Past, present and future are basically the states of wakefulness and sleep. Ordinarily sleep is not considered as active life. When the scholars of physical sciences happen to mention about sleep and the world of dreams they pass it off by pronouncing it as illusive and imaginary life whereas life of dreams and wakefulness are not two separate and distinct things. It is only a classification of senses. During the senses of wakefulness, we find ourselves restrained and confined and in the sense of the dreams, we are free from the limiting constraints with a difference of freedom and constraints the journey of life is traveled in these two states of wakefulness and dreams. The only thing that can introduce us with both the versions of senses simultaneously is Muraqbah (Transcendental Meditation). When we feel exhausted and our nerves cannot take the pressure of restrictions any longer, we yearn to enter that state where there is no restriction. When one wants to relax after exhaustion and intends to relieve himself from worldly problems, anxieties and worries, one is taken to that world which is known as sleep. One method to induce a change in the diurnal senses is to go to sleep due to exhaustion and weariness. The other method is to transform into the nocturnal senses remaining awake intentionally and willfully with relaxed nerves. Progress and advancement in E.S.P (Extra Sensory Perception) is directly related with the transformation of the nocturnal senses in the wakefulness state.

When one lies down to sleep first of all the tension of nerves is replaced with Relaxation and inebriation. The eyes grow heavy, the movement of the eyeballs gradually comes to a halt and a state of drowsiness becomes prevalent. At this stage the conscious senses start transforming into the unconscious senses. When the drowsiness reaches its height, one is sound asleep, that is, when the conscious senses are completely transformed into unconscious senses one is fast asleep. This is one of the routines of our life and is continuously followed by every living creature. Just as a man is constrained to sleep when he is tired, weary, fatigued and exhausted similarly a goat, a cat, a pigeon, a sparrow, a fish, too, are constrained to transform into nocturnal senses from the diurnal ones. The alternating process of sleeping after awakening and awakening after sleeping is found in every creature of the Lord Creator God; the most Exalted.

Adam has been bestowed with the knowledge of the Attributes of God, which has not been granted to any other creature by God, the Omniscient. The whole body of the knowledge of Elohistic Attributes consists of secret revelations. Secret revelations purport to delegation of those powers to man by God which can enable him to enter the unseen realm. Since it is desired by God that man should witness His craftsmanship after entering the realms of Unseen and cognize Him and have discernment of His Attributes therefore it became necessary that man should be ordained with those faculties which could enable him to fulfill the object of the Lord Creator. The life incarcerated is wakefulness and the free life is the world of sleep. Anyone can very easily enter the world of dreams (sleep) through Muraqbah. Muraqbah, in fact, is an act of dreaming in a state of remaining awake, that is, one, in his conscious senses, with comprehensive awareness of his environs, witnesses the world of dreams.

Example:- One is writing a letter to one of his friends. During the act of writing the letter his mind is absorbed in the work, the hands are busy in writing, awareness of the surrounding is also there, if somebody is talking, he is understanding what is being said and if feels necessary he responds to that, if it is cold he is feeling the cold and if it is hot he is feeling the heat. All this is done simultaneously. Yet his mind remains focused on the subject of the letter, words and their meanings. This means that one is making use of many of his abilities simultaneously. Likewise, when one equips oneself with nocturnal senses, countless potentialities become active in him and by remaining in the life of wakefulness he can still fully participate in the world of Unseen, making a good use of the metaphysical senses so acquired. 

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