Adam (man), since the day he started dwelling on earth, has been having this knowledge that there exist such hidden forces in the earth which are responsible for providing sustenance’s for life. It is quite frequently observed that when a seed is sown in the earth the latent potential of the seed is multiplied after mixing with the latent forces of the earth resulting in physical existence and appearance of another thing. In scientific terms this thing would be stated that when the latent energy of seed after mixing with the latent energy of the earth displays itself its eventual outcome results in the form of a plant which grows into a tree and yields flowers and fruits. But this thing is still in obscurity, for the scientists of this age, that what is the reality and root-cause of the energy hidden in a seed and the earth.

In order to understand this important issue in simple words it could be said that seed is a mark of identification of an existing being and the tree that is displayed because of this seed is its attributive characteristics. Another trait of the seed is that when it displays its attributive characteristics; after becoming a tree it bears flowers, they also bear the seeds. The seed displays its features in the form of leaves of specific design and we have yet to discover a calculating method, which could enable us to count all the leaves of a tree. So limited is the human intellect that it cannot encompass even the total spreading of a seed. When a spiritual person, in the light of insight, contemplates about a seed he finds it to be an attributive manifestation.

When we find ourselves incapable of imposing the traits, characteristics, properties and qualities of a tiny seed owing to our limited conscious faculties of comprehension then ultimately we have to resolve that, comprehension of the Attributes of God is beyond the scope of human intellect and conscious with all its limiting constraints, therefore we are constrained to seek the help of those methods which could be taken us beyond the limiting sphere of human intellect and consciousness.

For acquainting ourselves with the realms existing beyond the limitations of human intellect and reason Muraqbah is one of the methods which enables us to develop our concentrative abilities and to learn the focusing of attention penetrative. When the well-educated people; people baffled from the paradoxical theories of modern sciences and the scholars having tall claims of intellectual activities and learning, happen to consider the spiritual sciences they fail to express proper understanding of these sciences because they try to comprehend an infinite subject with the help of finitude of human intellect i.e. they attempt to confine the limitlessness into limitations. They declare spiritualism as an artifice of imaginations. This attitude traps them in the confines of their conjectures debarring them from quest and researches in this direction.

As far as the imaginations are concerned, nothing can exist without obligation of imagination. All the functions and activities of life are based upon imaginations. The scholars do mention that spiritualism is a product of imaginations but they do not describe what the imagination is. All that has been discovered so far and all the progress and advancement which has been made so far or will ever be achieved is nothing but the eventual outcome of the proper use of imaginative powers.

A scientist, for instance, had this idea that there should be a weapon which could be able to destroy thousands of people simultaneously. Another scientist thought of inventing a device which could catch the sound waves relayed from a transmitter. Yet another one conceived this idea that there should be a screen upon which the pictures from far off distances could be displayed. All such inventions were made possible only because one or the other person fantasized them and his imagination triggered the quest and research which resulted in the materialization of his imagined article, denominated as invention.

The question is that if the scientists pursuing their imaginations had not focused their attention on their imagined invention then how would it have been possible for that invention to be invented?

It is the most fallacious and fatuous statement that spiritualism deals with imaginary things. In terms of spiritual sciences, thought is information focused on a point persistently and when a thought or information remains focused on a point that which existing in the thoughts ultimately comes into being, displayed with all its properties and traits. When an oak tree is mentioned by a spiritual person he tells that the seed, in order to display its properties and traits, focused its thoughts on one point. Focusing of the thoughts of the seed result in the display of traits and features in the form of a huge tree establishing itself on the surface of the earth.

Law:- The traits, properties and attributes, in fact, are the stores of information in man. When few or all the information’s, under the influence of concentrative power, are focused on one single point the thought excites the infinite information’s and one starts beholding the scenes of manifestations. This very thing is called the concentration of thoughts on one single point by the spiritual teachers and Muraqbah by the explorers of the inner realms. 

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