Children’s Diseases



Normally teething starts in sixth or seventh month of a child’s age. Special care is required to be observed in those days. In the beginning baby suffers various problems like flowing of saliva, shakes his head due to pain in the temples and headache, occasionally fever, constipation, loose motions of green or yellow colour, soar eyes, etc. Baby takes milk with difficulty and feels very weak and is restless


1.     Keep the baby in blue light most of the time. For this the windowpanes and ventilators of the room can be covered with pain, cellophane, plastic or glass sheet of blue colour and let the child stay in the room especially in the area where the blue light is falling.

2.     Blue Chromatized water, twice a day,

3.     Yellow Chromatized water twice a day.

        NB: The dose should be according to the age, 5 to 10 cc.



When mucus forms in the lungs and lungs attempt to expel it, it is known as coughing. Sometimes it is due to cold, hot or dryness of weather.


Usually coughing is in the fits, children breathe with difficulty appetite is lost, child grows irritated, it increases in cold, at night and early in the morning. White yellowish phlegm excretes, sometimes it is bluish sticky with irritation in the chest and throat. If it is not treated with care, it may result in wounds in the lungs.


1.     Sky Blue Chromatized water. twice a day_

2.     Blue light upon the back

3.     Orange Chromatized water, after meals,

4.     Mix Green and Orange Chromatized oil in equal quantity and rub it upon the ribcage. with soft hand, in circles, from top to bottom.



Viruses of many types, contaminated water, unhygienic milk, feeder and nipples, flies and insects etc


Water greenish motions that may contain blood, severe dehydration, if it is not taken care of it may result in the death of the child.

Precautionary Measures:

Mother should breast feed their babies, if use of feeders and nipples is unavoidable, they must be educated about hygiene and need of cleanliness. Up to the age of four months mother’s milk is the complete diet, hence no need to give any thing else. Till the loose motions last, child must not be given anything except ORS and he should not be given milk unless the motions come to their natural colour.


1.     In case of severity of the child’s condition, consult a child specialist and act upon his advice.

2.     Yellow Chromatized water 2-3 times, one table spoon,

3.     If the motions have blood in them, give blue Chromatized water one hour after giving the yellow water.

4.     Massage the Yellow ointment or the Yellow Chromatized oil around the naval, with the fingertips

5.     Milk and water that is to be given to the child must be boiled to free it from germs.



Deficiency of proteins and other energy giving items in foods, contagious diseases, economic conditions of parents, teething, infestation, and lack of knowledge as to what diet is required by the babies after mother’s milk


Low growth rate, loss of weight, dehydration, and skinny appearance, recurrence of fever without any ostensible reason or cause, convulsions, crying awakening startled, pulling and gnawing others are few of the symptoms of this disease.


I.      Blue Chromatized water, once a day,

2.     Yellow Chromatized water, after meals,

3.     Orange Chromatized water, twice a day,

4.     Massage entire body with Orange Chromatized oil. Sesame seed oil can be chromatized in the orange light for two hundred hours for the purpose.

Whooping Cough


Sticking of phlegm in trachea or the windpipe, germs of whooping cough


It starts with dry coughing, which in one or two week’s time turns into coughing in fits. This may last up to two months. During the fit, breathing becomes difficult, face turns blue, small amount of phlegm is expelled and sometime child vomits. It is common in children of 2 to 8 years of age. It is a contagious disease, which strikes only once in the lifetime.


1.     Orange Chromatized water twice a day,

2.     Blue Chromatized water, twice a day,

3.     Massage Yellow Chromatized oil upon throat, Blue Chromatized oil upon chest and Orange Chromatized oil upon the back, for seven minutes, each once a day.

Small Pox


Virus of small of pox causes this disease, which is infectious and communicable from one person to another one. It is Common in children but can affect the adults as well. It is more common in poor than rich people and black people than whites.



This disease is caused due to bacteria.


Child suffers from fever; the muscles of neck and jaws become stiff and taut. Usually this disease is caused due to some injury. In infants, germs penetrate through umbilicus. This disease is dangerous and fatal.


1.     Blue Chromatized water, twice a day,

2.     Green Chromatized water, twice a day,

3.     Keep the patient under blue light, for ten minutes daily.

4.     Consult a specialist Doctor and act upon his advice.



Like small pox, measles is also contagious and communicable, which spreads through a virus. It is common in infancy and childhood. Initially, it starts with colds, water flows through eyes coupled with cough and fever inner lining of mouth is filled with Kolpik’s spots. On the third or fourth day red spots upon the skin and the fever recedes.


1.     Turquoise Colour Chromatized water, twice a day

2.     Blue Chromatized water, twice a day,

3.     Orange Chromatized water, once a day

4.     Put blue light upon the head of the patient once a day.

5.     In hot season, make the patient to drink more water.

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