosis causes this disease. Usually the low-income people, mentally and physically weak and old people are more prone to this disease. People having inadequate diet, unhygienic atmosphere and unhealthy living conditions for long duration fall prey to this disease.


Loss of weight, loss of appetite, sweating in the evening, slight fever, coughing with phlegm, which has traces of blood, in chronic cases of TB the whites of eyeballs of the patients have a bluish tinge.


1.     Red Chromatized Water, twice a day

2.     Blue Chromatized Water, before meals

3.     Orange Chromatized Water, after meals

4.     Apply orange light on the ribcage for 30 45 minutes twice a day.

5.     Apply Orange Chromatized oil on the chest and the Blue Chromatized oil on the back of ribcage, twice a day.

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