Tasawuf and Prayer

Prayer is the name of that special worship in which man can directly communicate and establish a relationship with his Creator. When a person stands to perform Prayer the doors of Heaven open up to him and between the worshiper and Allah all veils are lifted.

The beloved Prophet (PBUH) has determined a method in the form of Prayer in order to form a link with Allah. It is the declaration of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) that ‘Prayer is the Mehrāj (Ascension to the Heavens) of the Believer.’ Mehrāj was the Mehrāj of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). For his descendants the Holy prophet (PBUH) has declared Prayer as Mehrāj. Such a believer attains the honour to sight the High Throne, and Allah Himself. His ears hear the voice of Allah and his heart becomes acquainted with Allah’s closeness.

Spiritual Prayer, after manifesting the hidden treasures in the sea of knowledge and awareness, presents solutions to many issues, problems and cures for incurable illnesses. Prayer opens the doors to the unseen world for us. By performing Prayer correctly, conversing with angels can become an easy practice.

For people who are suffering from fear, insecurity and are inflicted with problems and grief, Prayer is an unbeatable cure. It is such a practice that if put into action correctly, we can regain our lost power and dignity once again and achieve an honored rank within the category of flourishing nations. Regarding Prayer, it is important to mention here that a Prayer without the presence of heart becomes a source of deprivation on an individual basis and a source of downfall on a collective basis.

Obligatory Prayer (Namāz) is the name of that special worship in which man can directly communicate and establish a relationship with his Creator. Prayer is such a pillar (of the five pillars of Islam) that no Muslim in their conscious senses can deny or abandon in any state. The establishment of Prayer has been stated in the Holy Qur’ān approximately one hundred times. From this we can appreciate the importance, excellence and greatness of this important pillar of Islam. In worship, Prayer holds a central position. It acquaints a person with such a spiritual state in which one negates himself and all else existing in his surroundings to witness Allah. Prayer provides a great guard and protection to the hidden and innermost senses of man and also forms a social network amongst people. Prayer brings many benefits, morally, physically, spiritually, to the way of life and on a civil basis. Collective prayer creates strength and solidarity in social relationships.

Salāt (Prayer) is an Arabic word. Its meanings include glorification of Allah, asking for forgiveness, blessings, complimenting Allah, and desire for blessings or grace. Prayer also means to obey, honor and respect Allah. In other words, Salāt is the name of the worship in which it is necessary to declare the greatness of Allah. To perform Prayer in its proper manner is a fundamental pillar of Islam. A Prayer that has been accepted can enable man to achieve all heights in religious and worldly affairs.

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