Hurry Up; Says the Jinn

Swad Bin Qarab, before embracing Islam was known as a witch doctor. He had subjugated jinn who used to tell him the news about the Unseen happenings. “One night” says Swad, “my subject jinn woke me up and told me to get up!” then the jinn said, “Listen to me carefully! If you have some sense you shouldn’t be missing this chance. An apostle has been appointed to invite the people towards the One and the Only God.”

The jinn was in such an exhilarated mood that he started talking using the poetic verses and said, “I am wondering, upon their preparations for journey of distant travel. If you are desirous of having guidance then you should be hurrying towards Makka. Remember a true jinn is not like a liar jinn. Hurry up and behold that beautiful face which you have never seen before.”

Swad Bin Qarb hushed him away. The next night the jinn come with the same message and invited him to travel towards Makka. Swad again refused to listen to him and went to sleep. The third night jinn came back to Swad and shook him to bring to wakefulness and said, “Listen! Enlighten your heart and soul by witnessing the great man of Banu Hashim.” And like the previous. 

Camel Merchant

Abu Jehal purchased a camel from a merchant on credit. The merchant after failing in his attempt to recover the credited price, stood up in a gathering of Quraish Trite and said, “O ye the People of Quraish! Is there anyone who could help me in having my right recovered from Abu Jehal?” One of the Qurashi youths, pointing towards the Holy Prophet (PBUH) jestingly said, “Why not, who else can help you but Mohammad!”

The merchant approached the Holy Prophet  (PBUH) and submitted humbly. “Abu Hukam Bin Hasham has usurped my right. I am a poor man coming from far away. Quraish says you can get me what is my due right. God will bless you if you helped me in getting my credited amount recovered.”

Holy Prophet (PBUH) told him to come along and knocked the door of Abu Jehal’s house. Abu Jehal answered the door and came out. Seeing, Holy Prophet (PBUH) there, he panicked and grew pale. Holy Prophet (PBUH) just bade him to pay the merchant off. Wonder struck Abu Jehal went inside the house and returned shortly only to clear the debt. 

Prophet of God

Holy Prophet (PBUH) commanded Bilal (RA) to say Azan in the holy Ka’aba. Abu Sufyan Bin Harub, Ataab Bin Aseed and Haris Bin Hashsham were also sitting there. These had not embraced Islam till then. Upon hearing Azan Ataab Bin Aseed said, “Thank God, He has saved my father from hearing this voice.” Haris Bin Hashsham commented, “By God, if I was convinced that Mohammad is in the right. I too, would have become his follower.” Abu Sufyan said, I won’t say anything because if I said anything these pebbles would inform Mohammad.

Western Pilgrims—?

A few Christians plotted to stealthily exhume the body of Holy Prophet (PBUH) from his mausoleum. Nooruddin Zangi an emperor of firm belief. He saw in a dream that Holy Prophet (PBUH) pointing towards two red-faced men is telling him, “Save me from them!”

Sultan woke up offered Nawafil and again went back to sleep and again saw holy Prophet (PBUH) in his dream pointing towards the two red-faced men, asking him, “Nooruddin save me from these two dogs.”

Sultan woke up offered few Nawafil and again went to sleep. He saw the same dream for the third time. It must not be an ordinary event that Holy Prophet (PBUH) had to tell him a thing to do, so vehemently that he had to repeat his command three times in a night. Sultan summoned his minister Jamaluddin Mausli into his chamber and sought his advice. Jamaluddin said, “How can you afford to remain seated here when Holy Prophet (PBUH) is telling you to come? Set off immediately, there must be something going on extraordinary in Medina for which you have told none else but by the Holy Prophet (PBUH).”

Sultan riding on fast running horses, with a small contingent of twenty men, headed towards Medina and Jamluddin followed him with one thousand camels and horses laden with goods of value. Sultan managed to reach Medina in sixteen days. He announced that Sultan has come to pay homage to Holy Prophet (PBUH) and has brought many things with him to distribute among the people of Medina. Everybody is required to attend the function. People of the city swarmed in the function. Sultan was watching intently every one coming there. When Sultan couldn’t find what he was looking for, he asked, “Is there any one who couldn’t come?”

People told him that no one From Medina is left out. But, there are two pilgrims from the west, who haven’t and they wouldn’t because they remain busy with their worship in seclusion. They give alms and charity to the poor and needy people.

Sultan ordered to produce them before him.

Sultan immediately recognized when he saw them. They were the same red-faced men who were shown to him in dreams by the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

Sultan asked them, “Who are you and from where have you come?”

“We have come to perform pilgrimage,” was the answer.

Sultan inquired, “Where are they staying?”

“Close to the Mausoleum, in Rabbat,” he was told.

Sultan ordered to arrest them both and searched the place where they were lodging but he couldn’t find anything except religious books, the holy Quran and other valuable goods to be given in charity. Nothing objectionable could be found. People testified their virtuous conduct and praised them for their generosity and told Sultan that they fast in the day and visit the holy Mausoleum and offer Darood and Salam, they go to Janat­-ul-Baqih every morning and on every Thursday they go to Qaba to visit the shrines. They had never rejected anyone who had gone to them for help.

Sultan searched their room with more attention and when he removed the Praying Mat, he saw an opening of the tunnel leading the holy Mausoleum. It didn’t take much effort to unearth from them. They were there with an evil design to dig a tunnel up to the body of Holy Prophet (PBUH). They used to dig in then night. They carried the excavated soil in leather bags to Janat-ul-Baqih early in the morning to spread it on the graves there. They were almost through with the digging and were about to exhume the body of Holy Prophet (PBUH). Sultan ordered to put them both to the sword.

Sultan shed tears of gratitude after falling in prostration that he was bestowed with the honor of doing some service to his beloved Holy Prophet (PBUH).

In order to check and foil any such evil attempt in future he ordered to dig a ditch up to the water level around the Mausoleum and got it filled with molten lead. All this happened in 555 AH

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