Religious scholars say that it is not possible for man to hear the voice of God, the Lord Creator. Majority also believes that it is also not possible for man that he could witness God. In this vast world of ours there are people who consider the spiritual values as hypothetical and artifacts of man’s imaginations and illusions. It is only because of this ideology that the major part of human population was bereft of the opportunity of talking to God, the most merciful.

But mystics and parapsychologists have altogether a different version in this regard. Their stance is that one can directly talk and communicate with God after having His cognition and if one desires one can witness God, the Lord Creator. Man’s association and separation from God both have been mentioned in the Holy Quran. After the creation of the universe when God addressing the creatures of universe asked them,” Am I not your Lord?” The creatures responded, “Yes, indeed we acknowledge and testify that You are our Lord.”

Even a man of ordinary intellect can easily understand that when God addressed the creatures, the creatures heard the voice of the Speaker. Upon hearing the voice the creatures looked for the Speaker. When they witnessed the Speaker and observed His Exalted Presence they humbly acknowledged, “Yes, indeed we testify that You are our Lord God.”

Two things have been indicated in this event stated in the Holy Quran, Hearing the voice of the Lord Creator by the creatures and after hearing the voice beholding God. After witnessing God and acknowledging His Lordship. To wit, creatures made use of the granted faculty of hearing and when the hearing activated and they listened to what was said by God they had sight and they exercised the ability to see.

The first voice they ever heard was that of their Lord Creator and the first thing they ever witnessed was the Exalted Being of God. Thus the basis of the creatures hearing is the voice of God and the basis of their sight is the vision of their Lord. All the creatures existing in the universe have collectively acknowledged the lordship of the Lord Creator after hearing His voice and witnessed Him. This acknowledgement is also a proof of the grant of the collective consciousness to the creatures by the Creator. The other thing which the creatures had after having the collective consciousness was that the creatures perceived themselves, that is, it was understood by the creatures that we have been created by the Creator. This awareness that they have been created by someone helped the creatures to perceive themselves.

It can also be said like this, that God Almighty according to His Divine Will, Plan and Policy created a universe consisting of every sort of creatures. Then the creatures were granted the faculties of hearing, articulation, taste, sight and touch. All these abilities are the reflection of God’s Attributes related to these faculties. When God said, “Am I not your Lord?”The voice of God proved to be the first voice for the hearing of creatures. When the creatures looked for the Speaker, the first thing that proved to be the target of their sight was the Exalted Being of God. When it was felt by the creatures that their Creator is before them it firmly established in their minds that they are creatures created by someone to accomplish His Divine Plan.

All this is about that realm which, in terms of parapsychology, is called the Realm of the Soul. Perception, hearing, and sight are collective in their nature, that is, these faculties are enjoyed by every creature equally. The creatures included pigeon, sparrow, cow, bull, beasts, jinn’s, angels, man etc. After this address and acknowledgement every creature after perceiving itself identified itself, that is, they were classified into different species.

At this stage the collective program was compiled and displayed on the Preserved Scripturum (Loh-e-Mahfooz). From the Preserved Scripturum this program was sub-divided into individual program for each species. The stage where the species were introduced individually, in terms of parapsychology, is called ‘Hazira’. Hazira is that generating point upon which the tape of the film runs which contains the display of individual and species programs simultaneously. This film is projected upon the screen of the earth for its display. The screen upon which the film produced by God is displayed is the earth. The films produced by man is displayed upon the limited screen of cloth or that of some other material whereas the film produced by God is displayed upon the earth, that is, the earth is made to act like a screen for the film produced by the God, the Great.

When the basic concept of creation is taken into consideration this fact is revealed that man hears due to the hearing of God the All-Hearing, Sees through the sight of God, the All-Seeing and thinks through the mind of God, the most Wise, then how far would it be correct to say that man cannot see Him nor can converse with Him. It is unfortunate and ill-luck for us that we are not interested in seeing God, do not strive for hearing His voice. Those who for the sake of getting closer of God, for seeing Him, for listening to Him strive and make efforts finally succeed only because the sight through which they are observing is the sight of God. The hearing through which they are listening, in fact, is the hearing of God.

We have curtailed that sight, whose first target was God, to that limiting range where it has become our belief that we cannot see on the other side of the wall. We have restricted that sight into the confines of the material world only, which according to God’s statements has the honor of witnessing God and man; Adam, had acknowledged the Lordship of God only after seeing Him. 

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