Fulfilling the urges impulsively and under the influence of emotion is the instinct. And, understanding emotions and senses separately and being aware of their purposefulness is self cognition and self cognition is the nature. Instinct modulates whereas the nature remains invariant and unchanging. Nature of any thing created by God never changes.

God, the Omniscient has granted the knowledge of Elohistic Attributes to man after declaring him superior to animals and other creatures, to wit, Adam was taught the coherent Attributes of God, the most exalted. Coherent Attributes mean that God granted the knowledge of His creative attributes to Adam as much as He considered necessary. The Appellations of God are the Attributes of God. Therefore, every Attributes of God is directly related to God, the Almighty. Since God is the Lord Creator of the universe therefore it means that God granted that knowledge of His Attributes to Adam which is the basis of the creation of the universe. God did all this because God wanted to be recognized. For recognition it was necessary that Adam should have the knowledge of the Attributes of the Creator. God has granted this knowledge of his Attributes to other creatures; angels as well as the knowledge pertaining to His creative Attributes has been granted to Adam and has not been revealed upon the angels.

It means that the basis of Adam’s supremacy is that he has been bestowed with the creative attributes of God and because of this knowledge he can have access to God. This does not mean that the other creatures are not familiar with God. The other creature are aware and know that their creator is God, He keeps them alive as long as He wills and He is providing them with resources of every type.

Here it would not be out of place to see, what is the difference between the knowledge of other creatures as compared with the knowledge of man and also recognition of God by man and by the other creatures. There are two types of acquaintance. One type of acquaintance is only to know that someone is there and to have general idea of his qualities and characteristics. Whereas the second type of acquaintance is that in which one not only has an introduction of the other but can also enjoy his company and because of this company he can see him, listen to him and Can present his submission to him

All the creatures have the acquaintance of the first type only. But, man enjoys the acquaintance of the second type he knows God as God wanted to be known. Since man is gifted with the knowledge of Elohistic attributes therefore he cognizes God after making his access to Him. And, this cognition is not in a verbal sense of cognition it is that true cognition when one truly believes that he has been created by the Lord Creator and this belief enables him to see God, to hear Him, feel the presence of God and communicate with God. When something is said by God he complies with it in a state of raptness and ecstasy. It comes to his knowledge that his existence is because of the mercy and love of God, the most merciful. This thing firmly establishes in his mind that every movement and every action of his life is being supported by God and is taking place only because God has granted him strength and ability to do it. This also comes to his knowledge that according to which plan God has created him and what is the purpose of his creation, in what state he was existing before he was born here and to which realm he would transfer after his death. He becomes aware of his position in the universe and that’s why he had been an object of prostration for the angels, that is, the whole situation which has been described in the context of grant of vicegerency to Adam becomes clear to him.

This thing invites our considered deliberation that the descendents of Adam are also Adam and being the descendents of Adam they are in the position to witness all that which has been witnessed by their father Adam. If man, being the descendent of Adam, cannot witness all that which has witnessed by Adam i.e. to see angels prostrating before him, the conversation between God and angels, God’s declaration that He has taught Adam the knowledge of his Attributes, Submissions of angels that they know only that which they have been told, then he is not amongst those who are true heirs of Adam. If man cannot see the complete film depicting all these events then he cannot be the inheritor of Adam about whom God has stated that he is His Deputy and Vicegerent on earth. And, if someone does not know how to exercise the powers of the one whose deputy he is or he lacks in ability to exercise the power on behalf of the authority then he is not at all the deputy or worthy of being called Vicegerent.

The summary of this discussion is that if man does not have the knowledge about the events of the First Day and does not witness the events which prove to be the basis of Adam’s vicegerency then he cannot be considered worthy of having this heritage and, if only on the grounds of his physical resemblance with Adam he is declared the descendent of Adam then he cannot be considered more than a disobedient and degenerated progeny because he does not enjoy the inheritance of his father. One who is deprived of heredity is unfortunate degenerated and remains in destitution. If someone is oblivious of the knowledge of Elohistic Names then he cannot be the vicegerent of God on earth. The actual cause of the supremacy enjoyed by man is only the knowledge of Appellations of God because of which he is the deputy and vicegerent of God. And, since man is the vicegerent of God therefore he is duly authorized to use, and exercise all the powers of God that have been delegated to him. Being the creator of the universe God’s powers include the power to create and man is fully authorized to exercise these creative powers.

God, the most High in order to introduce Himself has stated,” I am the best of all creators.” This thing clearly explains that God, the most exalted has bestowed His creative abilities to others as well but being the actual source of all these abilities. He is the best of all those who by exercising these granted abilities create. All these creative abilities have been indicated in the Holy Quran by Attributes and Appellations of God about which it has been graciously stated by God, the sublime, “And we taught Adam the knowledge about the Names. These Names are those Elohistic Appellations, which are the creative formulae of the universe; the creative formulae that have made the existence of the universe possible after bringing it into being. 

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