When someone using all his concentrative abilities focuses his attention on a point and ponders with deliberation his sight attains that depth which helps him to explore all the hidden and latent potentialities of that point upon which he is concentrating. When more depth resulting from persistent concentration is achieved the point starts manifesting techniques and methods to make its use. After discovering the hidden forces of that point one observe that, how the galaxies system are peregrinating along with us in this vast expanse of the cosmos. It comes to our knowledge that every existing things is based upon a network of waves. We and our universe is nothing but a conglomeration of waves. Everything in this phenomenal world whether it is water, tree, plant, man, stone, rock, quadruped, bird, beast, energy, oxygen, atom or its molecule is enveloped in a ring of light, that is, everything is enclosed in a shell of lights. When, through ponderous contemplation this cover of lights is penetrated and something is taken into the focus of sight the first thing that is discovered by the sight is the energy contained therein. When depth is produced in the sight the second thing that transpires is the use of that energy. When more depth is achieved that energy is discovered in the form of a manifestation. Hiroshima and Nagasaki are living examples of exhibition of energy of atom. This energy was displayed when atom bombs were dropped upon these cities. The display of energy of atom was so complete that the hill that was struck with the atomic bomb transformed into smoke. People couldn’t believe their eyes but when those hills were physically felt it was found that the hills do not exist any longer and only smoke of the hills is there. Now the question is that who traced that energy, who used it and who was affected by this display of energy.

The answer to this question is quite simple. Man discovered the energy of atom, man used it and it was again man himself who suffered the consequences of the destructive use of this energy. Had this power been used for the constructive purposes man would have enjoyed its benefits. We would be justified in concluding that the energy present in atom is the creation of God, the most high, and God taught the method of its use to man. Logical conclusion is that God has ordained man with that much ability and capability that he can use the energy of the atom according to his will and choice. It would not be out of place to mention that Creator is anyhow more powerful, more potent and more effective than his creation. When the human role as a creator of the atomic energy is taken into consideration we cannot conclude anything else but that God has granted those hidden powers and latent potentialities to man which render, upon comparison, even the atomic power insignificant. The only thing that matters is the use of the atomic power i.e. we discover those qualities of atom which result in destruction or search for those waves in atom which are useful for the construction and improvement in the quality of man’s life on this planet, earth.

Everything is based upon waves and human beings are no exception to it, so human existence also depends upon the waves. Contemplation regarding the existence of human being because of waves enables us to explore the creative abilities incorporated in man. Just as the atom is a point filled with a thriving power which if used by a destructive mind can destroy cities in second and turn the earth upside down and if this power is used with a constructive approach then it can be used for producing electricity; the electricity which is the most vital functioning force for operating our inventions. Similarly, there is an atom; an inadvisable point in man which possesses incalculable energies. When this point is unraveled, man after rising above the dependency of material means and sources, starts witnessing, obviously spiritually, those formulae from which the suns are produced, moons are created, heavens are established and embedded with stars and the movement of the earth is regulated.

Example: – We know that for making syrup we are required to dissolve sugar in adequate quantity in water. If flavor is added to this solution it will give us flavored syrup. If color is added to this solution the syrup will become good looking too. And, if some medicine with refreshing effect is also added to it, it will become medicinal syrup. Baking of bread is also based upon a formula. When bread is mentioned all the actions relating to it, manufacturing automatically come under consideration. This include sowing of wheat, the influence of the waves and lights circulating in the earth affecting the wheat-seed, mixing of waves operative in seeds with the one circulating in the earth, ripening of wheat because of sunlight and moonlight caring for sweetness in it, maturity of seed, its grinding in the mill, preparing of dough after mixing water in it and finally the baking of the mixture with the help of the fire. All these factors play their respective roles in the preparation of bread. Very ordinarily stated words ‘have some bread’ by someone might be intriguing for the one who contemplates, what bread is and how does it come into being? Just like this one point of considered deliberation man is also a point worthy of contemplation. When this point is discovered after penetrating and breaking down its code one witnesses all the wonders that have been called the cosmos by the Lord Creator. Record of man’s all generations, rather the whole record of human beings, jinn’s and their whole species, angels, heavens, hills and paradise, the High Throne and, to sum up, even the Lord Creator Allah Himself is found there in this point. When this point opens man reaches his ultimate aim and object rising, step by step, in his observation. The ultimate aimed object of man’s pursuit is nothing but Allah, the most high. This point, in Sufism, is called ‘fawad’ (the Heart). It is the same Heart that has been declared the abode and the house of Allah. The Heart that never lies or falsifies facts, all that it witnesses is the reality. It observes the Lord Creator, the Fashioner of the worlds, and the Creator keeps this Heart in His sight, the Heart where Allah, the most sublime, resides.

Fawad, in fact, is the only faculty through which one can succeed in having the cognition of the Lord Creator after having heartfelt understanding of the signs of God. 

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Spiritual Teachings of Hazrat Khawaja Shamsuddin Azeemi

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