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Every part of the body has a specific colour e.g. blue is for treating the problems concerning the head, neck and face, orange is for diseases of the chest yellow is for the problems of stomach and violet and purple is for the problems of the sex organs and sexual diseases. Therapists treat a disease according to their knowledge and expertise, using these colours and their combinations.


When the ratio of required colours in one or more centers of the colours imbalances, it gives rise to various problems and when the colours balance, diseases are easily cured. In order to overcome the deficiency or to normalize excess of a colour sunlight or the artificial lights are used.

 Method of Treatment:

Treatment using colours is so simple that even a man of common understanding can make good use of this therapeutic system. It takes less time at an affordable cost, almost none to get well.

The following methods can be used for treating diseases under this therapeutic system.

Exposing body intermittently in the sunlight for brief intervals. Spectrum of the sunlight contains all the colours in it, and exposure of the body before the sunlight provides it a chance to absorb the colour required by it. Colours of the light are the actual remedy for the diseases; heat of the sunlight is extra thing, which the body receives.

a) Have a glass bottle of the required colour. After cleansing it with hot water, fill it with distilled water or with water that has been sterilized by boiling. Let one fourth of the bottle remain empty. If the bottle of the required colour is not available, take an ordinary transparent glass bottle and enwrap it in a cellophane paper of required colour in such a manner that the bottle is covered from all sides using transparent adhesive tape.

b)  Place this bottle in the sunlight, keeping it on a wooden surface for four to six hours. The best time to treat water with coloured rays is from 10 am till 4 pm.

c)   Accumulation of droplets in the empty surface of the bottle is an indication that the water has been charged enough. Keep the bottle properly secured with cork or stopper. If bottle of many colours are to be charged do not place the close to another so that no bottle be over shadowed with a bottle of a different colour.

d)  DosageFor adults: 2-ounce Chromatized Water for children: I-ounce. For babies: I-table spoon and for infants one tea spoon


Use only plastic cups or spoons for administering charged/Chromatized Water.

In the rainy season electric light bulb can be used instead of natural light. Another arrangement for charging the tablets of sugar of milk in the bottle of required colour before the rainy season is for six hours daily for one month and during summer time, fifteen to twenty days charging or Chromatization would be sufficient.

Using glasses of various colours in front of a projector can also provide us with rays of the required colour. Even in this way the medicines can also be prepared.

Get windowpanes painted with the required· transparent colour or use coloured panes of required colour on the windows from where the sunlight could come into the room and the patient could sit or lie in that light, in such a manner that light pouring into the room should fall on the affected part of the body for duration deemed necessary.

A wooden or hardboard box, installed with a reflector and a bulb of 100 watts, having a window· of appropriate size, can be used to get the rays of required colour. The window of the box is to be covered with coloured glass or a cellophane sheet of the colour needed. When the bulb would be switched on the light corning out of the box can be directed towards the affected part of body from a distance of about 2 feet.

In treatment of the diseases under this therapeutic system, Chromatized oil has also proved very effective. The method of preparing Chromatized oil is to charge the flax or linseed oil under the sun rays for forty days, in glass bottles of required colours or 200 hrs under the artificial light. For massaging the affected part of the body this oil is used but for using on the head or as hair oil the sesame seed oil charged with sunrays using the glass bottles of sky blue colour is recommended. This oil is very effective to nullify the effects of heat in the blood, hearing of voices and sparks or black spots seen flying before the eyes.

Glass ampules of distilled water can be charged and Chromatized in a jar of required colour for 200 hours under the sunlight or electric lights.

Soar eyes, conjunctivitis and post operation pains of eyes can be helped to cure using the spectacles with sky blue glasses, in the day time with intervals of fifteen to twenty minutes after every two to three hours.

For treating the burns, cuts and inflammatory wounds petroleum jelly Chromatized in blue glass jars for two hundred hours under the sun gives remarkable affects. It cures the wounds and burns so effectively that even the scars are not seen later on when the wounds are healed provided that the this treatment could be started intermediately after receiving the cuts of burning and should be used till the scars are there. In most of the cases just one to two week’s treatment heals the wounds perfectly.

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