Creation and Colours

When the internal and outer systems of human body are studied closely, this fact is revealed that man has been created from colours. Each and every organ has specific tone and a particular hue and colour. For instance, colour of the skin, lips, and throat, inside of nostrils, lungs, liver, kidneys, intestines, bones, urine, hair, tongue, eyes, larynx, heart, pancreas, spleen, stomach, blood and excretions all have distinct and different colours.

According to the theory of Chromalucis, characteristics and properties of every colour are different from the other one. As long as colours have a balance in the human body, man stays healthy and when this balance is lost man falls sick.

Basically, man is a conglomeration of different colours and all these colours are present in the sunlight, which man gets from the sunlight according to his needs and requirement. But, when this system loses its balance some colours exceed the required limit and some fall short and the symptoms are expressed in the form one or the other disease. If the deficiency or the excess of colours in the body system is removed and the system is balanced, the body becomes healthy once again.

Man and the world of man, jinns and the world of jinns, angels and the world of angels, in short, everything in this universe exists on a balancing of colours. If any scholar wishes to refute this fact, he should search for just one single thing in the billions of things scattered on the earth that is absolutely colourless, which he would never find.

In fact, the universe is nothing but colours.

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