Obeying Mountain

Once Holy Prophet (PBUH) went to the mount of Nabeer. Abu Bakkar (RA), Omar (RA) and Usman (RA) were accompanying him. When they started climbing the hill, it started trembling so much so that stones started falling from it. Holy Prophet (PBUH) kicked the hill saying, “Hold on Nabeer! An apostle, a Sadeeque (True man) and two martyrs have come to thee.” And, the mountains stopped trembling and shaking.

There are basically two opinions about the creation of the earth. According to one doctrine, the earth was a part of the sun, which separated from it and cooled off to become this planet. And, the other one is the Theory of Big Bang. Both the doctrines suggest the earth took its oval shape gradually.

Diameter of the earth on its poles and the equator are not the same. The diameter of the earth on it equator is 6,378 kms and on its pole it is 6,356 kms. The earth is tilted at an angle of 23.5° and completes its one rotation around its axis in about 24 hours causing the birth of days and nights. It takes one year to complete its journey on its orbit around the sun causing the change of seasons. Cohesion and harmony in structural foundation of the earth, its tilt, its rotation and revolution and its spreading are the masterpiece of the quantities appointed by Nature. According to the scientists, if the earth had a tilt of 25°, the ice of pole would have not been there and if this tilt were 22°, entire Europe would have covered with the ice of the North Pole. The completes its axial rotation in 24 hours if this duration would have been 30 hours, the earth would be a windy planet and these winds would have eventually turned this planet into a big lifeless desert. Similarly, if this duration had been 20 hours instead of the present 24 hours, it would have been a barren dry surface. Inner core of the earth contains a liquid matter, which is enveloped by layers of different solid matter. Most of the mass of the earth is composed of molten rocks and metals.

The earth, according to geologists, is subjected to one million earthquakes yearly; most of them are produced in uninhabited areas. About 40,000 out of all these earthquakes can even be felt even without any aid of seismographic instruments.

Volcanic earthquakes result when the underground molten lava finds its way out. A conical hillock is produced at the exit point of lava, which is known as volcano. Excretion of lava from this point is known as Eruption of Volcano.

When water for one or the other reason manages to reach this molten matter, it turns into steam, the propelling force behind the eruption of lava and other gases of the earth. Steam is the major part of the vapors of erupted lava. Lava is mainly composed of chlorine, sulfur, iron and carbon dioxide gas.

Scientists are of the view that waves and sounds are produced in the earth crusts before the earthquake actually strikes, which are inaudible for the human ears but the animals like quadrupeds, birds, fish and insects can hear them and they express their excitement by change of behavior. The force and velocity of an earthquake is measured by means of an instrument known as seismograph. This instrument records the waves spreading from the center of an earthquake. Only a few people can feel earthquake of one degree, whereas the earthquake of twelfth degree is the most ferocious in its nature. The wave of this earthquake is visible, it demolishes all the buildings and structures are turned into rubble and bounce the heavy bodies into the air.

Earthquakes have their merits too. Mineral water springs are the gift of the earthquakes. Water of these springs has curative effects for many patients. Earthquakes also bring certain geographical changes resulting in transformation of the rock structures. Streams and waterfalls start adding to the beauty of the earth. Earthquakes are also helpful in bringing the useful minerals close to the surface.

It has been stated in the holy Quran:

“O ye assembly of men and jinns, if it be ye can pass beyond the zones of the heavens and the earth, pass ye! Not without authority shall ye be able to pass.”      (S: 55, V: 33)

Authority means to become versed with the six Consciouses. If a person remaining in the earthly Conscious could master the control of six consciouses then he can surpass the earthly conscious. In order to develop the acquaintance of the heavens one has to cover seven more stages of the Consciousness. When a person gets acquainted with these seven consciouses, he cognizes the Attributes of God. In order to have the cognition of the Attributes of God a spiritual associate has to surpass eleven consciouses.

Strength of a conscious depends upon Time. This can be elucidated by the following example. If a watch is looked at, it has two hands; one for the minutes and the other one is to indicate the hours. It is graded into twelve parts. The digits from 1 to 12 on the dial of the watch are the Space and the movement of these hands is the Time. If the hour-hand moves with such a velocity that it jumps onto six from twelve in a split of a second, then the earthly conscious, which remains incarcerated in Space, would go into the background and man would have that Authority that is needed to get out of the zones of the earth. And, if the hand moves the whole round of the clock in a split of a second and comes-back to its original starting point in one second then man would have that Authority which is required to surpass the zones of the earth and the heavens.

lf, the speed of time remains normal and one hour is spent in one-hour time then the hand of the watch starting from, say twelve would go onto one, then man would he said to have that Conscious, which a person utilizes in his life from birth till death. And if the speed of time is doubled and two hours’ time is spent in one hour, then man would be having that Conscious, which enables us to enter into the world of dreams. And, if the speed of time were tripled, i.e., three hours time is spent in one hour then the hour hand would travel from twelve to three in the same one hour. In this condition, man will have the Conscious that familiarizes with Muraqba (Meditation).

And if the hour hand travels onto four in the same one hour then man will be having that Conscious, which has been termed as Wahi (Revelation) and it is the same wahi about which it has been stated in the holy Quran. “And we revealed (the usefulness of flowers) upon the bee.”

Similarly, if the hour hand travels onto five then man would to said to have that Conscious which is termed as Kashf (Knowing about something without any ostensible means of information). And, if the hour hand jumps onto six then man is blessed with that ability, which has been referred to, in the holy Quran, as Sultan (Authority), i.e., man can see beyond the limits of the earth. When for a spiritual associate versed with this Conscious, the hour hand moves to shift to seven then, he becomes versed with the Conscious of the first heaven. In this manner he can see all the seven heavens and can even peregrinate all these heavens. God has stated: “And, We have made the earth and the heaven tier upon tier.”

“See ye not how God has created the seven heavens one above another.”     (S: 71, V: 15)

“And We have made above you, Seven Tracts one above the other; and We are never unmindful of Our creation.”     (S: 23, V: 17)

The words ‘one above the other’, in actual effect, are indicative of those Conscious faculties that God has granted to man. The seven tiers or layers of the earth and the heavens tells us that every tier and every zone has its own perfect system having complete code of life in which no clash is found and every creature existing in that system is directly related to with its Creator; the Lord Creator of the universe. All that exists in these earths and heavens celebrate the praises of their Lord with this realization the God is our Real Creator. If any one of these millions and billions of creatures denies the creativity of the Lord Creator; the whole system tends to suffer one or the problem. This is what God means whence it is stated that all that exists in the heavens and the earth celebrate the praises of the Lord that no creature defies the creativity of the Lord.

It is a law that when a person comes to this world, he comes from the past and when he goes back into that past the movement of the hands of clock is reversed for him. As long as a person lives in six worldly Consciouses or the spheres he remains under the influence of the Space and when he manages to enter the seventh sphere or the Conscious then up to eleventh Conscious Time becomes dominant and the Space is subjugated for him.

Everything that exists on the earth and in the heavens is provided with this consciousness that everything existing in the universe has been made subject for the Holy Prophet (PBUH). When Holy Prophet (PBUH) went to visit the Mount of Nabeer, it started trembling for the fear of the Authority of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) i.e., it had tremors, or to say, an earthquake jolted it.

“When the earth is shaken to her convulsion and the earth throws up her burdens from within.”     (S: 99, V: 1-2)

“When the Event Inevitable cometh to pass, then will no soul entertain falsehood concerning its coming. Many will it bring low and many will it exalt when the earth shall be shaken to its depths and the mountains shall he crumbled atoms becoming dust scattered around.”     (S: 56, V: 1-6)

The mountains too, possess consciousness. Quran testifies to this saying:

“We offered Our Trust before heavens, the earth and the mountains. The heavens, the earth and the mountains submitted that they are not worthy of taking that responsibility.”

Denying accepting a responsibility by itself is a proof that the denying entity possesses a consciousness that is enabling it to accept or refuse.

Just as a person cannot see his Conscious but can feel the weight of the resistance, liking or disliking of the Conscious, similarly, we see mountains as solid, heavy and fixed.

“Ye see the mountains and thinketh them fixed but they are floating like clouds.”

It means the mountains are not founded upon hard matter. When Holy Prophet (PBUH) commanded the mountain saying, “Hold on Nabeer! An apostle, a Sadeeque (True man) and two martyrs have come to thee.” the mountain obeyed and stopped trembling and shaking.

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