Diseases of Nervous System

Bilious Headache


Indigestion, liver problems, excess of bile due to eating sweets and heat giving foods, which rise towards head and causes ache.


It is one of the most sever headaches, mouth tastes bitter, tongue is dry and feels thirsty, nausea and vomiting, after vomiting, headache seems to be relieved, this is mostly when the stomach is empty, urine is hot and yellow at sometime burns.


1.     Yellow Chromatized water, twice a day

2.     Blue Chromatized water, twice a day

3.     Green Chromatized water, after meals

4.     Violet Chromatized water, twice a day



Usually it is hereditary, for reasons not determined so far the arteries of brain dilate, which causes agitation in the adjoining nerves and it pains.


Pulsating pain in half or the entire head, it is in the form of fits, light dazzles eyes, nausea and vomiting accompanies the headache, sometime patients complaining about seeing bright dots in front of the eyes which disappear when the headache starts.


1.     Sky Blue Chromatized water, before meals,

2.     Massage the. forehead with Sky Blue Chromatized oil.

3.     Blue Light upon the head for five minutes and green light for three minutes. In case of fit of headache repeat the process.

4.     Get a 9″ x 12” glass sheet painted with green colour and make the patient to see it for fifteen minutes twice a day.


Patient suffers from blackout upon standing or moving and things in the surroundings appear to be moving, feel difficulty in standing and seek support.


Physical debility, mental weakness nervousness, tension, stress and strain, injury, drug addiction, constipation, ear problems etc. are the few of the causes.


Dizziness upon standing, patient fall due to blackouts, after vomiting the dizziness subsides.


1.     Violet Chromatized water, twice a day

2.     Yellow Chromatized water, before meals,

3.     Blue Chromatized water, after meals.


Causes & Symptoms:

Ability of understanding the heard and read things but due to lack of coordination of speech organs and vocal cords the patient cannot utter the words properly, stammers, mixing of words, speaks uncomfortably, etc.


1.     Violet Chromatized water, twice a day

2.     Blue Chromatized water, Before meals

3.     Violet light upon the head.

4.     Make the patient to drink milk prepared in Violet light for two to four hours.



An electric current flows in the nerve cells, which produced by unknown stimuli and the current produced in one cell activates the other cells too. Every action in the human brain depends upon the current. If a person is moving his hand, it is due to the stimulation

Of muscles because of the current received from the brain cells; neurons. Brain has a particular area for each and every activity. If we touch the skin, the sensation is carried to the brain through this current via spinal cord and stimulates the particular portion and we sense the touch.

Epilepsy is such a disease in which an abnormally strong stimulus produces, resulting extraordinary senses of seeing, smelling and touch. The patient can involuntarily get out of clothes and suffers from convulsions.

It is of two types; Partial and general.


Partial Epilepsy:

Muscles of face or hand convulse, this convulsion can be only for few seconds or may last for hours, sometimes the eyes turn aside, some see colours and spots floating before their eyes.

Some experience deja vu and for some even the seen places appear new and strange; this upsets the patient and behaves strangely, for instance running around and doesn’t remembers a thing after the fit is over. This fit lasts for two to three minutes

General Epilepsy:

Before the fit, the patient is greatly agitated and upset. Wrists twist and become stiff, legs stretch, screams and blackouts, falls to the ground and eyes widens. This state lasts for 10 to 30 seconds. Face and hands twitch and convulse patient bits upon his tongue, urine or feces excrete. This lasts for one to five minutes. Patient becomes unconscious, after the fit is over, his jaws, hands and feet ache. Upon gaining consciousness, he suffers from pain in the muscles, headache and depression. This state may be for few minutes or may last for hours.

When the electric charge flows in the brain cells and takes the form a current, it collides with other currents of the body; this collision gives rise to many colours. These colours may be named as whims or thoughts. All the states that we experience in our mind are the variation of these very colours. When this variation exceeds its limits, it flows out. When many currents entangle together, the out passage in the medulla oblongata, blocks away due to congestion of these currents. If, in such state, water is seen the congestion is further multiplied many folds, which is known as fit of epilepsy.

As long as the rush of currents keeps the doors blocked, the fit lasts. When the rush recedes, the patient gains consciousness but since the nerves remain suspended, the movement begins after some time, and the patient normalizes after some time.

Besides seeing the water, there can be many other reasons that can cause the fit. The on rush of the electric current, in such a state could result into many complications; therefore, the on-rush of these currents is to be subsided as soon as possible. The patient falls to the ground because the nerves and muscles become immobilized. The simple method to handle the situation is to raise his head from the ground, keeping the palm under it, only one inch from the ground and is to be shaken slightly. The fit would come to an end but the eyelids of the patient are to be kept in focus to have an eye contact with him upon his opening of eyes, so that the memory cells could have a contact with the person watching them. This helps in reducing the on-rush of the currents in the passage.

In children, during the fit their eyes stop moving and with that all the movements of the body come to a standstill and focus his gaze on a point. If in that state the child is addressed or commanded, he does not respond. This fit lasts only for few seconds.

 Sometimes the child falls to the ground. This fit can recur from two to hundred times a day. Usually in the age of eight or nine years this automatically stops happening.


1.     Turquoise Colour Chromatized water, twice a day.

2.     Green Chromatized water, before meals,

3.     Sky blue light upon the head for 15 to 30 minutes a day.

4.     Get a 9 x 12″ glass painted with sky blue colour and let the patient watch it for I 0-15 minutes, twice a day.

5.     Massage blue Chromatized oil upon the joint of the neck and head, twice a day.

6.     Therapist is required to suggest the patient to have good sleep, avoid constipation and should not stress upon his mind.



Brain is composed of nerve cells, other supporting cells, arteries and veins. Mostly bacteria and viruses cause brain infection.


Fever. headaches, stiffness of neck, unconsciousness, drowsiness and coma. senselessness of a part of the body, impaired senses of hearing and speech.


1.     Blue Chromatized water, thrice a day,

2.     Yellow Chromatized water, before meals,

3.     Green Chromatized water, twice a day.

4.     During fainting or unconsciousness, blue light upon the skull for fifteen minute, every two hours.

5.     In case of weakness, Red Chromatized water, twice a day.

6.     Massage Blue Chromatized oil upon the head and the upper joint of the neck, in circles.

7.     Get a transparent glass sheet of 9 x 12″ painted with indigo and let the patient watch it intently frequently.

8.     The treatment should continue till complete recovery and cure from the disease.



Viruses and bacteria which initially circulate in the blood and then accumulate in the brain tissues. cause infection. When many empty spaces are created in the brain and the electric currents gather there, many types of fevers grip the patient. Change in the colours of the accumulated currents manifested in the form of fevers. In this disease, empty space replaces brain cells, in which the mixture of colours transforms into water.


Fever, severe headache, stiffness of neck, anxiety, laziness, drowsiness and confusion are the few of the symptoms of this disease. It begins as tonsillitis or some nasal infection. Chronic cases of this fever result from TB or Gonorrhea or some other germs. Treatment of this disease requires great caution and care. Carelessness can result in paralysis of a part of body or the loss of eyesight or even the loss of the life of the patient.


1.     Blue Chromatized water, thrice a day,

2.     Purple Chromatized water, before meals,

3.     Yellow Chromatized water, twice a day,

4.     In case of fainting and unconsciousness, sky blue light upon the forehead for fifteen minutes, four, five times a day.

5.     Massage Blue Chromatized oil upon the head and upper joint of the neck in circles.

6.     Massage the abdomen around naval and the throat with Yellow Chromatized water, twice a day, in circles, with light hand.



Brain hemorrhage, blockage in the arteries or veins, injury or other problem of nerves emerging from the spinal cord degeneration of muscles etc are few known causes of this disease.

If the cosmic rays intercept the electric flow of colourful rays and displace them towards the left up to four inches, then the heart-side of the body is affected and in this case chances of survival of the patient are marginal. But, when the cosmic rays displace the body currents towards the right side up to four inches, they damage the electrical system of the body currents and the right side body from shoulder to right foot is paralyzed.


In some cases only a limb or extremity is affected and in some cases the lower body is affected and yet in other cases the entire right side of the body is affected.


1.     Red Chromatized water, twice a day,

2.     Blue Chromatized water, once a day,

3.     Orange Chromatized, water, before meals,

4.     Blue light for fifteen minutes daily, upon the back and neck joints

5.     Massage the back and neck joint with Blue

        Chromatized oil. in circles, with light hand. twice a day,

6.     Massage  the   affected   part  with  Red Chromatized oil once a day

7.     Red light upon the affected part, for fifteen minutes, twice a day.

8.     It may take some time to recover, so continue treatment till complete recovery and cure.


Causes & Symptoms:

There are cavities in the brain in which a transparent fluid circulates in a particular direction. Production and absorption of this fluid is in a fixed ratio, if circulation or absorption of this fluid is disturbed, the amount of the fluid increases and this· is known as hydrocephalus. Severe headaches, vomiting, impaired vision and eyesight; in children enlargement of the head are few of the symptoms.


1.     White Chromatized water, twice a day.

2.     Orange Chromatized water twice a day, before meals,

3.     White (Milky) light, for fifteen minutes, twice a day.

4.     Light of every colour of the rainbow, turn by turn, for two to three minutes each, upon the back of the patient.

Bell’s Palsy


If the electric current generating in the brain starts flowing towards any side of the face, it causes facial nerves palsy. This disease is related with the facial nerves. When the central currents of brain exert their pressure on one side, they twist the nerves and the ears, eyes, nose and jaws get affected and bend. Sometimes even the nose bones bend and the portion of jaw that supports the teeth is affected. This current mostly affects the forehead.


Pain in the face and around the ears and then after a while weakness in the face is felt and face stretches on one side, the eyelid of that side does not close properly, chewing becomes painful. Saliva flows out of mouth, half of the tongue loses ability to taste. This patient gets well in 4 to 12 weeks time.


1.      Red light, upon the face, for five minutes, daily.

2.     Red Chromatized water, twice a day, in the morning and evening.

3.     Blue Chromatized water, twice a day, at noon and at night,

4.     Massage Blue Chromatized oil on the joints of the neck,

5.     If the Cottonseed oil is chromatized in Red light for one month and is eaten with bread cooked a day or two before taken, it gives miraculous results in curing this disease.

6.     Get 9″ x 12″ sheet of transparent glass painted with indigo colour and make the patient to see it for fifteen minutes each, twice a day.

Let this treatment continue till complete cure.

Parkinson’s Disease


Malfunctioning of Basal Ganglia (the brownish bodies in the brain) result in this disease of trembling and shivering of limbs.


Hand and feet shiver continuously, if noticed the shivering hand appear to be moving in a particular mode as if counting beads. This shivering increases with fatigue, worries and tension. Body movement decreases and muscles stiffen; face appears to be devoid of expressions. Trebling and shivering subsides when the patient is sleeping, Meditation and relaxation help in controlling the shivering.


1.     Blue Chromatized water twice a day.

2.     Yellow Chromatized water after meals,

3.     Blue light upon the head for fifteen minutes, twice a day.

4.     Get 9” x 1?” sheet of transparent glass painted in blue colour and make the patient to see it for fifteen minutes each, twice a day.



Deficiency of glucose, lack of blood, excessive bleeding, over joy or sorrow, fear and tenderness of felling etc


Hands and feet of the patient turn cold at the time of fit, breathing gets irregular, feels dizzy, darkness before the eyes, have cold sweating, faints and recovers after a while, this can follow with vomiting, if the fit is not severe he can only have nausea, face turns pale, pulse becomes weak and has beads of sweat on the forehead.


1.     A qualified doctor should give him glucose or blood if it is due to deficiency of glucose or because of excessive bleeding.

2.     Red Chromatized water twice a day,

3.     Apple Colour Chromatized water before meals,

4.     Yellow Chromatized water after meals.



Physical movements of the body suspend and the limbs fail to perform their functions properly as the passages of the electric current of the brain close down, very few patients of this disease survive. Use of cold humid things, alcoholism, excessive sexual intercourse, refraining from exercising, no walking, rage, listening noisy songs, brain affecting from cold are also the causes of this disease.


Difficult to feel the pulse, feet and hands grow cold, fainting could last from five minutes to 72 hours or even more— eyes transfix, at time even the breathing becomes imperceptible. To detect the breath, freshly ginned cotton is held near the nostrils.


1.  The patient should be hospitalized immediately and advise of the doctors be followed. Remaining contended and happy and living in a healthy atmosphere having moderate easily digestible and balanced diets and performing Muraqba of Blue lights can help in avoiding this disease.

2.     Blue Chromatized water, twice a day,

3.     Magenta colour Chromatized water, after meals,

4.     The patient is kept under the red light.



When the nerves emerging from backbone are pressed for any reason, tumor or fracture of backbone, sometimes it starts when a heavy load is picked. It can be due to accumulation of gas around or in the kidneys.


Pain in the leg that starts from the hip joint and reaches up to the ankle and heels; this pain causes the patient to limp. In chronic cases the back bends and the patient needs support for walking.

For proper diagnoses of this disease, make the patient to stand beside a wall keeping it at his back, and the right leg is to be lifted without bending the knee, if the patient could lift it parallel with the ground, it is not sciatica and if the pain does not allow him to lift the leg over 45°, it means it is sciatica. If it were because of tumor or fracture, it would go away when the same would be treated and cured: otherwise treatment of sciatica is to be called out.

1.     Yellow Chromatized water, twice a day,

2.     Turquoise colour Chromatized water, before meals,

3.     Orange Chromatized water, after meals,

4.     Massage the leg with Green Chromatized oil,

5.     Massage the Blue Chromatized oil on the lower back, in circles, twice a day,

6.     Massage Green Chromatized oil over the kidneys once a day

7.     Massage the abdomen with Yellow Chromatized oil early in the morning, at empty stomach.

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