Two Chiefs

A delegation of Banu Aamir Tribe, to see I Holy Prophet (PBUH), came to Medina. Two of the chiefs of the tribe Aamir Bin Tufail and Urbad Bin Qais, who had great grudge for the Holy Prophet (PBUH) also came with that delegation. Both of them wanted to see Holy Prophet (PBUH) in solitude so that they could attack him. Holy Prophet (PBUH) refused to see them in privacy. They kept on insisting and knowing their intention kept on turning them down. When Holy Prophet (PBUH) did not accede to their demand, Aamir could not resist declaring in frustration. “By God I will fill this whole valley with cavalry and infantry soldiers to eliminate you”. And when, after threatening Holy Prophet (PBUH) with dire consequences, he left. Holy Prophet (PBUH) prayed to God saying. “Thou art enough for me against Aamir Bin Tufail”.

Aamir Bin Tufail, on his way back, fell ill due to plague and died of the same reason. Urbad Bin Qais, who went to sell his camel, thunderbolt struck him and he, along with his camel, died on the spot.

Changing Fate by a Man of Vision

When Sheeba Bin Usman, who had not embraced Islam at that time, happened to see Holy Prophet (PBUH) standing all alone. In the Battle of Hanain, it reminded him of his father, uncle and other relatives that were killed at the hands of Muslims. Considering it a befitting occasion to take revenge he attempted to attack Holy Prophet (PBUH) from the right side. When he advanced he saw Abbas standing on guard at that side so he tried to come from the left side and found Sufiyan Bin Haris Bin Abdul Mutalib standing there. He withdrew and tried to attack from behind but found a blaze of flames in between, he retreated dazzled and perplexed. Holy Prophet (PBUH), who was watching calmly the movements of Sheeba, when saw him retreating in that puzzled manner, he called him and told to come near. Seeing the hesitation of Sheeba, he prayed to God to relieve him from the clutches of devil.

Sheeba looked towards the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and a transformation took place in him. All the hatred and animosity was gone and love for Holy Prophet (PBUH) engulfed him and he submitted himself to him with passion.

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