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There are two types of this disease, primary and secondary. Inflammation of uterus, diseases of vagina, vaginitis and tumor of uterus are classified as secondary dysmenorrhea.


Pain that starts in the beginning of menses and last for 24 to 72 hours, which may be accompanied with nausea, vomiting, fatigue, loose motions, headache and pain in lower abdomen. The secondary dysmenorrhea may not end here but may cause sexual dissatisfaction. barrenness, untimely bleeding as well.


1.     Olive Colour Chromatized water, twice a day starting one week before menses and continue till one day after starting of menses.

2.     Yellow Chromatized water, before meals,

3.     Red Chromatized water after meals,

4.     Massage Blue Chromatized oil over lower back joints for ten minutes each. once early in the morning and once at night before going to bed,

5.     Massage  Violet Chromatized oil upon  the abdomen for five minutes, twice a day.



During pregnancy lactation and menopause menstrual cycle remains suspended. But other than this any one or more of the following could be the cause.

1.     Excessive use of drugs.

2.     Nervous tension,

3.     Sticking of inner layers of uterus,

4.     Over exercising,

5.     Deficiency of Estrogen hormones,

6.     Inflammation of uterus,

7.     Excess fats in uterus,

8.     Other problems of uterus,

9.     Adjustment problems with husband and or in laws

10.   Gaining or losing weight excessively,

11.   In adequate atmosphere after marriage.


1.     Red Chromatized water, twice a day,

2.     Orange Chromatized water after meals,

3.     Put Violet light upon the head and abdomen for fifteen minutes each, once a day.

4.     Massage  Violet Chromatized oil over     the lower back and lower abdomen, in circles with upper palm slowly, without applying pressure.

5.   Get a 6 x 9 inches glass sheet painted in red, which the patient is to look at, in the evening, and a glass sheet of the same size, painted in violet at 1.00 p.m. for 10 to 15 minutes, each time.



Fibroids or Tumor of the uterus or some other disease may cause this disease. Heat in the blood, miscarriages time and again, suffering from leucorrhoea for a long time and the high blood pressure can be the cause of this disease.


Excessive bleeding in menses, weakness of the body systems, palpitation, excessive thirst, and paleness. burning sensation during urination and bleeding, urine is reddish yellow.


1.     Violet Chromatized water, twice a day,

1      Green Chromatized water, before dinner,

3.     Wear dark green silk clothes when going to sleep,

4.     Massage Violet Chromatized oil on lower back for five minutes, twice a day,

5.     Massage Green Chromatized oil on lower abdomen, for five minutes once a day.



Amongst many of the causes few are infection, internal inflammation or injury, diabetes or anemia


Inflammation and swelling of vagina with vaginal discharge, itching and pain


1.     Blue Chromatized water, twice a day

2.     Green Chromatized water, before meals.

3.     Place cotton swabs damped in blue Chromatized water, thrice a day,

4.     If there is diabetes or anemia, these are also to be taken care of.



Infection caused by protozoa, fungi virus or some other bacteria, this disease is common in countries of hot climate. Using strong medicines. spicy foods coffee shaver eggs, and chilies excessively and watching obscene movies are also the causes of this disease.


Vaginal discharge is nomral but when the amount exceeds and the odor and colour changes or it becomes sticky and foamy, itching and burning sensation and swelling is there then it has reached the stage of a disease.

Patient complains backache, feels pain and heaviness at lower abdomen and urinates frequently. Remains lazy and fatigued, doesn’t feel like working appetite is lost calves and legs ache face grows pale, eyes are dialated, body become weak and skinny, general debility is there.


1.     Red Chromatized water after meals.

2.     Green Chromatized water. twice a day.

 3.    Blue Chromatized water, before meals,

4.     Massage Violet Chromatized oil on the lower abdomen, twice a day,

5.     Massage Blue Chromatized oil on the lower back twice a day,

6.     Get a glass sheet of 6 x 9 inches painted in green and make the patient to look at it frequently.



Infertility ratio in women is 50% and in men it is 25% and 25% cases, both the man and wife have this problem. In 80% cases reason of infertility can be determined but in 20% no reason can be determined.

Normally a couple that have spent two years of healthy matrimonial relations and remain without an offspring could be considered as infertile.

20 to 25th year of females is said to be most potent and fertile age whereas, in males this period rages up to 30th year of their age. With aging, the ability of reproduction decreases. In females after Menopause ability of reproduction comes to an end but in males this ability remains.

In females, following could be the reason:

 1.    Diseases of Uterus,

2.     Non-production of ova in the ovaries.

 3.    Infusion of peritoneum

4.     Unknown reasons.


1.     Violet Chromatized water twice a day,

2.     Red Chromatized water, before meals,

3.     Massage Purple Chromatized oil on the lower half of backbone for ten minutes twice a day,

4.     Massage Red Chromatized oil upon the lower abdomen, for ten minutes twice a day,

5.     Massage Blue Chromatized oil on the lower back joints.



Normally pregnancy lasts for 37 weeks and 20 to 22 weeks fetus can survive in the incubator and if the pregnancy is lost before 20 weeks it is called miscarriage. When pregnancy is terminated by operation or some other procedure, it is called abortion.

There are two basic reasons for miscarriage. One of them concerns mother and other to the fetus.

Mother’s Factor: Infection, diabetes, deficiency of thyroid hormone, heart problem, high blood pressure, excessive use of liquors or tobacco psychological reasons and problem in the uterus or womb.

Child’s Factors: Some genetic disorder. deficiency of oxygen supply, and reaction of medicines could result in the death of fetus’ death in the womb.


Mother feels uncomfortable and anxious. feels pain like that of labor, which keep on increasing, bleeding starts, some start vomiting, and in some cases fever is also there.


1.     Turquoise Coloured Chromatized water, before meals,

2.     Green Chromatized water after meals,

3.     Yellow Chromatized water, two hours after meals,

4.     Consult a gynecologist during pregnancy.



Sometime milk is not produced in the breasts to fulfill he needs of the baby. Deficiency of Prolactine hormone, which is excreted by Pituitary Gland and weakness of the mother’s health are the main causes of this problem.


1.     Red Chromatized water twice a day,

2.     Orange Chromatized water after meals

3.     Violet light upon the head for ten minutes.

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