Health and Colours

Light, heat, energy and colours of the bright waves produce effective vibrations in the tissues of man and animals. This vibration affects the tissues. Particular colours affect the particular parts of the body. Detail is given below:

BODY PART                                                        ITS RELATED COLOUR

Heart                                                                     Red

Liver                                                                      Yellow

Thyroid                                                                 Blue

Lungs                                                                    Orange

Eye                                                                         Sky Blue

Pancreas                                                              Violet

Mucus Glands                                                    Indigo

Pituitary Gland                                                  Violet

Spleen                                                                  Purple

Gall Bladder                                                        –do–

Gonads and Ovaries                                        –do–

Every disease can be treated using the colors that have been known to man till now.

In children because of the Hemolytic disease the red blood corpuscles break down excessively and a pale fluid increases in the blood resulting in jaundice. If this substance reaches the brain, the mental growth of the child is hampered.

There are two possible ways of treating this disease.

1.     Blood transfusion

2.     Use of colors

In color therapy, for treating such a child, he is kept under blue lights of adequate power. It has been observed experimentally that blue light is the treatment and cure of this disease and the complications resulting from transfusion of blood and the disease.

The proper usage of colors restores the immune system of the patients. For a premature born baby, when kept in the incubator with an adequate supply of oxygen and violet light, completes his growth swiftly.

The sunlight contains certain minerals and gases, which are the main constituent of human food that provides us energy. If food and light both are supplemented the energy could be increased many folds.

Once, it came to my mind that all the colors are present in the sunlight and that all our needs are associated with these colors and if the sunlight could be stored in our biological system then the need of food could be fulfilled directly by consuming that stored energy. Then, according to a duly thought out program, I started sitting for my breathing exercises early in the morning, facing the east before the sun rise, and determining the quantity of the needed food. During these exercises I used to concentrate with every breath, that I am inhaling the sun rays containing the needed amounts of energy and that these rays are being stored in my stomach. After practicing this for a few days, I actually started feeling that I do not require any food except water, nor did I experience any weakness, although I practiced this exercise for seventeen days continuously without having any solid food of any type. I started felling very light as if I was walking in space and the solid concrete walls appeared to me as being made of paper.

Sun is an important source of vitamin D. Sunlight contains other vitamins as well and every vitamin is associated with its particular color.

VITAMIN                                                             IT’S RELATED COLOUR

A                                                                             Yellow

B                                                                             Green

C                                                                             Lemon                 

D & E                                                                     Violet

K                                                                             Indigo

The best way to absorb any particular color is to use fruits and vegetables of that color. Fruits and vegetables absorb the sunlight directly, but a balanced ratio of the colors must be maintained. Over cooking and roasting wastes the colors present in food.

Psychological effects of colours:

All the expert colour therapists agree that the colours are beneficial for man in every respect. Use of proper colours in every department gives undoubtedly advantageous effects.

Case No.1

When, in a factory rate of absentees increased in the lady workers and the production suffered he management consulted a colour therapist. He suggested, after examining the site, that the main cause of the problem was blue paint of the walls of the working area. Excess of this colour was causing sickening effects in the ladies. Thus, the walls were painted in the light of his suggestion with light brown colour. This balanced the affects of the blue and the attendance came back to its normal.

Case No. 2

In another factory, where the workers had a problem of loss of concentration, which resulted in one or the other accident, when the dark panes of windows were painted orange, the rate of accidents dropped. workers started taking interest due to their increased concentration and they worked enthusiastically.

Case No.3

In a rest room, where the walls had blue paint, people complained about cold. But, when the walls were painted with orange colour, they felt hot though the temperature remained the same.


During an experiment, a group of salesmen was made to have their meeting in a room painted in red. And, the other group was provided a room with green atmosphere. Before meeting their watches were taken off.

After 4 hours’ meeting, the salesmen having meeting in the red room estimated the time of their meeting as six to seven hours; whereas the members having meeting in the green room thought their meeting had lasted over two hours.


How do the colours affect our judgment concerning the weight of objects? This interesting investigation proves that weight of dark coloured object is felt more than the light coloured objects. Products of a factory were packed in black metal boxes. Laborers always asked for assistance for lifting them. When the foreman got those boxes painted in green they stopped complaining about the heaviness of the boxes.

Case No. 6

Quality of teaching and learning can also be improved using the appropriate colours. If difficult topics are explained using colourful slides, it becomes easier for the students to understand and remember it. If the slides have only one or two colours it proves to be more effective. During an investigation, when the students were shown green       coloured slides the students secured 40% more marks as compared to that group of students who were shown black and white slides and the results improved by 80% when the two coloured slides of green and red were shown but the increase with the three and more coloured slides was only 30 %.

Case No.7

A football coach narrating his experiences has written that he had two dressing rooms for the players. One had blue painted walls, which he used for resting of players, whereas the other, which was painted in red was used before going into the field where they decided and finalized their strategy. This enabled them to perform in the play ground in a much better way.

Case No.8

Proprietor of a Radio Station, for the sake of attraction, installed tube lights of red colours. Within two months the management and the employees developed a row amongst themselves. Upon the suggestion of a colour therapist, red tube lights were replaced with normal ones and miraculously feelings of fraternity were restored, the fights stopped and the resignations were taken back.

Case No. 9

A famous businessman had a phobia of trains automobiles and hard floors. One day he wore red coat and felt a strange feeling of vitality and diminishing of his fears. He started using red clothes and under garments and his phobias vanished and his life became normal.

In the modern times men, too, have started wearing clothes of bright colours. People, who select their clothes after consulting colour experts, say that the colourful dress did bring a healthy change, not only in their life-style but in their lives as well.

Countless men and women, after entering into the world of colours, grown more confident, have better jobs and the numbers of their friends increased many folds and to top it all, ratio of divorces among the newly wed-couples have dropped considerably.

In the history of mankind the need of use of colours was never felt so intensely as is in the modern world of tension, anxiety, and stress and strain.

Use of proper colours not only helps in having an attractive personality but the mind also gets conditioned.

Black and dark brown colours represent dismay and sorrow therefore, instead of these colours, use of those colours is recommended, which give boost to confidence and are soul soothing.

The Astral Body

Energy centers are not located in every part of the body but it keeps on circulating the entire body, from head to toe and discharges. Our body emits light just like the stars in the cosmos.

Our body is enveloped in another body of lights, which is called the nasmic body or the astral body by the spiritual masters. The nasmic body is composed of those basic waves or the rays that are responsible for the commencement of the existence of a being. This astral body, the body of lights, remains glued to the physical body of ours but the reflection of the lights of this body spreads up to nine inches around our physical body.

Torch with batteries could be a close example of this thing. The bulb in the torch is the astral body, which is the actual source of light in the torch. The beam of the torch spreads not only outwardly but it is also directed inwardly. The reflection of the astral body spreads up to nine inches around the body.

The centers of energy are not located all over the physical body but the energy keeps on circulating through out the body and is discharging in the form of lights. Just as a star emits light in the system of galaxies, our body, too, emits light. Probably the reflection of the astral body is being termed as aura by the scientists who are doing researches in this regard.

The astral body cannot be sighted by mean of any material gadgets but its reflection can be observed because of the fact that the reflection involves materiality to some extent.

Health, delight, sorrow and even the whole human life depends upon the astral body. If the astral body is healthy one stays healthy and if the astral body is not healthy then the physical body can never be healthy. All the urges pertaining to life transfer to the physical body from the astral body.

When two persons embrace each other, the electric current flowing in both the individuals infuses together and this interaction of the currents is felt in the form of a mild electric field. When two people become attentive for each other the electric field becomes charged and many other start noticing their mutual interaction. Similarly when a person wants to influence others, for example, during a lecture or speech. his intentions influence the listeners if the electrifying effects of astral body are properly used. Yet another interesting example of the working of astral body is yawning. Yawning indicates lack of oxygen in our body system. When someone upon feeling tired, yawns i.e., the needed oxygen is inhaled, then anybody who is watching him, would also yawn. This, in fact, is a demonstration for the demand of oxygen by the astral body.

The form and shape of the astral body depends upon the volume and the potential of the energy that is surrounding us. This energy after circulation all around us is earthed through our feet. In this way a large amount of the discharged energy remains stored in our feet. Proper exchange of the energy earthed from the feet and the energy found in the earth beneath our feet is very important for the health of a person. It is worth noticing that before the epilepsy fit, the discharging system of energy through the feet becomes faulty. If the extra-accumulated energy in the feet is not discharged properly then one may become unconscious.

Astral body remains in a state of perpetual variation, but sometimes, the lights of the astral body become static. And, when the lights of the astral body become still for few moments, one becomes connected with one’s soul and this enables him to witness even the unseen things existing around.

The primary purpose of all the exercises of concentration and focusing of attention is to achieve that state of the astral body when its lights could stay at a point for sometime producing a state of harmony between our soul and the mind. When a person enjoys harmony between his body and soul feelings of love and affection for others are produced in him. When a person, who enjoys the harmony of soul and body. enters a room, the atmosphere of the room becomes lighted.

Sometimes we happen to come across such lively people whose astral body appears to be filling up the whole room. And then there are people whose astral bodies are shrunk, distorted or colourless. When such a person enters a place the whole atmosphere becomes unpleasant. Then there are people who enjoy such an air around them that everybody whosoever comes in contact with them is impressed because of the charismatic effect of their personality. This can happen either in positive or negative manner but this is certain that a person with a powerful aura or strong astral body dominates the person with the weaker one, or in other words, one accepts the hue of others personality.

Colour Points

The human body and the earth, according to Book of Hopi, the Red Indian tribe of the North America, resemble a lot in their structural formation. Both have their own axes around which all their movements revolve. The axis of all the activities and movements of human body is the backbone. There are certain points on this axis upon which the health and well being of a person depends. According to the teachings of Vedas and Yoga too. the health of the physical body, its movements and other activities all depend upon certain points of energy found in the human body. Summery of the details of these points or the centers of energy located in the human body. as are given in the various therapeutic systems is given here.

The first center of energy is situated in the crown of the skull. When a child is born this portion of the head is soft as if it is the gate through which the child accepts the life. Below this point is the mind through which one learns to think. The third one is located in the throat that joins the openings of mouth and the nose. Ability to taste smell and speech are controlled by this center. Fourth one is the heart, which controls ah the vibrations of the body. Fifth one is located near the naval point and it controls the digestion and the excretion system. The last one is situated below the naval, near the last vertebrata of the backbone.

One remains healthy and strong if the energy level of these centers and the flow of energy between them are maintained properly. All these centers are full of certain quantities of energy. Every center has energy of a particular characteristic depicted and displayed in the form of colours.

Since every thing that has been created in this universe has grades and degrees of its properties the colours are also no exception. Every colour is of many grades and exhibits its characteristics at different levels according to its intensity and other properties.

The colours of the energy centers in the body are given as under.

The first center located in the crown of head is of violet colour. Working of various glands mostly depends upon the proper availability of this colour in this center in proper quantities. The artistic qualities, aesthetic sense and religious inclinations of a person are also governed by this colour.

The second center located between the two eyebrows is of dark blue colour. This center is related to with that portion of the brain, which handles the unconscious stimuli and therefore the mental inclinations psychological behavior and attitude of a person greatly depend upon the proper functioning of this center. The center located in the throat is of blue colour and the deficiency of this colour results in the diseases related to with throat, face, neck and the lower head.

The center next to this is of green colour and controls the emotions and is responsible for the neutralization of exceeding heat of the body. The person lacking this colour tends to be harsh and rude. The high blood pressure is indicative of deficiency of this colour in its center,

The center located in the chest is of orange colour and controls the breathing system. Diseases related to with the lungs and nerves are indicative of the deficiency of this colour in this center.

The colour of the center located at the heart is red. This colour provides heat energy to the body system and is responsible for the flow of blood in our body. Low Blood Pressure Leukemia, Thallesemia Anemia etc, result from the deficiency of this colour. The more is the deficiency, the more acute is the state of disease.

Yellow is the colour of the center that controls the digestive system. The energy responsible for the digestion of food and the excretion of waste material from the body is provided by this colour. This colour helps in treating the diseases of stomach, intestines and liver etc.

If one wants to stay healthy and well, it is necessary to know about the colours of all the centers of the body. It will not be out of place to delve into certain confusing things about the centers and their colours that have arisen because of the lack of study in depth in this regard. The red colour, for instance, in one system is ascribed to the lowest vertebrata and with the heart in another. Apparently it appears to be colliding statements but, in actual fact, it is not so. The point of generation of energy, its utilization and storage are not necessarily required to be one and the same.

The same is true in the case of violet colour. The center of the energy in the crown is said to be that of the violet colour whereas the purple and violet colours are considered to be the cure of the diseases related to with the sex organs. The center of a particular colour is not necessary to be situated where the organ related to with that colour is located. The violet colour is stored in the upper portion of the brain and used in controlling the functions of the glands whether it is the pituitary gland or it is the gonads. Presence of this colour in the aura of person indicates his artic potentials, his dedication for religious thoughts and his aesthetic taste.

If we want to stay healthy, it is necessary for us to have complete knowledge about the centers of the colours in our body, their workings and their requirements.

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