1.2 X 10 12 COMPONENTS

A brief description of life would be that, life is constructed from emotions and the emotions of life are dependent upon senses. The control of emotion is only possible by means of senses.

Example:- One feels thirsty. Thirst is a desire or need to drink. For fulfillment of this desire and need our senses guide us towards water. Senses inform us that this water is warm, this is cold and this water is suitable for drinking or not. Thirst is quenched by drinking water and identification of water is carried out by our senses. Just like thirst, hunger is also a need. To love someone is one need and to be loved by someone is another need. When all these desires and needs are collected together they are collectively called Life.

Analysis of these needs and desires reveals that each and every need is different because the different quantities are operative in different needs and desires. The difference in quantities working in different needs and desires is responsible for the difference in the nature of the needs. The quantities operative in thirst are not the same as those in hunger. For the very reason hunger cannot be satiated by drinking water or thirst cannot be quenched by eating food.

The senses identify each desire separately. One of the needs of life is love. Love as a whole is such a need without which life remains incomplete. The emotion of love is separately classified by our senses. For instance, It is our senses which tell us that this lady is our wife, this girl is our daughter, and that lady is to be respected as our mother. When love is taken into consideration, it comes to our mind that love is to long for someone but when we try to feel love for someone the senses produce various shades in our desire of longing for someone. For a man a woman anyhow remains a woman. But senses segregate the various status of a woman. The senses inform him that this woman is his mother, this woman is to be treated as a wife, this woman is to be treated like a sister and this woman is to be considered a daughter. Similarly for woman a man anyhow remains a man. But their sense makes them identify men as husbands, sons, fathers and brothers. As man and woman both have common and resembling needs but senses tell us that even in the common needs there are rules to be observed.

The thing intended to be defined is that the human life is based upon two pillars. One of them is the emotion and the other is the senses. As long as man remains in the frame of emotions he is no different from the animals but when these emotions are understood and complied with the help of human senses then he become distinct from the animals. One may say that animals also have emotions and senses and therefore they share this common trait with man. But there is difference between the senses of human beings and those of the animals. A goat, for instance or a cow cannot ascribe meanings to the information given to it by its senses. Its knowledge is limited to meet only those needs of life which are necessary for maintenance of life. It only knows that water quenches thirst and vegetation satiates hunger. It has no concern whose water it is drinking or whose grass it is eating. For maintenance of life a need; an emotion surges in it and it straight away goes for its fulfillment whereas contrary to this when a desire to meet a need is felt by man, his senses guide him as how this desire should be satiated.

Since man has been granted the particular knowledge of the senses therefore man enjoys distinction over the other creatures and this very distinction renders him duty-bound to follow the rules and laws. This has now been clearly established that the demands and needs to maintain life are common in all the creatures of God. Man, goat or cat all equally feel hunger, thirst , etc. and all strive to meet these demands of physical body but man knows about the nature of these desires and senses. And, this knowledge of man is the actual cause of man’s supremacy over the other creatures. Having knowledge of the laws of senses is the beginning of the journey on the spiritual paths.

These 1.2 billion components in that machine which is operative in man, some of these components are responsible for producing and controlling the senses and some remain busy in creating emotions. God almighty has granted this knowledge to man that if he desires, he can know how these components are installed in this remarkable machine and how do they produce the emotions and senses. As far as the emotions and senses are concerned man and other animals are at par with each other but a goat or for that matter any animal does not have the ability to understand the working and procedure of production of senses and emotions by the components of the machine. And, if man, like a goat, remains oblivious of working of micro-cosmic system operative in him then he cannot be better than a cat or dog in any case because when a dog feels hungry it satiates its hunger by eating one or the other thing. Man also does the same when he is hungry. When a mouse is thirsty it quenches its thirst by drinking water. A man also does the same when he is thirsty. Like any other animals man also instinctively feels love for his young children, rears them up, imparts training and look after them as much as it is possible for him.

A cat too just like man, loves its kitten, feeds them, looks after them and train them by teaching them all the basic tricks of preying and living. According to the spiritual science if a man is just performing those functions of life which a cat also does then he cannot be declared superior to a cat. Man is superior to any animal only because of the fact that God, the most exalted has granted him the knowledge of inbuilt machine or the computer in him. If man is ignorant or oblivious to him then his life is equivalent to that of an animal. 

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