Tasawuf and Fasting

Fasting is an act which strikes our conscious mind down. Controlling thirst and hunger, taking extra care in speaking, reduction in sleep etc. are all parts of an effort to break free from the hold of material concerns and move into the non-material world.

In the night senses, we are asleep, we don’t eat, drink, talk or engage ourselves in other worldly affairs, knowingly. And at the same time we become free of the gravitational pull. We aim to achieve the same through fasting. Taking extra care in speaking, avoiding all loose and unnecessary talk and spending more time in worship takes us closer to the point of observing silence. Depriving body of food, staying awake more and focusing our mind on God all help to suppress the conscious mind to the point that the Unconscious mind – the soul’s mind – takes over. In brief, the entire programme of fasting has been designed to take us into the Night (subconscious) senses while we are awake and thereby introduce us to our True Self and the Unseen realms, and ultimately to God Himself.

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