Spiritual Concept of Healing

When all diseases and ailments are counted their total exceeds hundreds. The nature and causes of these ailments vary. According to the “spiritual concept of healing,” all diseases and ailments consist of two sides. One is physical and the other is either mental or spiritual. Extremities and other physical or chemical changes in the body cause sickness. Based on the spiritual concept of healing, all diseases have forms and figures and spiritual existence. These two sides do coexist. Because of the rise of psychological and physical ailments in our time, it is no longer difficult to grasp this idea. According to this spir­itual idea, the disease should be attacked not only on its physical side but also on its spiritual or mental side. When it is mentally negated, healing happens quickly. Not only healing is achieved but often complicated and incurable diseases are cured as well.

Since the spiritual side of diseases is not the subject matter of this book, we are only going to present a practical program through which healing power can be stored as much as possible in any individual. The more the storage, the more concentrated will be the power of faith of the patient, resulting in faster healing.

Following is the program itself:

Go to bed early at night and get up early in the morning at least half an hour before Fajr prayer.

After wudu (ablution), practice breathing exercise No.1. Let your mind be free of any thoughts and do dhikr (invocation) of the Divine Name- Ya Hafeez’u (the Protector) until the start of the Fajr prayer time.

After Fajr prayer, do Muraqaba imagining you are sitting inside the Divine Throne (arsh elahii) and the lights of the Divine Name (Ya Shaafi-The Healer) are falling on you. Keep this Muraqaba for at least ten to fifteen minutes.

Within a few months of doing this Muraqaba, the patient is able to recover from the ailment and eventually becomes healthy.

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Spiritual Teachings of Hazrat Khawaja Shamsuddin Azeemi

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