God, the Gracious created the universe so that the creatures entrusted with duty and authority, by exercising their will and authority may advance on that path which would, step, by step take them to God. The Creator wants from his creatures that the creatures should acknowledge his Lordship after witnessing Him, after understanding Him, after recognizing Him and after talking to Him. It should be firmly established in the minds of the creatures that He who has created us, protects us as well. He is our custodian and provides us with all those resources which are essential for maintenance and smooth functioning of life.

The purpose of this elaborately organized and consistent system devised for guarding and protecting man is only to make this thing clear to man that He created him with His cherishing Love. And the Love, with which God has created His creatures, should be responded by the creatures in a befitting manner and with Love they should seek their association with their Lord Creator. The binding force of relationship between the creatures and the Creator should not be anything other than Love. God has expressed His Love for the creatures by creating them, by providing them with sustenance’s, by providing them protection and by ordaining them with faculties reflecting His own Attributes and He wants that now the creatures should also express their love for Him by acknowledging His creations, by drawing closer to Him with love and by living as their Loving Lord wants.

Love of God for the creatures, on a small scale, can be witnessed in the love of a mother for her children. Mother is a means of creation. Development and growth of a child starts taking place in the womb of a mother. Although mother does not partake in the growth of the child on her own, still the love of mother is unparalleled. As for the child; the production of a natural process taking place in the womb of the mother, is loved by his mother and no other person can feel that much love for him. If a sensible and sane child denies the existence of the mother, one can easily imagine what will be the feelings of the mother. How bad she will feel, only a mother can tell. Another living example of love and creation is that of a father. A father strives to rear up his child, imparts education and training that could enable his child to be on his own and to have his position in the society. Despite all these things if a child disowns his father, denies recognizing him, considers his company as useless and waste of time. What will be the feelings of a father? This thing can only be understood by the one who himself is a father or at least has the ability to appreciate the affection of a father.

The actual Creator, in fact, is God. Parents are only instrumental in bringing forward the creation of God. This fact is well known to the parents whether they will have a child or not, will it be still-born or alive, whether it will be free of all handicaps or not, whether it will be dull or intelligent, all depends upon God, the most High. Even those who do not believe in God, acknowledge that some mighty being is there to control, organize and run this fabulous system of the universe. This is altogether a different thing that instead of calling him Allah or God they have named it, Nature.

Despite the awareness of parents that they are merely instrumental in procreation of a child and if it is not willed by nature they can never be parents, they justifiably expect recognition and due respect from the children This desire, in fact, is a reflection of that personal attribute of the Creator, that is, it is desired by the Lord Creator that the creatures of the universe should acknowledge and recognize Him with the same love and affection with which He has created the universe. Just as a child after disobeying his parents and violating the social values is declared an undutiful, disobedient and degenerated progeny similarly if someone refuses to recognize God, the most merciful then he too is a transgressor, unjust and disobedient. And, when after making one’s choice one selects to be ignorant and transgressor, this misfortune becomes his life. Peace and tranquility vanishes from his life. Worries and anxieties play a key role in his life.

When someone embraces this distressful and miserable life the Laws of God, The Almighty provides him this much protection that he should remain alive and the supply of sustenance’s should not be discontinued but the peaceful living is no longer available to him. Such people due to getting far away from God are debarred from the special favors of love and affection of God, the merciful.

The method to invoke the blessings and special favors and love of God and the rules and regulation to have friendly relationship with Allah has been revealed by the spiritual sciences. The basis aim of these sciences (parapsychology) is to acquaint man with those principles and laws according to which the creatures were able to acknowledge the lordship of their Creator, on the Day of Beginning saying, “Yes, indeed, we acknowledge that you are our Lord.”

This whole show that is taking place before our eyes, day in and day out is a ceaseless chain of events. The birth of people, their crawling in infancy, their frolicking in youth, after crossing the threshold of youth entering old age and after living through old age passing away into some other realm. All this is such a chain of events in which the birth, infancy, childhood, boyhood, youth, old age and death are like the links of this chain. The same one chain containing the same links is exhibited in an ever-new form and shape every moment and every second.

The Spiritual Guide and mentor of the author; His Divine Grace, Qalander Baba Auliya in his most remarkable book ‘Loh-o-Qalam’ has stated, “Every moment and every second is Eternity (the Beginning).” That is, The Elohistic Command, ‘Be!’ kun uttered by God has been recorded and this record is being played on and on and this recorded voice is echoing in the universe day in day, out. Man’s appearance on this earth resulting from his birth in the form of an infant is just a recurring display of that event when Adam was expelled from Paradise. Every baby born in this world is, Adam who was residing in Paradise and if he hadn’t committed disobedience he would not have been sent to the earth.

Interpreting the Holy verse, “And He created you from one self’ our scholars insist that the word ‘one self is indicative of Adam i.e. Adam is being reproduced by Adam and this is resulting in increase of Adam’s generation. But, the question is Adam committed disobedience to God’s Command and the result of this disobedience was that Adam was rejected by Paradise and so he was expelled from Paradise because Paradise is such a place having such an atmosphere where only those can exist and reside who are not disobedient. And, if we consider that millions of centuries ago Adam committed disobedience in Paradise as a result of which he was turned out of Paradise. Then, this appears to be very strange and rather illogical that the descendants of Adam are being punished even after millions of centuries. It is quite perturbing that a child born today is being punished for a crime committed by our ancestors, about a million centuries ago. This thing is very much like the incident in which someone on his way injured a person and ran away. Some other person, who was also going on the same path and had nothing to do with the injury, was caught and punished for the injury.

Man of today is worried and distressed because he is intentionally ignoring those realities and facts which are the cause of Adam’s exaltation before he had committed disobedience. The cosmic creativity is in operation continuously. Just as our father Adam used to reside in Paradise and after committing disobedience he was forced to leave Paradise, similarly, every son of Adam and every daughter of Eve resides in Paradise before coming to earth. Very much like their father and mother they are committing disobedience over there in Paradise and consequently Paradise is rejecting them and they are appearing on the earth. 

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