History of Tasawuf

There has been much written about spirituality and Sufism. One school of thought is that, as the saints often wore garments made of wool, they were referred to as Sufiya. Wool is referred to as ‘Soof’ in Arabic language. They wore robes made up of wool as it was common practice to do so amongst the Prophets (PBUT), Saints and those who were pious. There are also those people who thought that due to their association with Aashaab-e-Suffa (Companions of the bench), they are termed as ‘Sufi’. Yet another diverse school of thought is that, the term ‘Sufi’ originated from the word ‘Safa’. However, one’s heart is not content with these elaborations.

Understanding the terminology, ‘Sufi’; it means self-purification. Passion of sincerity (Jazb-e-Ikhlas) is related to the conscience and the light of the conscience is the subtle light within. A Sufi always thinks in context of Allah, his talk revolves around Allah, he lives with Allah and dies in the name of Allah. A Sufi recites Allah’s tributes, sings His praises, and remains absorbed in His love. He sacrifices everything for his passion to see and meet Allah.

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