Eye Diseases

Ametropia Causes: Inability of eyes to focus upon near or far away objects it could be myopia (nearsightedness) or hyperopia (farsightedness) or presbyopia. Symptoms: Eyes feel strain, and gets tired headache, water runs through the eyes vision blurs, Treatment: 1.     Use glasses of sky blue colour for two to three hours a day. 2.     IndigoContinue reading “Eye Diseases”

Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases

Mouth Ulcers Causes: Virus fungus anxiety, depression, tension or the digestive problems Symptoms: The inner lining of mouth and tongue has boils and one cannot eat, in case of fungal infection white layer is formed upon the tongue. Treatment: 1.     Blue Chromatized water twice a day, 2.     Yellow Chromatized water=- after dinner, 3.     Use BlueContinue reading “Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases”

Women’s Diseases

Dysmenorrhea Causes: There are two types of this disease, primary and secondary. Inflammation of uterus, diseases of vagina, vaginitis and tumor of uterus are classified as secondary dysmenorrhea. Symptoms: Pain that starts in the beginning of menses and last for 24 to 72 hours, which may be accompanied with nausea, vomiting, fatigue, loose motions, headacheContinue reading “Women’s Diseases”

Children’s Diseases

Teething Causes: Normally teething starts in sixth or seventh month of a child’s age. Special care is required to be observed in those days. In the beginning baby suffers various problems like flowing of saliva, shakes his head due to pain in the temples and headache, occasionally fever, constipation, loose motions of green or yellowContinue reading “Children’s Diseases”

Psychiatric Problems

Schizophrenia Causes: Company of wrong people, frustration psychological problems, family problems, tension, stress and strain, inferiority or superiority complex and insomnia cause this disorder. According to the researches, when the quantity of a chemical substance called Dopamine exceeds its limit in the brain, it causes schizophrenia. Besides these, hereditary traits also play a significant roleContinue reading “Psychiatric Problems”

Diseases of Hormones

Hyperthyroidism Causes: I.      Auto-immune disease of thyroid glands 2.     Goiter 3.     Infection of Thyroid gland, 4.     Excess of Iodide 5.     Cancer of Thyroid. 6.     Over functioning of pituitary gland Symptoms: Nervousness, feeling hot, palpitation tremor in hands and feet loss of weight despite good food. weakness of muscles, loose motions, quick rate of pulsation, bulgingContinue reading “Diseases of Hormones”

Diseases of Nervous System

Bilious Headache Causes: Indigestion, liver problems, excess of bile due to eating sweets and heat giving foods, which rise towards head and causes ache. Symptoms: It is one of the most sever headaches, mouth tastes bitter, tongue is dry and feels thirsty, nausea and vomiting, after vomiting, headache seems to be relieved, this is mostlyContinue reading “Diseases of Nervous System”

Diseases of Kidneys and Bladder

Bed Wetting & Urinary Incontinence Symptoms: Involuntary urination in the daytime, usually during sleep, Urinates many a times during the day and night. Such people tend to over sleep and dream that they are having a leak. Treatment: To treat the children 1. Orange Chromatized water, twice a day, 2. Red light over the bladderContinue reading “Diseases of Kidneys and Bladder”