For the learning of any knowledge, one’s acquaintance with the ABC of that knowledge is basic and essential. One cannot learn to read or write Urdu if the primer of Urdu is not studied by him even if Urdu is his mother tongue. Learning of any language, other than the mother tongue, is also possible only when the basic primer is studied. For learning to read and write, for instance, English is only possible when ABC of English is studied. If someone does not know how to read by joining various letters to form a word then one cannot be called a literate person even though if he is an extraordinarily intelligent and capable person.

Just as for learning the worldly sciences one has to study primer of a specific branch of knowledge similarly for learning metaphysical sciences and spiritual knowledge primer designed by the Prophets of God and their disciples is required to be studied. For learning the physical sciences one has to study the primer and for learning the metaphysical sciences one is required to have a change in ones thinking approach. For teaching spiritual science no primer or elementary book of its grammar has ever been published in the history of mankind for the simple reason that the spiritual knowledge can not be taught like physical sciences rather it is transferred from the teacher to the student. Its most common example is that of the learning of the mother tongue by a child. No mother has ever taught her children any primer for teaching her kids the language she speaks. The language that a mother speaks is gradually transferred to the child almost impercievably. No one has ever been taught one’s mother tongue by teaching him ABC of that language.

A child is automatically molded into that thinking pattern which his parents have. A lamb eats grass. It would never go for meat. A tiger-cub would not eat the grass. It would only eat the meat. Offspring’s of pigeon will neither eat the grass nor the meat but they will peck the grain. Man’s child eats everything including meat, vegetables, roots, stones and wood. Stones include the salt and minerals; the wood includes the cinnamon and turmeric. Man’s child eats all these things because his parents eat them. Had the dietary habits of man been similar to those of a lion man’s child would also have had them. A cub without learning knows it well that what it has to eat and what not, how it should prey and how it shouldn’t. All these things transfer to it from its parents without learning them with the help of a primer. Every existing creature of this world knows its mother tongue and conveys its feelings using that language to its fellows. When a hen senses danger it cries in a typical voice which inform its chicks about the hovering danger and they all rush to hide under its wings for protection.

Every species has its own particular language to communicate amongst its individuals. In human beings various languages and dialects are in use. Besides articulation of one or the other language there exists one another method of communication; the language of signs and symbols. And, every one of us is versed with this method of conversation and uses it when the need is felt.

Every one is well acquainted with it. When a father wants his child to do something he gives him a particular look which clearly tells his child what does his father want The way a child cries tells his mother why he is crying, whether he is hungry or in pain. There can be other examples too, for instance, you are having a good time with your friends and such a conversation is going on which, according to you, is improper for a child to hear and if your child comes in, you look towards the child with the thought in your mind that he shouldn’t come over there. Despite the absence of a forbidding notion the child understands that he is not wanted there and he retreats, not to intrude again.

Sometimes someone dear to you living far away faces some sort of difficulty and you start worrying about him regarding his difficulties and later on all the worries and the difficulties faced by him prove to be real. Sometimes it occurs to you that you haven’t met a particular friend of yours for a long time. When you come out of your residence you meet him, as if, by chance. Sometimes, all of a sudden, you start imagining about an accident and it causes such a tremendous tension upon your nerves that you feel exhausted. This also happens that without any ostensible reason you start feeling delighted and happy. You cannot figure out a reason for the cheerfulness but still it persists and cannot be ignored.

There is such an inbuilt computer installed in every one of us which instruct us at every stage of our life. Sometimes, following its instructions, we feel sad and at times we experience delight even in the absence of any ostensible reason. At times it commands to drink water and at times the computer informs us that our muscles have exhausted and cannot take any more strain so go to sleep. When one oversleeps the computer informs that if you continue lying in bed and do not enter the conscious senses the body will be seized by cramps, therefore leave the bed and get into action. Man or any living thing cannot do anything if they are not supplied with information from this inbuilt computer. This inbuilt computer is installed in every existent of this universe. There is no exemption for anything, man, animals, plants, or minerals all have this machine to provide information according to situation and circumstances.

This computer, in terms of metaphysical science, is called the soul. Every existent, living or non-living, all have this inbuilt computer. The difference between man and other creatures is that man has knowledge of this computer and other creatures do not only man has been given comprehensive knowledge about this computer by God, the Omniscient. It is the same knowledge that has been mentioned in the Holy Quran. Allah, the most High said to the angels,” I am to appoint My vicegerent on the earth.” The angels submitted, “will You place therein one who will make mischief and shed blood, whilst we do celebrate Thy praises and glorify Thy Holy Name.” God said, “I know what you know not.”

And to clarify it further Adam was taught the knowledge of the Elohistic Names and angels were asked, ‘Tell about this knowledge if you are in the right.” The angels submitted humbly, “Glory to Thee, of any knowledge we know none save that has been taught to us by You. “Being the descendent of Adam every man can experience the same observation that was observed by his father; Adam. If anyone cannot observe what Adam did i.e. the dialogue taking place between God, the most sublime and the angels, prostration of angels in token of acknowledgment of his superiority as commanded by God, then he has no right to be called the child of Adam and to enjoy the status of vicegerent of God as his father was declared.

In short, if man is not aware of the granted knowledge and vicegerency of God and does not observe the events that took place on the day of his creation then he cannot be regarded as a true child of Adam. On the basis of mere physical resemblance with his father, he is not more then a disobedient child of degenerated progeny. 

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