Diagnosis of Diseases Causes of Diseases

Body has a system of its own and like every system this, too, has an immunity set up. If some disorder takes place the immunity system resists in two ways:

1.     Directly with out waiting for any help from the outside

2.     Using assistance and help.

There are many therapeutic systems in use to cure and treat disease, for instance use of vibration, sunlight, artificial light, aqua therapy, chromotherapy, counseling, herbal treatment, acupuncture ayurvedic treatment, allopathy, homeopathy, physiotherapy aroma therapy and spiritual healing etc. In one of such system of treatment particular parts of the body are struck in such a manner that a resonating tremor is produced in the body. This is the method that was practiced in primitive era and in uncivilized people is still in practice.

The patient is made to lie on a bamboo cot wooden plank or a stone sill, about three feet high of the ground. Toes of his both feet are tied with a thick thread and the therapist strikes the soles of patient with both hands clasped together. They believe that points concerning every vital part of the physical system are there in the soles of the feet. The concept of point exists in Chinese Acupuncture. But instead of striking them, they pierce these points with needles. Similar is the methodology used in Reflexology, in which the therapist applies pressure on the points of palms and soles.

Diagnosis and causes of a disease could be easily determined if this physical body is considered a pipe and, the lights and colours flowing in this body could be taken as water. The water flowing in pipe is a similitude of the lights and colours flowing in the human body. There could be many reasons for obstruction in the flow of water in a pipe. Water, for instance, loses its fluidity when it freezes, becomes viscous, is polluted and impurities make it dirty and unclean.

In order to cleanse the pipe, one of the methods would be to put clean and clear water with a pressure so that the impurities, dirt and other harmful things could be flushed out of the pipe. And, in order to accelerate the flow of lights in the human body, coloured lights are used instead.

If a pipe opens up, or to say, the blockage in the flow is removed when the pressure is applied on it, it means that fault is not in the pipe and the pipe is otherwise alright, but if there is any leakage in the pipe, then, in order to restore the flow of water in the pipe. the opening or the point of leakage is required to be closed by using some paste or tape or is to be welded. This can thus be implied that if the disease is caused because of the faulty flow of the lights then using the rays of colourful lights it can be cured it and if the body has been damaged then we have to operate upon the body so that the leakage of the lights could be checked. It must be kept in mind that water has its own role and importance and the pipe has its own significance, we are not to mix them up.

Stagnation in the flow of water can cause it to putrefy, poisonous material can produce and the colour will transform into the colour of the rancid water. If there is obstruction in the flow of water in a body even then the colour of water will change. If the water becomes viscid, its colour will change. If it becomes sticky, bacteria start overproducing or perish in the water, the colour of the body fluids (water) are bound to change. It means that if the colour of the water in a body is right, the person is healthy and the change in the colour of the body fluids is a symptom of disease whether it is in the form of its viscidity, thickness, diluteness, bitterness, putrefaction or it becomes reddish.

If the body fluids become diluted than their original condition, then this state is termed as anemia or low blood pressure. An Diagnosis of Diseases Causes of Diseasesd, if the fluids become thick or absorb excess heat then this state is termed as High Blood Pressure. Bitterness in the body fluids indicates excess production of bile. When the heat of the body fluids exceeds a limit and a burnt effect is produced murkiness increases in the body system. Malfunctioning of spleen that results in default of blood production is because of the murky fluids. If the viscidity is produced in the body fluids, the phlegmatic diseases find their way in the body system. And if such particles find their way in the body fluids that consume the Red Blood Corpuscles, then this state is termed as cancer. Or to say, cancer is a disease which results, from the RBCs consumption at the hands of one ‘or the other particles that manage to establish themselves in the body fluids.

Man is nothing more than a void or an empty space within. In other words, man is a collection of holes and empty cavities. If the holes and cavities of the physical body are done away with the body will perish. We might not be fully aware of the presence of the pores on skin but their utilization cannot be denied. These not only help in excretion of sweat but also help in absorbing oxygen and other useful things from the air and atmosphere. If these pores are blocked the skin becomes infected.

An electric current resulting from the combination of light and colourful vibrations circulate in the body. This current is responsible for the maintenance and proper functioning of the body systems. If the flow of this current in the body system stops, the holes and the cavities in the body become imbalanced resulting in a state of inflammation.

In the joints and limbs these electrical impulses flow in circles and because of their circulatory movement  lubricants that are responsible for the mobility of the joints are produced. If these electrical impulses become affected and loose their balance, the joints become rigid and inflammation causes them to loose their mobility.

Man is not only a physical body. There exists another light and delicate body over this physical body. Existence of our physical body is based upon a subtle body of lights. This subtle body of lights regulates all the functions and activities of the material body. The successful therapist, during the course of diagnosis, also take into consideration the aspect of physical body’s failure in proper reception of the stimuli of the astral body.

In order to develop their ability in this regard, the experts have devised many exercises to have an insight about certain points in the incorporeal body and their mode of functioning. Those who know to use their inner eye can sight these points. They can see these points by looking at the astral body. Radiant lights of rainbow· colours keep on emitting from the astral body. Each colourful light has a specific point in the astral body from where it is discharged. And corresponding to those points there are points in the physical body to absorb the colourful vibrations from the astral body. If the colour points of the physical body are not absorbing the respective vibrations in adequate quantities the physical body starts malfunctioning or is said to be ailing.

When a therapist with such a faculty looks at a patient he immediately notices the deficiency or excess of colour(s) in the patient. He also comes to know that the excess or the deficiency of a colour or colours is because of the immoderate feelings and emotions or it is due to some external factors like germs, viruses or bacteria.

Negative  feelings: perverted emotions complex thinking and impure thoughts result in destructive attitudes, which cause spots and patches in the subtle body of lights. These spots of the astral body become wounds and boils of the physical body allowing passage to germs of every kind into the body.

Understanding the emotional and the physical condition of a patient is of vital importance when one is trying to diagnose and for suggesting treatment for a disease. In order to diagnose the cause of a disease, not only that the therapist must know that which of the colours are lacking in the patient so that the deficiency could be over come by using the required colour in appropriate quantity, but this also must be known to him that how the body system of a patient would react to different colours. If a therapist fails to exercise due diligence in this regard he is prone to make mistake in respect of correct analysis and diagnosis of the disease of a patient resulting in faulty treatment and delay in having cure for the patient. Therefore, for correct diagnosis and accurate treatment of a patient, a chromo therapist is required to know, as much as possible, about the general habits, temperament, and the reactions of the patient towards the various colours besides knowing the exact properties and characteristics of different frequencies of colourful vibrations.

Deficiency of red vibrations causes lethargy, debilitation, and sleepiness and one can also suffer from constipation whereas the deficiency of blue vibrations makes a person jittery short tempered and hasty. The symptoms that indicate the deficiency or excess of a colour must be very clearly understood and remembered by the colour therapist.

In order to have the best results, a chromo therapist provides the required colours to the patient in such a manner that the colours are supplied to their respective centers in the body only. Diseases related to brain, ears, nose and eyes etc., for instance, need blue variations for their treatment and if the rays of blue light are thrown upon the head, neck and face these vibrations will directly affect the center of blue colour. And, in case of gastric problems, the yellow vibrations are required to be cast upon the abdomen and stomach so that the yellow center of the body could be supplemented with the needed colour.

In the problems related to with heart if the blood circulation is to be slowed down then the patient is supplied with the blue, indigo or violet colour and if the blood circulation is to be stimulated then the orange or red rays are to be provided. In complaints related to with the spinal cord if the yellow rays are cast over the backbone and the violet over the right side of the head then the rate of recovery and cure becomes considerably fast.

In problems related with the blood circulation. if the blood pressure and the circulation is to be suppressed then the use of green vibrations have been found very effective. And, in the cases of low blood pressure, massage of oil charged with the red rays on the extremities and oral administration of water charged in the red vibrations brings immediate relief. Similarly the pains in the limbs resulting from anemia and low circulation of blood invite red vibrations but in muscular pains whence the blood pressure is not low, the massage of oil prepared in the green vibrations effectively relieves the patients.

In cases of diseases resulting from hyper activation of glands and excess of bile, the green colour brings their functioning to normal and in the cases when the glands are not functioning properly and the functioning is to be boosted then the use of yellow and violet colours, alternatively helps in achieving the desired results.

Problems of the abdomen, stomach, intestines, indigestion etc., can be easily handled with Yellow Chromatized water and to stimulate the visceral organs one or two doses of red Chromatized water help in quick recovery. In rheumatic piles, orange chromatic water orally and placing pads over hemorrhoids after wetting them in blue Chromatized water brings immediate soothing.

In complaints related to with urinary tract, bladder and kidneys, the violet rays over the lower back along with green, orange or blue colours according to symptoms, produce effective results.

In problems related to with lungs and respiratory tract, the use of orange gives remarkable results. And if in the treatment the violet colour is also added then the cure is even more rapid.

In order to treat the weakness in the nervous system, the orange and violet are to be suggested, and to treat the over sensitivity of the nerves, the use of blue and green colours is to be recommended.

For treating the problems of uterus, ovaries, and womb and to improve their functioning violet and yellow are the colours. And, to treat the sexual diseases like premature ejaculation and extra sensitivity, the blue, violet and green are the colours but for incomplete erection and lack of sexual desires the red is to be administered along with the violet. In order to increase the sperm count, for treating the cases of impotency the violet and the red are to be used.

Every one of six billion people living on earth is nothing but a conglomeration of colours. The atmosphere where man lives is also nothing but a kaleidoscopic phenomenon of colours.

For example the seven colours of rainbow, variant colours of the sum, colour of the moonlight, stars, flowers, water, oxygen, clouds, plants, trees and mountains. The colours of darkness, colourful shades of the sky, the earth, attractive colours of dresses that we wear, of curtains furniture and fixtures, vibrant paints of the walls and the appetizing colours of our food and edibles like fruits and vegetables. The seasons; spring, autumn, winter and summer, our living, wearing and eating is all colours and only colours.

Every man, whether he is illiterate or literate.

Scholar or no-scholar, a peasant or a poet, a writer or a doctor, artist or a scientist, man or woman, child or adult, live in the world of colours and when colours leave him, he passes away.

The system of health and disease is also based upon colours. Entire system of the earth is a system of colours. When nothing is colourless then it becomes necessary all the same to find out the deficiency or excess of which colours result in illness and that how can by balancing them we can maintain our health. When we talk about the therapeutic system practiced by uncivilized people, we do note the change in methodology and ways of application but the basic principles remain the same.


Treating by Vibration:

When a medicine is administered upon a patient, it certainly contains one or more colours in it.

1.     When the medicine goes into the stomach, it leaves an effect like vibration.

2.     When the medicine is injected into body it causes a sensation like vibration.

3.     When a surgeon operates that too causes vibration in the entire body system.

4.     When anesthetist administers chloroform, it means that under the effect of anesthesia the conscious is suspended forcefully.

Human body is nothing but a void within void.

The void can bee seen in the form of holes of the eyes, ears, nostrils mouth, throat and excretory system. Pores of the skin and the tunnel like passage of digestive system are also empty spaces. In absence of these holes the sweating couldn’t take place nor could the air find its way in or out. When the function of these holes disturbs, that place swells and the body bulges. A sort of electric current made of colours and light, keeps on circulating the body and keeps the physical system in order.

If the flow of this current stops, the spongy system of the holes unbalances, and swelling of the related parts results. Electrical impulses, during their circulation in the body, whirling in rounds, reach the joints. Due to whirling effect of the electric current the parts of joints remain apart and lubricating oil like substances are produced to keep the joints in proper working condition. If the flow of the electrical impulse loses its balance, the joints swell and become stiff.

Dense and Subtle Bodies

Man is not merely the material body of flesh and bones. There is a subtle body enveloping this physical body of matter. We have two dense and subtle bodies. The subtle body controls all the movements and actions of the physical body.

For developing the capabilities of therapists; experts have determined different points of this subtle body, which can be seen only by those who have aroused their power of witnessing this subtle body of lights. These lights are no different than the rainbow colours.

When a therapist having this faculty looks at the patients he comes to know that which of the colours is in excess or is deficient in the patient. He also knows that whether the cause of disease is unbalancing of feelings and emotions or it is because of external effects like germs etc.

Complicated concepts, negative feelings impious thoughts and destructive acts and deeds produce spots in the subtle body of lights which later on are displayed upon the physical body as wounds and boils that provide a sanctuary to germs and foreign bodies.

Method of determining the excess or deficiency of colours

F or proper diagnosis and treatment, understanding of physical and emotional conditions of the patient is very important so that it could be determined that which colour has exceeded and which one is lacking in the body and which colour could be used to get rid of the ailment. Patient’s habits, temperament and the ways of reacting to situation must also be taken into consideration before advising a treatment.

Deficiency of Red causes a patient to become lethargic and sleepy he may also complain of constipation. Whereas in case of deficiency of blue. patient becomes anxious and expresses anger and acts impatiently.

One of the methods to determine the needed colour in the body is to study the colour of eyeballs. nails and the skin of the patient. For instance if a patient requires red colour, his eyeballs and nails would have bluish tinge, his skin would appear to be off colour and have dark shade under the eyes, whereas, deficiency of the blue would be indicated from redness in the eyes, nails and the skin.

If the red exceeds suddenly and excessively as it happens in case of dog bites, use of blue colour is to be repeated in quick successions.

Sometimes a particular colour seems to exceed in a particular organ or at a single point in the body e.g. boils rashes, soar eyes, headache and paralysis etc. but actually this colour dominates the entire body system and the natural immune system draws our attention towards its excess by exhibiting its symptoms on one or two parts of the body. In such a case therapist is required to also keep this thing into his consideration.

Sometime the colour of the eyes might be indicating the opposite of the requirement e.g. reddening of the eyes could also be because of the lack of the red colour in the body system but when the other two things are examined closely, exact situation can be easily determined.

People living in the hot temperature zone countries have black pupils whereas the white skinned people have blue or light coloured pupils, therefore examination of all these three at the same time helps in reaching a correct decision.

Sometimes the nails have vertical lines, which indicate production of phlegm excessively in the body and blackening of nails means that the black bile is exceeding its limits.

To control the excess of a colour that colour is to be balanced using its moderating colour. How can we find a balancing colour and which colour balances which colour?

Answers to these questions are also given in the Holy Scriptures.

And, We created everything in pairs of twos. (Quran)

God’ statement of God that everything has been created in pairs means that everything existing in this universe has been created with two sides e.g. day and night, man and women, delight and sorrow, light and darkness, hot and cold, spring and autumn, sleep and awakening, love and hatred, in short nothing falls out of this law of creation. Out of these two sides if one side is dominating the other remains dominated and at times the dominated side shifts its place with the dominating side and the dominating side becomes the dominated one. Colours are also the creation of God and these, too, follow this law.

Colour that we see with our eyes is the dominating side of that colour; its dominated side remains obscure from our eyes. It is the property of the dominated side that it balances the effects of the dominating side and like the dominating side balances the effects of the dominated side.

The method to see the dominated side of a colour is to stare at a colour intently for a while and the shift your gaze upon a white or off-white surface. The dominated side would appear lingering on that surface for a moment or so.

Dominating and the dominated sides balance the effects of one another therefore they are also known as complimentary colours of one another.

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