Properties of Colours

Basically the colours can be produced either by letting· the white-light pass through a medium like water or prism or by using other methods to produce coloured lights such as using the bulbs or letting the light pass through coloured window pans. But as far as obtaining the colourful material object is concerned we have to mix pigments or dyes whether these are achieved from the natural resources or prepared artificially using the synthetic chemicals.

All the colours whether these are the colours obtained from combining spectral lights or these are the paints to paint a work of art or dyes to dye a piece of cloth, they emit vibrations of one or the other frequency. These vibrations cause the feeling of wamth or coolness. The wavelength of the red is the longest of all the spectral colours, which produces the

vibration of the lowest order. The wavelength of the violet is the shortest and it causes a highest vibration. Frequency of red waves produces heat, the blue gives cool effect and the green is the colour that is known for its moderation and balance. The density of the red confines the movement and the rate of its vibration whereas the blue because of its lightness brings openness in the atmosphere.

Every colour generates a different feeling than the others. Red, for instance, gives the burning sensation Orange appears to be heat giving, yellow gives a sense of warmth; Green is neither hot nor cold and the Maroon gives a stink with coolness. When we try to feel the colours actually, some of them appear to be stingy, some bite, hurt, hit, smash, or even cause us to feel a pat. Generally people do not think about the colours. We do take an impression from the pictures but we seldom notice the dis position or temperamental effects of the colours.

Experiments have established that the patients of insomnia, sleeplessness, tension and strain can be relieved from their distress if they could be made to use the violet blue or turquoise colour. Red, orange and yellow have proved helpful in overcoming lethargy and lassitude.

Experts of chromatology and chromatic suggest that the pink can suppress the feelings of aggression and antagonism if the patient with these symptoms is kept in a pink atmosphere. The pink has proved to be soothing for the nerves and tissues. The soothing effects of this colour have made the authorities to use it m jails for reform and rehabilitation of the jail residents. It not only subdues the anger but is also helpful in correcting the problems resulting from the family feuds and the business worries because under the influence of this colour one does not react aggressively. Even the blinds feel themselves comfortable in the rooms where the pink has been painted. Pink, because of its soothing effects is considered to be the most lovable colour.

Colours have been broadly classified into three categories of hot, cool and moderate. Red, orange and yellow and all their shades are hot colours. The blue, sky blue and violet are cool colours whereas the green is neither hot nor cool. If the disease is considered to be the result of excessive heat in the body system then the cool colours are applied, for instance, in fevers blue is recommended or for burn cases the blue is applied. And, if the disease is due to lack of heat or is a result of coldness in the body system then for the hot colours are used for the treatment, for example, low blood pressure and paralysis demand red.

Properties of colours can be studied under two main headings of psychological and the physical properties.

Red Colour:

This colour is found in iron, zinc, copper potassium, oxygen, sugar beet, radish, spinach, tomato, red cherries and in fruits that have skins of red colour. It is associated with blood and bloodstream. It cancels and nullifies the effects of blue and its various shades.

Psychological Properties:

This colour is related to with courage, enthusiasm, liking, love and affection. When the relations are spoiled because of impolite dealings, expectations are not fulfilled and no plan succeeds then the red colour dominates the mental center. When the colour center of the brain is overpowered with the red colour, everything starts appearing to be reddish in colour. When the colour of the red center loses its tone it indicates one’s undue emotional attachment or of the hurt feelings. The people having this colour in moderate quantity are helpful for the others, like to apply their potentials to their maximum and care about their offspring and the fellow beings.

People who are dominated with this colour live an over all healthy life. Since they cannot control their emotions about good food and other things they tend to become fat. Every one of us lives through such a phase of one’s life when this colour dominates more than any other colour. The red colour becomes much intensified during the period of adolescence. It is an interesting fact that the red having a hue of rust dominates the boxers. People having red as their dominating colour are very particular about their physical health and well-being and in most of the cases they opt to become body builders.

Red is the colour, which stimulates emotions, stirs senses, and evokes passions. It is associated with power, energy, vitality and excitement of life. In its positive aspect, red stimulates strength. joy, happiness and love. It is the primary colour of fire.

Deep red of scarlet is a stimulant for the animal nature, the baser physical passions. The crimson of blood represents the suffering elements in life. The gentle pink gives rise to mother-love vibrations. The negative aspect of red vibration can bring out fear, uncontrolled passion, lust, excessive anger, agitation and tendency of cruelty. Red is suggested when the vitality is low, blood circulation is poor or one is not sure of oneself.

Admittedly, it’s bit difficult to accept that everything on earth exists in the form of vibration and that the life forms or the objects move from one vibration to another. The vibratory colours can be therapeutic or destructive, such as red in the different circumstances under which it is usually employed. For instance, a red flag waved in front of a bull will excite the animal into charging. In traffic, red stop signs are safety features for automobile driers. Long underwear made of red flannel keeps you warm in winter. In the laboratory, fruit files will breed rapidly in a red box, but will not breed at all in a blue box.

Some doctors use the colour red as arterial stimulant. Researchers at the University of Texas have discovered that athletes who concentrate on red colouring before participating in a sporting event experience increases in their mussel strength. Red can bring a flush to the head in the form of blushing.

Physical Properties:

Red has the slowest vibrations of all the visible colours and it is the colour of greatest warmth. It is of hot disposition with a force of creativeness. In cases of anemia, leukemia etc. if the red rays are thrown upon the backbone, the Red Blood Corpuscles (RBCs) count increases. If any part of the body is affected because of the paralysis, the red light, by stimulating the blood circulation, can cure such a patient. If the light of red colour is made to fall upon the naval and the upper portion of lower limbs it can restore the working of tissues in the limbs.

When a person is supplied with the red colour the pituitary gland becomes activated resulting adrenaline inclusion in the blood. It stimulates the sensory nerves and improves the senses of smell, sight, hearing, taste and touch. It activates blood circulation, excites the cerebrospinal fluid and arouses the sympathetic nervous system. Hemoglobin is built with red rays. Red rays produce heat that vitalizes and energizes the liver, the· muscular system and the left cerebral brain hemisphere. As a muscle relaxant for contractures, red’s counter irritant effects are excellent for therapeutic purposes.

Red decomposes the body’s accumulated salt crystals and thus catalyzes ionization. The ions thus created carry electromagnetic energy throughout the body. The red rays split ferric salt crystals and liberate heat. Known disorders and diseases treatable with red colour are listed in next chapter of this book but the disorders or the conditions contraindicated for using  the red colour are: Emotional  disturbances, hypertension, excitable temperament, mental ailments, fever, neuritis, florid complexion, red hair, inflammation etc

Orange Colour

This colour is found in iron, calcium, nickel, fruits of orange peels including carrots, gourds apricots, mangos, peaches, etc. It is mainly associated with the nervous and respiratory system and is used for treating the disorders related to with these systems. It nullifies the negative effects of dark blue shades.

Psychological Properties

People with dominated orange colour are found to be taking interest in such games that are exhausting. These people are hasty in their nature and if they couldn’t make haste they get upset. These are good managers and they like to remain in the company of others. They prefer casual dress. They have a taste for parties and gatherings. They orange people are more active and smart than the people of red colour. If the radiant orange dominates in a person it is easy for him to get up early in the morning therefore, those cannot leave their bed early in the morning are required to use this colour excessively. To develop the will-power and to treat the nervous weakness this colour has special effects. It stimulates creativity and ambition along with energetic activity. But, excessive exposure    to orange can produce nervousness and restless behavior. It is a colour of nourishment.

Physical Properties:

Being a combination of red and yellow it gives a hot impact. It improves the working of thyroid glands, depresses the parathyroid, helps in absorption of calcium in the body and is beneficial for the lactation in mothers. It not only helps in digestion but also benefits in colds and pneumonia. It expands the lungs, has an antispasmodic effect on muscles, acts as am emetic and increases the pulse rate. Asthma, cough, bronchitis, respiratory problems, epilepsy, and diseases of lungs, tuberculosis, gout, dysentery and the   ailments resulting from gastric problems rheumatism, and arthritis including piles can be very easily cured by using this colour. It also acts on spleen and pancreas to help assimilation and circulation. It greatly helps  in overcoming mental exhaustion. Tumors, both benign and malignant melt away under this colour. Kidney problems, prolapsed uterus and the menstrual difficulties can be easily cured when this colour is used. Contraindications for orange are insomnia, fevers, over excitement and delirium.

Yellow Colour

Gold, calcium, nickel, zinc, copper, platinum, sodium, phosphorous, carrots, golden grains, bananas, pine apples, lime, lemon, gray fruit and the fruits of yellow covering have yellow colour stored in them. This colour is associated with the organs of the digestive system and is used to cure the ailments and disorder of the digestive system. It cancels the negative effects of the violet and purple shades.

In dyes and paints this colour is considered as one of the primary colours and is used in making colours like orange and green etc. But, when the green and red lights are mixed together yellow is produced and for these reason it contains the properties of both the red and the green simultaneously.

Psychological Properties:

Yellow is primarily a joyous colour but it also brings out wisdom, understanding and the intuitional insight. In its golden aspect it represents spiritual perfection, peace, and rest. It is the colour of sunshine, youth, gladness and merriment. In its positive vibration, it brings out compassion and creativity. People under the influence of this colour are fond of reading books and have a natural inclination for learning and knowledge. Scientists, politicians and businessmen are most under this colour. In its negative aspect when it is too bright or is used too often, is over stimulating to the psyche and nerves and can cause mental irritation even to the point of destructiveness. Yellow in its negative vibration is also the colour of cowardice, prejudice and destructive domination.

People with exceeding density of the yellow in their brain center are materialists and they always prefer their personal interests and gains from anything else. People with this colour are successful in worldly terms because they know the art of earning money and spending it adequately.

Yellow stimulate the mind so whenever you are out of frame of mind use a yellow paper for writing a letter. It helps in concentrating. And, backward and retarded children seem to learn faster in rooms painted yellow.

Physical Properties:

Yellow is the best of all the treatments for the ailments related to with stomach. It helps in improving the digestive system, relieves from the gas problems, benefits in diseases of liver, piles and diabetes. Yellow fruits and vegetables tend to act as laxative to the bowel and calm the nerves. Its shortage in its respective center results in diseases related with the stomach and digestive system and its excess is one of the causes of fevers.

Directed at the gastrointestinal tract for short periods it acts as a digestive aid, for longer periods, it acts as both a catharsis (purge) and cathartic (laxative). It helps in eliminating parasites and worms and stimulates the flow of bile. It has a stimulating, cleansing, and eliminating action on the liver, intestines and skin. It energizes the alimentary tract, purifies the blood stream, activates the lymphatics and d presses the spleen. Conditions contraindicated for using the yellow colour include acute inflammations, delirium, fever, heart palpitations and over-excitement.

Green Colour

It is mostly found in nickel, chromium, cobalt, platinum, chlorophyll, vegetables and the fruits having green coverings. In its chemical characteristics it is neither acidic nor alkaline. It is associated with the skin and cancels the negative effects of red. This colour exerts a very strong action against inflammations, jaundice, and kidney infections.

Psychological Properties

Green is soothing, healing, peaceful and cool in its positive aspects. It is a restful balm for people who are weary in body and mind. Green has great healing power. On its negative side, it represents selfishness, jealousy and laziness. Heavy dark green can be depressing and even debilitating. Yellow green stimulates generosity on the mental plane and the body’s elimination of wastes on the physical plane. Spring green represents new life, regeneration, joy and gladness. People dominated by this colour are full of love and they radiate affection. People love them. Storage of light green colour increases in people who are in love. People with this colour like gardening and farming.

Green has the combinative effects of blue and yellow. It is cool enough to be restful, yet warm enough to be friendly. People of this colour are patient listeners of other’s problems. They love children and it is no wonder that this is the colour that dominates the nursery teachers. They have a very moderate temperament and do not lose their temper easily. Because of their softness they tend to be hurt easily. They are determined and innovative.

If this colour exceeds in the yellow center of the body, such people tend to be emotional and they become over concerned about the others problems to such an extent they tend to lose their appetite giving way to digestive problems.

If this colour eliminates from the mental center then one tends to be selfish and does not hesitate in acquiring anything without caring about the feelings of others. If this colour decreases in the throat center, one tends to be harsh in tone and if it increases than normal then one become so soft spoken that people start taking advantage of such a person. This colour in its positive vibrations helps in controlling the tension. nervousness and emotional attitudes.

Physical Properties:

Green builds muscles, bones and other tissue cells. It relieves tension, lowers high blood pressure, acts as a hypnotic upon the sympathetic nervous system, dilates the capillaries and stimulates pituitary. The vibrations of this colour disinfect bacteria, virus and other germs. It is known for healing of infected wounds, ulcers and controlling high blood pressure. It has a soothing and cooling effect for inflammations. The diseases that can be treated using this colour include; hay fever, typhoid, ulcers, venereal diseases, hemorrhoids, insomnia, irritability, laryngitis. malaria, malignancy. hyper stimulation, syphilis, and hepatitis and liver disorders. It not only heals the sun burnt skin but also cures the itch. It shows remarkable effects for treating the wrinkles and other problems of the skin.

Sky Blue Colour

This colour is found in aluminum, cobalt, zinc, lead, and fish and poultry meat besides the grapes, peaches and plums. This colour is associated with the upper portion of the body; head, neck, face and shoulders. It is the coldest of all the colours and, therefore, it is used to terminate the negative effects of the red and the orange colours.

Psychological Properties

Blue is the colour of heavenly consciousness, truth, harmony, calmness and hope and for these very reasons is considered to be a spiritual colour. Blue is a quieting colour and is commonly used in the room of mental patients and violent criminals not only because of its sedative effects but also for the deeper insight that it generates in the mind. In its negative aspect, too much blue can be depressing, bringing on a feeling of weariness and lethargy. The coolness associated with blue causes its use in the quick tempered peoples to sooth them down.

Blue is the balancing and harmonizing colour that returns the bloodstream to normal. It reduces nervous excitement, is astringent and can be absorbed from the environment during meditation and spiritual expansion. It relaxes the mind. It helps the introvert come out of their shells and comforts the manic-depressive. But after more than twenty minutes of concentrated treatment with blue rays, mental depression tends to set in. Blue clothing and furnishings tend to make a person feel tired. Blue is the colour of truth, devotion, calmness sincerity, intuition, and higher mental faculties. People under the influence of this colour are philanthropists, like to be helpful .to the fellow beings and strive to serve the creatures of God, Almighty.

Physical Properties:

This colour as compared to all other colours is more significant for its effects and importance. It is an antidote for the red vibrations. The blue vibrations increase the metabolism, build vitality, promote growth of the body and brain cells, slow the action of the heart and act as a tonic on the body in general. They have antiseptic properties, contracting potencies for muscles and blood vessels and a soothing and cooling effect on inflammations. It is used to treat the fevers, burns, cataracts. eye inflammations_, high blood pressure, headache. heart palpitation, tooth infections, insomnia. epilepsy, jaundice. The blue is contraindicated in the following disorders: Colds, gout paralysis, rheumatism

Indigo Colour

A tinge of red mixed into the sky-blue produces the indigo. It is electric, cooling and astringent. It is parathyroid stimulant, a thyroid depressant, a blood purifier, a phagocyte builder and a haemostatic (it stops or reduces the excessive bleeding). It promotes muscular toxicity, respiratory depression and hypnotic-like insensibility to pain.

Indigo rays control the psychic currents of the subtle spiritual bodies. They also control the brain vibrations and influence vision, hearing, and smell on the physical, emotional and spiritual planes. It helps in repairing the wear and tear of the brain and body cells. It reduces the deterioration of the cells and tissues of the body. Lack of this colour in the body system generates anger and heated temperament. It represents the healing crisis of the natural healing art where old toxins and wastes of physiological system are cast out of the body to make room for the new tissues.

The effects of the sky blue and indigo resemble a lot because both are basically blue. Sky blue is more cold than indigo and is used in indications where the coldness of lesser degree is required to be applied. The disorders that require the application of this colour include the purification of blood, hyperthyroidism, mental illness, nasal diseases, nervous ailments. convulsions, deafness, delirium tremens, dyspepsia, eye and ear diseases, nose bleed, obsessions, throat diseases etc. This colour is contraindicated for the use in diseases resulting from cold, gout, low blood pressure, and palpitation due to weakness. ·

Violet Colour

Violet is a combination of red and blue in equal ratio’. In its highest vibration it represents good motives, elevated spiritual aspirations and enhanced concentration of the soul. It is associated with prosperity, wealth, and increased productivity. Violet is the fastest vibration among the rainbow colours fading quicker than any other. Stimulating the spiritual nature of man, the violet vibrations offers mastery, higher realms of creativity and royal consciousness. It is the colour of aesthetic values. If this colour is lacking in a person’s composition he cannot appreciate beauty and the higher values. Leonardo da Vinci said, “The power of meditation can be ten times greater under violet light falling through the stained glass window of a quite church.”

In its negative aspect it can overwhelm a person for snobbery; pretense and can even generate deceit. It cancels and nullifies the negative effects of yellow vibrations.

It stimulates the spleen, upper brain, glands of the body including the gonads and bones. It depresses the lymphatics, heart muscles and motor nerves. Violet is calming in cases of mental illness. It controls irritability, reduces hunger, builds leukocytes and maintains ionic balance especially of potassium and sodium.

It is used for treating the following ailments and disorders:- Bladder problems, bone-growth dysfunctions, cerebrospinal meningitis, concussion, cramps, kidney diseases, mental illness, scalp diseases, sciatica, neuralgia, rheumatism, obesity, benign and malignant tumors, leucorrhoea, diabetes, gonorrhea  and venereal and sexual diseases etc.

Magenta Colour

Magenta is produced when the yellow is added into the violet colour. The person having this colour in his aura enjoys administrative abilities. This colour is used where both the violet and yellow colours are required to be administered simultaneously e.g. obesity and diabetes.

White Colour

White: in fact, is not a single colour rather it is a combination of all the colours that are found in the rainbow. It is the property of a white surface that it does not absorb any colour and it reflects back all the colours. All the seven colours are found in this colour in a specific ratio. It is considered to a colour of purity and piety because it does not allow any colour to pollute it rather it softens the stringent effects of any colour when mixed with that. Pink, for instance, is produced when the white is added into the red and the negative effects of the red can thus be controlled to a great extent.

Because  of     this  particular property   of     this colour, it is used in such disorders where excess of a colour is required to be reduced. This colour is used in treating moral and ethical disorders like telling lies, using abusive language, kleptomania drug addiction and violent lunatics. Use of this colour in treating the psychological diseases where the mind and nerves have been affected because of exceeding potentiates of colours, has given remarkable results. This colour is also used for treating the prickly heat, high blood pressure·, hydrolysis, insanity etc.

Black Colour

Black, too, is not a colour by itself. It is such a colour that comes into being when no spectacular colour’s there. A black surface, after absorbing all the ray of colours, reflects back such waves, which are not visible for our eyes. This colour is use in diseases where many colours exceed their normal magnitudes. In order to control the excess of many colours in a body, the use of black colour or the black vibrations has been found very useful. In obesity this colour is suggested only because of the fact that accumulation of many a colour is required to be expelled from the body where these are not used properly.

Caution is required to be exercised for using this colour that during the course of using this colour as soon as symptoms indicating lack of any colour are noticed, that colour is used besides the use of the black colour.

For instance, during the treatment of obesity, when the patient is made to take the black vibrations and if he starts complaining headache or low blood pressure then the blue or red is also to be included so that the deficiency of that colour could be checked.

Gray Colour

Gray is produced when the white is added into the black colour. This colour is considered to be having a moderate effect as it contains the two colours of the extreme natures. The method of using this colour is to make the patient see a painted glass of 9 x 12 inches, painted with this colour, for 15 to 20 minutes duration. twice or thrice in a day.

This colour is used in cases where shortage of one colour in mixed with excess of many other colours. For instance, in cases of white patches of skin, use of this colour produces commendable results.

Brown Colour

Brown is the colour made from mixing black into the red. It ranges from yellow to red in cast. Even though it is neutral and dark, it has considerable richness and depth. It is the colour of dormant fertility and is used for preservation. It is generally considered environmentally sound. It offers a healthy atmosphere or enclosure in which to work, play, sleep and generally perform common metabolic functions. An aggregate of brown things influence the internal organs and mind in an enhancing way. Because of its preservative characteristics it is used in the bottles of medicines and other perishable items to protect them from early decay and expiry.

Advancing Conscious

Almost in every civilization man used to take advantage of colours on three levels of physical mental and spiritual. On the physical level, the colours are responsible for our physical well-being, health and general good. On the mental level, the colours are responsible for our moods, mental health and help us in having positive trends and feeling for others. On the spiritual level, the colours cause us to be familiar with a world far superior to this material world; the world where we have to live after passing from here or the Hereafter. After living for an appointed time in this world.

we born in a realm, where another phase of our life commences. In that realm we encounter with milky white light. This milky white light can be witnessed by means of third eye. This light not only maintains its own balance but also helps in balancing the others as well. The people, who manage to store this light in them in this world, start emitting it as well for the benefit of other people. This light even penetrates in the belongings and the article of daily use of such a person who manages to accumulate an adequate quantity of this light in him. And this is the reason that the belongings of spiritual peoples are preserved as an article of blessings or as a token of good fortune.

The subtle vibrations of the milky light keep on discharging and spreading from the graves of people who had accumulated the store of this light in them. Storage of this light in a person, on one hand, illuminates the soul and, on the other, gives an electrifying effect to the atmosphere around such a person. Those who gather this radiating light in their inner remain in a cheerful mood, deliberate and ponder to resolve the mysteries of life and death, the life here and Hereafter, the reason and cause of our birth, the purpose of our life and how can they accomplish it.

But the question is that when so many colours are showering in one’s life then how can one possible accumulate and store this milky white light in oneself. The method is quite simple and effective. Just take out some time, at a fixed hour of the day or night and sit to meditate for 20 to 30 minutes a day. In the course of this meditation, it is attempted that our relation with our inner self could be established. When our relation with our inner self is established, the milky white light, the light of the metaphysical realm starts showering on us.

Besides other benefits, accumulation of this light in the inner self of a person immunes him from worldly problems and diseases but he can also benefit his fellow beings in so many ways. So much so, if he really wishes well for someone, well being of that person takes its foundation and starts displaying in due course of time.

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