Just as we observe and witness various features in the carnal body of man, the spiritual body; the soul, also has features. When a dress is prepared for the physical body of man it is attempted that the maximum portion of the body is covered with it. But still it does not cover the whole body. In shirt and trousers, for example, many parts of the body remain uncovered. Whereas on the contrary when the soul makes a dress for itself it is complete in all respects. By a complete dress we mean that the dress of the soul is for the whole body, in one piece, according to its features and outlines.

Example: – Let us consider this example. Take a clay-figure of a lion. We call this toy as clay Lion. If this toy is painted a fine layer of paint would cover it all over. This painted lion will also be a clay Lion. But the clay with which the lion is made is now covered with the paint. This layer of the paint, in other words, is the dress for the clay Lion covering each and every part of the lion. When the soul makes a dress fir itself, it is complete and is according to the features, curves and outlines of the body. The features and out Lines of the limbs and parts of the carnal body are crafted according to the features and out-lines of the soul. The nose, ears, feet, hands, head etc of the physical body are exact depiction of these part in the soul.

Now it could be said that this carnal body is the painting material produced by the soul; the entity existing with all its features, to cover it completely. Just as various coatings of coloring paints produce layers, the physical carnal body is also composed of layers. Like the physical body the human soul is also made of innumerable layers and every layer of the soul is in constant motion with all its features as one single body. The movement of the layers of the soul never ceases, not even for the most negligible fraction of time; a femto-second (trillionth part of a second). The whole system will collapse if the movement of the soul stops even for a tiny fraction of time like a femto-second.

All that exists in the universe, on the earth, the heavenly creatures, the seven heavens or that which is in the unseen realm e.g. the High Throne, soul is there in every thing. And, all that which we observe and witness through the material eyes or because of the inner sight is the dresses of the soul. We see a pigeon. It is not different from the carnal body of man. Just as the soul of man exhibits itself in the form of human body and just as the human body becomes insignificant when the soul quits it, similarly the physical body of the pigeon which is the dress of the pigeon’s soul also becomes insignificant when its soul quits it. When the soul severs its relation from the human body it starts decomposing and changes into dust particles. The bodies of pigeon, wolf or monkey are not different, in this respect, from the human body. Every thing decomposes and disintegrates when the soul turns away from that body.

LAW: – Soul is a featured being. These features of soul, in fact, indicate their respective abilities. Soul is a sort of computerized machine having countless dies. These dies mold the matter into various shapes and forms. Die-cast toys of plastic are prepared when the plastic is molded in dies with desired features and designs. If the die has been designed to produce pigeon then the plastic poured into it would be molded into a pigeon. If it contains the design of a flower, a flower will be produced. So on and so forth. Various things can be produced from the same material by using different dies and molds, or to say, different dies are used for producing different things.

We do not need to conduct a research for finding the difference between a die of pigeon and the die of a cat. Even a child can point out that the only difference is that of the designs of the two dies. The Holy Quran has termed this difference as quantities, that is, different dies are made from different specific quantities.

These quantities despite their similarity in nature are different in their magnitudes which result in variety of shapes and forms. The material used in preparation of different dies is the same, the material used for molding things is also the same but still the dies are different hence the difference of shapes and forms.

One set of quantities is used in the creation of one specific species. Slight variation in this specific set of quantities results in production of its individuals. When the quantities exhibited themselves in that specific magnitude which was required to create man, the result was Adam. Excitement in these specific quantities, after taking the form of the Adam, altered the balance of these quantities. This alteration in the specific set of quantities of Adam resulted in the form that was identified as Eve by Adam. This determined two facets of the specific quantities of a species.

In consequence of alternation in quantities when some new form took shape quantities for that form were also determined. Determination of quantities means collection of quantities of specific nature, color, weight and magnitude in a die mold. Variation of quantities in one set of quantities is responsible for new forms and shapes of individuals of that species. The beautiful from and figure of Adam (man) is the result of a collection of certain fixed quantities in a molding die. And with a change in color and nature of the same quantities the obtained figure is termed as Eve (woman). The matter used for the creation of Adam and Eve was the same but the slight variation of the quantity of this matter resulted in two types of human beings; the male and the female.

It has been stated by God, the most exalted, “Holy and Exalted is He who created from fixed quantities, adorned the creatures by a compound of these quantities. Creatures have been made from colors.” The creatures of the earth are created from the substance called matter and the thing, which distinguishes them from one another, is the quantities that can be termed as colors Variation in intensity of colors results in formation of a particular shape and form. Just as the different figures and shapes are created from specific quantities (colors) similarly our senses are also made up of particular quantities. As long as the combining ratio of these quantities is balanced we have healthy senses at our disposal but when the quantities responsible for producing senses increase or decrease in magnitude the senses become unwieldy 

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