Diseases of Digestive System, Liver and Pancreas

Peptic Ulcers


Acidity or excessive mucus, use of coffee, tea, alcohol, chilies and spicy foods causes ulceration in two inner layers of the stomach.


Pains in the upper belly, which increases alter having meals and recurs in intervals, are the symptoms of this disease. Besides pains, loss of appetite, gas, heart burning and nausea can also be there. Ulcers can also be in the first part of the small intestine. Pain of this ulcer temporarily relieved upon taking milk and biscuits etc.


Green Chromatized water three to five times a day Yellow water before meals

Flatulence, Gurgling, Bloating


Excessive use of fats, heavy meals, using foods that have yeast, taking water after meals, excessive sitting, sleeping after meals avoiding walk after dinner etc.


Belly  swells, excess of  saliva, pain  in the abdomen, gas and flatulence.


Yellow Chromatized water, after meals,

Orange Chromatized water, morning and evening Green Chromatized water, before meals

Worm Infestation


Use  of     unclean   water,      infested   or     rotten vegetables and fruits, eating clay etc


Pain in the abdomen, grinding of teeth while asleep drying of lips, excretion of saliva from the mouth, aversion of oily or fatty foods, excretion of worm in the bowels, pale face, itching in the anus, foul breath, headache, etc. Infants having this disease pluck on their noses.


Blue Chromatized water, morning and evening Yellow Chromatized water, after meals.



Amoeba, bacteria, viruses, toxic materials or foods items which one is allergic, use of rotten or refrigerated for long time food causes this disease.


Loose motions, pain in the abdominal region, weakness. nausea, vomiting. Cholera and dysentery are two famous types of this disease.


Intestinal nerves get affected  in this disease. It could be severe or less intense

Less intense Dysentery: loose motions, mucus in the bowels, fatigue, gas. abdominal pain, loss of weight etc.

Severe Dysentery: Besides above the bowels have blood and excessive mucus, sometimes the fever accompanies the symptoms and reaches 104° F, severe pains in the abdomen and at the time of passing bowels.


Germs named Vibreo Cholera cause it. This is infectious disease.

Patient passes loose motion with thick white fluid; it does not have the typical odor of bowels, mucus and blood are also not there, the patient suffers from dehydration, skin and tongue gets dry, have palpitation with slow pulse rate.

Normally the loose motions stop automatically in two to seven days but in this time the dehydration can prove fatal for the patient. Therefore, in cholera, the most important treatment is to provide water and salts to the patient.

Treatment: For Dysentery and Cholera

Yellow Chromatized water, three to five times a day, and in case of severity of the illness after every two hours.

Green Chromatized water, at noon and night

Massage of Yellow ointment around naval point on the abdomen.

In Cholera: in the beginning Yellow Chromatized water, three to five times a day, and in case of severity of the illness after every two hours and towards the end Orange Chromatized water every hour.



Heavy and indigestible foods, excessive brain work causes the weakness of the nerves and the intestines power to move bowels grow weak, lethargy, general physical weakness and long sitting hours.


Takes longer to pass bowels:, excretions are blackish and dry, longer stay of waste materials in the intestines causes flatulence and gas one feel passive and dejected, headache, pulse rate increases yawns and stretches frequently, feel pain in the legs, heaviness of head.


Yellow Chromatized water, after meals

Orange Chromatized water twice a day

Irritable Bowel Syndrome


This disease is common in people who are status conscious, remain under stress and strain feel insecure, unnecessarily thinks a lot about useless things and remain worried about socioeconomic situation. Dubiety and uncertainty are also one of its causes.


Feels shifting pains in the abdominal region, at times he passes loose motions and at times suffers from constipation, at in case of constipation passes feces like goat, gas does not discharges, abdomen swells palpitation is also there.


Blue Chromatized water, twice a day

Yellow Chromatized water, after meals

Orange Chromatized water, twice a day



Problem related to with the alimentary canal, antibiotic drugs aspirin;·and psychological disorders can be cause of this problem.


Pain in the upper portion of the abdomen, heart burning. nausea vomiting, loss of appetite, swelling of belly gas in the abdomen etc


1.     Light Green Chromatized water, twice a day.

2.     Yellow Chromatized water; after meals.



Excess of oxygen in the body system, gas and excessive use of fatty and heavy meals


1.     Blue Chromatized water, twice a day.

2.     Yellow Chromatized water, after meals.

Crones Disease


Mental tension, nervousness, future phobia inferiority or superiority complexes, lack of contentment, increased sense of insecurity etc.


Ulceration in the small intestine, pain in the lower portion of the abdomen, symptoms like appendicitis, if persists for longer duration it can give rise to complications of intestines. Loss of weight, wound like red spots on the skin, reddening of eyes and burning sensation in the eyes.

Ulcerative Colitis


Blue Chromatized water, twice a day

Yellow Chromatized water, after meals

Light green Chromatized water before meals.

Note: If the x-ray and ultra-sound report indicates blockade in the large intestine or the abdominal surface swells at one or many places, then a surgeon is to be immediately consulted.


Saine as Crones disease


Loose motions with blood in them, feels pain when the thighs are pressed, stiffness of calves, and ulceration in the large intestine.

Hemorrhoids (Bleeding)


Long hours of sitting, protracted constipation, excessive consumption of meat hot and spicy foods can cause bleeding or non-bleeding hemorrhoids


The net of veins in the anus after weakening ‘ l enlarges and hangs out of anus. These are called hemorrhoids, which are very painful. The heat of blood and dryness raptures them and bleeding starts. At the time of passing bowels, pressure causes pains and bleeding and the anus becomes infectious. Bleeding can be in the form of dripping of blood or is mixed with the feces. Excessive bleeding can result into unconsciousness of the patient. At times, hemorrhoids do not get out of the anus in that case application of any medicine is even more painful. When the hemorrhoids are out, application of medicines is easy.


1. Blue Chromatized water, twice a day.

2·Yellow Chromatized water. After meals.

3. Throw Sky Blue light upon the hemorrhoids for fifteen minutes, using a 100 blue bulb, from a distance of 3-4 feet. Apply bandage soaked in Blue Chromatized water repeatedly.

Hemorrhoids (Non-Bleeding)


Same as Hemorrhoids (Bleeding)


Patient feels something coining out of anus but it does not bleed; gas fills the belly, constipation and pains in the thighs and backaches, loss of appetite, the joints give out crackling sounds when sitting or getting up, itching can also be there.


1.     Green Chromatized water. twice a day.

2.     Orange Chromatized water. after meals.

3.     Apply bandages soaked in Blue Chromatized water in case of pains.



An unnatural passage forms between Rectum and the skin around anus. Infection of intestines, TB, excessive consumption of meat, sweats, hot and spicy food and old dysentery could be the causes of this disease.


Feces secrete from around the anus and it itches. The inner opening can be felt by inserting finger in the anus.


1.     Green Chromatized water, twice a day.

2.     Yellow Chromatized water, after meals.

3.     Apply Blue light for fifteen minutes twice or thrice a day.



It is not a disease but an indication of the affected liver. It is caused because of the increase of Bilirubin, which the liver produces and is excreted through bile.


Eyes and skin grow yellowish, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting and indigestion. If the bilirubin enters the brain area in the infants, it could cause retardation and hampering of brain growth.


White Chromatized water, twice a day. Sky Blue Chromatized water, twice a day, Green Chromatized water, twice a day,

Blue light on the skull for fifteen once a day and on the abdomen over the liver, for fifteen minutes twice a day

Thirty days complete bed rest.



Viruses, Bacteria, toxic chemicals alcoholism diseases of metabolism etc


Infections resulting from Hepatitis Virus affect the patients in stages of Acute and Chronic.

Acute Stage:

Loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, flu like symptoms, fever, enlargement of liver, pain in the liver and Jaundice. In case of jaundice, all symptoms increase. Cure from the disease, if properly treated. may take 9 to 16 weeks time.

Chronic Stage:

If the Liver remains affected from jaundice for over six months, the liver enlarges, pains on the right side of the abdomen.


Light Green Chromatized water, twice a day

Yellow Chromatized water, half hour before meals

White Chromatized water after meals

Blue light on the right side of the abdomen for fifteen minutes, twice a day

Massage over the liver with Yellow Chromatized Linseed Oil or with Yellow Ointment.


Because of different diseases of liver tissues are formed in the liver and become small nods, liver hardens and shrinks. Liver starts malfunctioning.


Alcoholism, Hepatitis. injury of liver shrinking of bile ducts and side-effects of certain medicines


Initially the liver enlarges and then shrinks and hardens. Jaundice, red spots on the skin, hair loss, tissues and In women the mammary glands and in men testis dry up and shrink, swelling of body parts and a typical smell in the breath, enlargement of spleen, bruises on the skin and accumulation of fluids in peritoneal cavities. Menstrual cycle becomes irregular and comes to an end.

When it becomes chronic it causes bloody vomiting, enlargement of spleen. Normally fever is not there but if the fever is also there it could be because of some other infection.

This disease protracts for long. This, according to the medical science, is not curable at all. Only 50% people suffering from this disease live up to two years.


Sky Blue Chromatized water twice a day

Green Chromatized water twice a day after meals

Yellow Chromatized water twice a day before meals

Orange Chromatized water one hour before dinner

Sky Blue light over the liver on abdomen.

Massage Violet Chromatized oil, upon the hip joint and the end of backbone, anticlockwise for five minutes with the tips of the fingers.


Causes & Symptoms:·

Fluids accumulate in the peritoneal cavities due to kidneys, and liver disorders and heart diseases. Belly swells and the fluids accumulate up to a liter in the body cavities.


Besides surgical treatment the following· can be administered

White Chromatized water twice a day Yellow Chromatized water after meals

Yellow lights for 30 minutes during daytime and white light for 30 minutes at night

The patient is made to lie in the open in such a manner that the sunlight should fall upon his back for 15 to 45 minutes… according to the season,’ i.e. in summer it should be less and in winter it be more.



Before dealing with diabetes, we must know the role of the pancreas in controlling the sugar level in the blood. There are two types of cells in the pancreas.

Alpha Cells, which produce glucagon hormones

Beta Cells; they produce insulin.

The alpha and beta cells monitor the Sugar level in the blood and when it increases 80 mg/dl level the beta cells start secreting insulin and the excess sugar starts absorbing in the muscles and fat stores and when the sugar level drops the alpha cells excrete glucagon, which cause the sugar stores in liver to release the sugar in the blood, thus the deficiency of sugar is controlled.

Diabetes is of two types:

In one of the type, the insulin is not produced and in the other type the insulin action becomes ineffective for one or the other reason.


Excessive urination at night, at times teasing appetite and at times inclination towards food is reduced, feels more thirsty, weight loss, feels fatigued even after little working, eyesight impairs.

A patient with over l40 mg/dl sugar level in the blood, tested before the breakfast in the morning for 2-3 days is said to be having diabetes. Complications of this disease can be controlled using insulin. Excess of sugar or acidity can result in coma. If this disease persists over five years, various body parts and organs start degenerating.

Diabetes is one of the major causes of blindness. The diabetes impairs the retina. The kidneys impair when the diabetes prolongs albumin is excreted in the urine and finally they fail altogether. The process of accumulation of fats in the veins and arteries known as atherosclerosis; accelerates resulting the reduction of diameter of the arteries and veins thus increases the chances of angina and heart attack.

Nerves  degenerate, feeling power and sensation in the limbs lessens to such an extent that during walking if the shoe gets off, the patient hardly feels any difference. He feels burning in his feet. which become red and feel needle-pricking effects. But, ant bites are not felt and the patient remains insensitive to the resulting wounds. It is therefore necessary that the patient of diabetes should take care of his feet and keep them clean.


Violet Chromatized water twice a day

Yellow Chromatized water after meals  

Blue Chromatized water before meals

Massage the upper vertebrae with Yellow Chromatized oil for five minutes with the tips of the fingers.

Cast light of violet and yellow colours, for ten minutes each, with interval of five minutes in between.



Peptic ulcer duodenal ulcer liver problem


Vomiting blood


Besides taking treatment of medical physician treat the patient by:

Green Chromatized water before meals

Orange Chromatized Water twice a day

Throw red light in the mouth.

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