Theory of Colour-Therapy

Man needs many things for his survival and one of them is to remain healthy and safe-from diseases. How did disease come into being? Who was the first patient? Who had the thought of using a medicine to treat a disease? Who invented the first medicine? Scholars have different statements in this regard. Ancient scholars have somewhat similar opinions.

Hippocrat and Galen are of the view that this knowledge is intuitive. Abu Jabbar Magrabi and his contemporaries considered that this science is Elohistic and it was revealed through the prophets of God. Medical science remained in practice in the era of all the prophets of God. It was practiced in the times of Shees, Idrees, David, Luqman, Solomon, Moses and Christ. It was also practiced in the times of Mohammad (P BUH) and his suggested treatments are still valid.

Medical treatment is such a need for man that oscillates between life and death. In order to get relief from a disease man struggled in every era. His attempts resulted in many new ideologies that gave rise to new philosophies.

Basic philosophy of medical science is to cure a sick man by making him to follow the healthy giving principles and treating him accordingly.

Causes of diseases and methods to treat them vary according to the philosophy followed by the doctors. The medical science is also evolving like other sciences. Philosophies come into being and they are criticized as well and are countered by similar or dissimilar philosophies but only those survive, which are in unison with the laws of nature and the human nature.

Colours are manifestation of cosmic powers; the powers, which are responsible for life. Our ancestors diligently devised rules to understand the potentials of colours.

Our ancestors for the benefit of mankind used colours in the Baby Ionian, Egyptian, Ashtorians, Greek, Iranian and every era.

The tablets and planks belonging to Hipocrat, Galen and Saul are evident that Egyptian, Greek and Romans used to have open courtyards, where the sun could shine in every season.

Ave Cina expressed his views about the efficacy of colours and light in his well known book ‘Alqanoon’ about 900 years ago. In the era of Pythagoras, 500B_C, people used to treat them with colours. They even knew that the nervous system can be restored using colours.

Many sick and handicapped people cured, who visited churches and temples regularly, because the widows and ventilators had red, purple, blue, orange, green and yellow panes and the sunlight falling upon the patients after passing through these windowpanes helped them gaining health.

The colours work like generators of energy in the bodies. The sun is an unending source of energy for the creatures of the earth. If this system would fault and the planet earth is deprived of the sunlight, every form of life flora and fauna would also perish.

We cannot ignore this fact that the sunlight plays a pivotal role in our diet. All our food items have colours in them.

Man is blessed with the abilities of certitude, intuition, observation, curiosity, search and thinking. When a person explores these creative abilities in him · and puts them into use, the cosmic laws transpire upon him. But, it is really very tragic that man has covered him up with ignorance, prejudices and selfishness and is getting away from the light day by day.

Countless people become physically and psychologically ill only because of lack of knowledge about lights. These diseases include mental and emotional disorders and all the diseases resulting perversion and going astray; like AIDS, Cancer, Insomnia, High or Low Blood Pressure and ever-new diseases resulting from the so-called advancement of science and technology.

Diseases are of two types:

1.     The diseases resulting from our living style. When we live in dark, congested, unhygienic and unfavorable atmosphere, our body becomes a target of diseases of all sorts.

2.     The diseases that result from dubiety, uncertainty and whimsical approach of thinking i.e. our emotional attitude, mental tension, strain, materialistic approach, insecurity and our ignorance about the spiritual knowledge are the major causes of the diseases.

Colours have such curative property, which provides health to both types of patients. Colours are the means of purging our densities, cleansing our mind, feelings and finishing our inner darkness.

Our soul is such a source of lights, which keeps on emitting colourful bright lights and these lights feed our body and because of these very lights the body and all its parts perform their functions properly.

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