Complaining Camel

Once Holy prophet (PBUH) was sitting with his companions when a camel came to him and placed his head upon his feet, Holy Prophet (PBUH) told his companions that the camel was complaining about his master. Then he purchased that camel from his master.

Once Holy Prophet (PBUH) visited an orchard belonging to an Ansari where a camel seeing Holy prophet (PBUH) started crying. Seeing the tears rolling down the eyes of the camel, Holy prophet (PBUH) approached the camel and patted its neck. The camel looked towards Holy prophet (PBUH) gratefully with love and complained about his master. Holy prophet (PBUH) asked about the master of the camel. An Ansari youth came forward and submitted that he was the owner of that camel. Holy prophet (PBUH), said to him, “Don’t you fear God that has made you the master of this quadruped. Your camel has complained that you under feed it and put him to arduous work.”

A Talking Gazelle

Once Holy prophet (PBUH) was passing through a valley, when someone called, “O the Prophet of God!” Holy prophet (PBUH) saw a gazelle was tied beside a sleeping Bedouin. The gazelle said, O Prophet of God, this Bedouin has captured me. My children are hungry over that mountain. If you could release me for a while I’ll go and nurse my kids and will come back.

Holy prophet (PBUH) untied the rope and released the gazelle. The gazelle keeping its words, come back after nursing it children after a while. When Holy prophet (PBUH) was tying her, the Bedouin woke up. Seeing Holy prophet (PBUH) the Bedouin expressed his joy and begged to present that gazelle to him. Holy prophet (PBUH) told the Bedouin to free that gazelle. Um-e-Salma says that after having her freedom the gazelle leapt to join her kids over the mountain.

Every individual of this universe is a computer that is made by the Nature. All the information about the galactic systems have been fed in this computer and just like the hard disc of a computer these information remain stored in the computer. Information pertaining to galactic systems keeps on traveling in the form of waves. Every existent keeps on exchanging this information with one another by means of waves.

Scientists consider the light to be the swiftest of all things but the light waves are not that swift that these could negate the spatio-temporal distances of the cosmos. The spatio-temporal distances remain within the clutches of waves.

If information data about jinns, angels, heavens and the earth is not passing through the mind of an individual then one cannot make a reference to these things. Thought waves of all the species of the universe and the individuals of those species keep on transferring to us. Similarly, all the thoughts about our life coming to our mind are also transferring to every creature of the cosmic family.

It is altogether a separate issue that no other creature except man and jinn are familiar with this law of exchange of thoughts. Transference of thoughts, in actual fact, is the medium of recognition of other creatures. We accept the influence of the other person or a creature only because of the fact that the waves pertaining to that person or the creature are absorbing in the waves operating in us. Unconscious of man remains in constant touch with far away parts of the universe and because of this connectivity one can deliver one’s message to every particle of the universe and can know the thoughts of others provided that one could be familiar with this law that all the creatures existing in this universe are linked with one another by means of thought waves. Thought is the name of that piece of information, which is either drawing us closer to life or is taking us away from the worldly life.

Holy prophet (PBUH) is the Trustee and Governor of this cosmic system and its life. Camels complained about their masters and the gazelle informed the Holy prophet (PBUH) about her kids by means of this very law of transference of thoughts. Noteworthy thing in this event is that animals do not tell lies and they also keep their words.

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